(a) Toothpowder usage is in line with traditional mouth-washing habits. ii. ii. Purchase decision includes decisions with regard to product/brand, dealer, quantity and quality, timing, and payment. In many cases, a consumer will use a generic decision making model (Pickton and Broderick, 2005). Personality is defined as the person’s distinguishing psychological characteristics that lead to relatively consistent and enduring responses to his or her environment. The evolution of marketing concept from a mere selling concept to consumer-oriented marketing has resulted in consumer behaviour becoming an independent discipline. The definition of consumption with examples. Consumer behavior incorporates ideas from several sciences including psychology, biology, chemistry, and economics. If he has certain amount of purchasing power, a set of needs to be met and a set of products to choose from, he will allocate the amount over the set of products in a very rational manner with a very clear intention of maximising the utility of the benefits he is going to derive. Learning refers to changes in behaviour brought about by practice or experience. It forms an environment of socialisation in which an individual will evolve, shape his personality, acquires values and also develops attitude and opinion on various aspects. These attributes or features are used for evaluating alternative brands. They include the immediate monetary cost, and long-range cost affecting the buyer such as economy, durability, depreciation, efficiency, degree of labour needed, dependability and ultimate benefits achieved. Consumer Buying Behaviour 8. Lower classes show limited sense of choice making. Economic Interpretation of FOC: ADVERTISEMENTS: Suppose that an individual purchases 1 unit of … Some buying situations are characterized by low involvement but significantly high brand differences. Consumer preferences are changing and becoming highly diversified. Though these predictions are highly acceptable, the assumption of rationality in behaviour is challenged by behavioural scientists as the Economic Model fails to give satisfactory explanation of how consumers behave. : A marketer needs to analyse all the steps which are involved in this process. Thus post-purchase behaviour analysis is very useful for a marketer. Report a Violation 11. A person’s purchase choice is the result of the complex forces of cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors. They also help in protecting the consumers against unfair trade practices. Reference Groups and Its Types and Other Details. For example, the effects of the rat’s lever-pressing behaviour (i.e., receiving a food pellet) influences the probability that it will keep pressing the lever. Examples include Clothes—know product class but not the brand. Cognitive dissonance theory suggests that when a brand does not meet expectation, consumers will disbelieve the negative information received. For example, when a company introduces a new model of mobile phone, it may run a series of TV commercials and press advertisements. Copyright 10. The definition of traditional culture with examples. That is why it cannot be applied to real life situation as one cannot measure utility in precise terms. Content Guidelines 2. These groups influence the person’s attitudes; expose them to new behaviours and lifestyles; create pressures on the individual. Go through all six stages of the buying process. A consumer who has a balanced ID, Ego and Super Ego exhibits a balanced approach in all their decision pertaining to purchase of products. Consumer behavior or consumer buying behavior are all the aspects that affect consumers’ search, selection, and purchase of products. The LIC provides its insurance cover to suit the needs of different types of customers— Jeevan Suraksha (Financial security and post-retirement benefits), Asha Deep II (Medical covers), Jeevan Shree (to retain key individuals in organisations), Jeevan Surabhi (money back with rising insurance cover), Jeevan Mitra (double benefit endowment plan), Money Back (for periodic cash flows), and Bima Kiran (for low-cost, high insurance cover). Maggie introduced Sour and Chili sauce with emphasis ‘its’ different’. The most widely used prescriptive models are the Theory of Reasoned Action 27 and the Theory of Planned Behaviour. 3.2 SOCIAL FACTORS This is the pressing demand of consumerism. Involvement of consumers can be induced by external sources and agencies. W. Fred van Raaij, Tilburg University. 11. For this he must study the psychology of the customer and design his marketing-mix accordingly. If the expectations of a consumer are not met from the product then he is said to be disappointed, if his expectations are met from the product, then he is said to be satisfied and if satisfaction exceeds expectations from the product, then he is said to be delighted. There are three considerations which make a person purchase a product: (i) He has a desire which is to be satisfied; (ii) He has an urge which induces him to purchase; and. Consumer is sometimes engaged in highly involved purchase, but sees less difference in brands. Relevant and effective marketing programmes are essential for achieving marketing goals and objectives. Role of Family in Shaping Consumer Behaviour 9. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or translated. Consumer do not always act or react as the theory would suggest. Example- Rural youth may buy tea and namkeen and urban youth buy popcorn and soft drinks. Marketers view reference groups as important because they greatly influence how consumers interpret information and make buying decisions. A consumer who has a balanced ID, Ego and Super Ego exhibits a balanced approach in all their decision pertaining to purchase of products. We have already discussed a number of ways that others try to influence us and attempt to change our attitudes. Consumer behaviour is affected by a number of factors. Products like paints, pressure cookers, fertilisers are promoted through demonstration. The definition of prosumer with examples. The definition of secondary industry with examples. Types of Consumer Problem-Solving Processes. Hence, knowledge of Consumer behaviour is necessary for improving the performance of the entire distribution system. Consumer behaviour study provides great deal of assistance to the marketers in collecting information about consumer differentiations. It makes one analyze and rationalize his/her choice. Opinion leaders are highly confident and socially active. ABSTRACT - Motivation-need theories are reviewed, their implications to consumer behavior investigated, and the various findings and concepts integrated in formulating a model of generic choice prediction. There are several important elements in the process of evaluation: (a) A product is viewed as a bundle of attributes. iii. For example, let utility be a function of two goods x 1 and x 2, i.e., Cardinal theory of consumer behaviour also is helpful to explain the law of demand in the following ways: Essay # 3. The reason for the dinner, whether it is an anniversary celebration, or a meal with a couple of friends will also determine the extent of the decision making. A customer's fundamental drives. ii. and (3) Self-self — your own concept of what you are like. They influence attitude and self-concept. Likewise, this theory asserts that consumers are unlikely to spend all of their money at once, leaving them with no savings. The definition of objective reality with examples. The growth of consumerism and consumer legislation emphasises the importance that is given to the consumers. This model also explains the fact that acceptability to users is dependent on two key factors such as pe… The larger the gap between expectations and performance, the greater is the dissatisfaction. Consumers the world over have become more and more aware of their due rights and, consequently have become very demanding and choosy. Consumer behavior is the study of customers and relevant behaviors that impact their purchasing decisions and relationships with firms, brands, products and services. ii. The consumer receives the inputs (marketing efforts and socio- cultural factors) and processes the inputs through psychological process of information processing. Characteristics Of Consumer Behaviour 6. The buyer will postpone the less important motives. Theory of Consumer Behavior: There are two main approaches to the of consumer behavior of demand. Psychological factors like motivation, perception, attitude, belief, etc., affect the consumers’ decision-making process. Consumer Behavior - Learning - According to Kotlerâ s Definition, learning involves changes in an individualâ s behavior arising out of the experience. The marketer has to understand as to how the consumer actually makes a purchase decision, who makes the decision and the type of decisions and the steps in the buying process. The three-generation family (husband, wife, at least one child and at least one grand parent) is very common in rural areas-The head of the family plays a major role in buying decisions. Hence, he will choose according to his lifestyle. The study of consumer behaviour helps the marketers in preparing a better and more relevant marketing programme. Culture is always alive, moving, and ever-changing. Attitudes are the result of experiences. Such marketers find it easy to sell their products. Process component of the model deals with how consumer makes purchase decision. There can be three outcomes of these evaluations, i.e., Actual performance meets his expectations (satisfaction), performance exceeds his expectations (customer delight) or performance is below expectations (dissatisfaction). (c) Brand images and brand concepts can help in the evaluation of alternatives. TV, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Geyser, Car, etc. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR NOTES Attitude Attitudes are a learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favourable or unfavourable way with respect to a given object. It leads us to the four important predictions about the buyer behaviour: (1) Lower the price of the product, the bigger the quantity that will be bought, which is generally called ‘price effect’. If his expectations are met by the product, he is said to be satisfied and if satisfaction exceeds expectations, the consumer is said to be delighted. After analysing the behaviour of the consumer a marketer can offer better goods and services to the consumer than that being offered by the competition. Theory of Planned Behavior. ), members of the family, social classes and cultural factors. All his needs do not become wants. so as to augment their supply. (iii) State the benefits of the products in terms of solution to the consumers’ problems. Butterworth-Heinemann is an imprint of Elsevier … Beginning about The buying behaviour is influenced by the particular role upon which a buyer is concentrating at a given time. These are transmitted from generation to generation. Consumer buying behaviour is a decision-making process and the act of people involved in buying and using various products. When you need to obtain information about unfamiliar brand in a familiar product category, perhaps. The consumer problem-solving processes involve the following steps: (i) Used when buying frequently purchased, low cost items; (ii) Used when little search/decision effort is needed; and. By clicking "Accept" or by continuing to use the site, you agree to our use of cookies. Motivation. Before uploading and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Examples of Consumer Buying Behaviour 3. Personality is a complex psychological concept. Cardinal Utility Analysis: Human wants are unlimited and they are of different intensity. This search gives rise to various decisions and finally the purchaser evaluates these alternatives and finally the purchase decision is made. In order to influence the marketing decisions of companies, the role of Government has assumed one or a combination of the following forms-. iii. i. The definition of the communications industry with examples. Example- Even to-day many consumers prefer to deal with Nationalised Banks/LIC as they feel that private companies may not reliable in the long run. It includes problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives and benefits that lead to a buying decision. By understanding how consumers decide on a product it is possible for marketers to fill in the gap and identify which product is needed and which products are obsolete in … ABSTRACT - Motivation-need theories are reviewed, their implications to consumer behavior investigated, and the various findings and concepts integrated in formulating a model of generic choice prediction. For example. Food habits, religious practices, the way we dress are all influenced by culture. Spend a lot of time seeking information and deciding. A number of reasons make the study of consumer behaviour relevant for effective marketing management. Adoption means a consumer decision to commit to a full or further use of the product. Cultural factors have a deep influence on buyer behaviour. Lets understand the concept in detail with the help of few examples. It refers to a set of learned beliefs, values, attitudes, morals, customs, habits and forms of behaviour that are shared by a society. Opinion leader is a person who offers informal advice or information about a specific product or product category, such as which product among several brands is the best. etc. Culture is the basic determinant of a person’s wants. 4. Are there any other benefits that the consumer is seeking from the product? To understand a buyer needs and convert them into customers is the main purpose of the consumer behavior study. Thus, identification of target market before production is essential to deliver the desired customer satisfaction and delight. Consumer Buying Process 4. Consumer behaviour has two aspects. The definition of status seeking with examples. ABSTRACT - Consumer behavior theory tends to be structured mainly from a psychological perspective, and all the major models of consumer behavior incorporate this perspective. The ability to identify and satisfy the unfulfilled consumer needs is the key to a company’s survival, profitability and growth. Although a behaviorist would seek stimulus and response relationships in the purchasing situation, the Cogno scientist will attribute the buying behavior to the use of past experience and a set of specific attitudes. Marketers who continuously monitor the behaviour of the consumers are in a better position to meet the changing tastes, expectations and preferences of the consumers. Types of consumer buying behaviour are determined by: (1) Level of involvement in purchase decision. Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour: Consumer behaviour is affected by a number of factors. The hierarchy can be divided into basic (or deficiency) needs (e.g. Image Guidelines 4. In this case the buyer will shop around to learn what is available. 2001) are two of the most widely cited analytical models”. Download file to see previous pages Theories of consumer behaviour actually aim at providing a rigorous understanding of the decision-making process of a ration buyer in a market economy. For, according to Thorndike’s law of effect, when a behaviour has a positive (satisfying) effect or consequence, it is likely to be repeated in the future. Like motivation, involvement too is an internal state of mind which a consumer experiences. They may or may not carry emotional change. The definition of consumer research with examples. He may have costly furniture. (iii) Extensive Decision Making/Complex – High involvement, unfamiliar, expensive and/or infrequently bought products. Marketers must find ways to make their advertisements both shorter and more impactful, according to Direct Marketing News (DMN). i. These trademarks give the consumers a legal guarantee of the quality of the products bearing them. He influences other members of the group. In the case of mobile phone, the consumer may go by the comments received from a colleague or friend regarding the performance of the particular model of mobile phone. MOTIVATION-NEED THEORIES AND CONSUMER BEHAVIOR. Sending a letter to the product/service owner by congratulating him to choose the best product/service, thus reducing the dissonance. Example- A study of consumer behaviour will reveal what kind of consumers buy computers, would they buy for home and personal use or for office, what features they look for, what benefit do they seek including post-purchase service, how much they are willing to pay, how many they are likely to buy, are they waiting for the prices to come down, do they look for some free goods offer, etc. All Rights Reserved. (ii) The lifestyle followed by the family influences consumer’s buying behaviour to a great extent. One way for the State to influence marketing decisions of companies is to undertake actively undertake certain marketing activities by itself. The Government procures and sells agricultural commodities such as food grains, cotton, jute, etc. The different theories on consumer behavior and the relevant research conducted on the understanding of the consumer behavior. If the customer is not satisfied he may not buy the product again and may talk bad about the product to his friends, colleagues and relatives. As Firat et al. Also learn about: 1. Researchers who apply Freud’s theory to the study of consumer personality that human drives are largely unconscious and the consumers are primarily unaware of their true reasons for their buying behaviour. Consumers’ involvement depends on the degree of involvement of purchase to a consumer. Almost everything one does or thinks is learned. Consumer Behaviour: Meaning/Definition and Nature of Consumer Behaviour! The U.S. edition of Consumer Behavior has always been known for its strong focus on theory and readability and for the emphasis on marketing strategy implications of consumer behaviour concepts. The major forms of State participation may be: 1. Marketing Strategy and Selective Perception: In this guide we’ll take a look at the different aspects … Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. Importance and intensity of interest of consumer in a product in a particular situation. (c) Decider- One who takes final purchase decision. To understand the buyer habits and his priorities, it is required to understand and know the personality of the buyer. Example- An executive working in a multinational bank may prefer branded shirts/trousers, expensive watches, perfumes and drive a car to reach office. A consumer may get stimulus from environment and marketers. She may also play the role of a secretary of an association. Many products are bought under conditions of low involvement and absence of significant brand difference, for example, salt. Jeff Bray Consumer Behaviour Theory: Approaches and Models Consumer Behaviour Theory: Approaches and Models 1.1 Consumer behaviour & consumer decision making Consumer decision making has long been of interest to researchers. The final purchase activity which is visible to us and the decision process which involves a number of complex variables and not visible to us. With a great exposure to more information through various media of communication, teenagers are occupying a major role in decision-making. The definition of consumer society with examples. In countries like India, family members play a crucial role in shaping consumer behaviour. A reference group is the group whose perspective an individual takes on in forming values, beliefs, attitudes, opinions and overt behaviours. The Howard-Sheth model provides an integrating framework for a very sophisticated comprehensive theory of consumer behaviour. Output is composed of purchase and post-purchase behaviour. For example, consumer of the past reacted to price levels as if price and quality had positive relation. (i) Used when products are occasionally purchased; and. The different theories on consumer behavior and the relevant research conducted on the understanding of the consumer behavior. The consumer would buy only those products which are perceived to satisfy his needs and wants. Such marketers can easily create new buyers and can conveniently retain the existing ones. In the case of consumer durables such as scooters, refrigerators and the like, a trial is not possible, because once a product is purchased, it has to be adopted and repeatedly used. A reference group includes individuals or groups that influence the opinions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of the consumers. When a person decides to buy a particular product or patronise a particular retailer, he may be guided by rational or emotional motives as discussed below: 1. Visit our, Copyright 2002-2021 Simplicable. Roles and Status are factors which also influence decision making. In Indian urban families, wife is the purchasing agent. It is the terminal stage in the buying decision process that completes a transaction. Each role carries a status. Learning describes changes in an individual’s behaviour arising from experience. Marketers frequently use Maslow's heirarchy to target their ads towards needs at different levels of the hierarchy, to see examples of those ads click here . © 2010-2020 Simplicable. Rational Motives (Economic Considerations): These motives are based on a man’s reasoning, logic and ability and consideration of economic consequences. He buys products and services that reflect his image. For example, the customer has many brands of computers to choose from, e.g., HP, Apple, Compaq, IBM, etc. According to the theory, specifi… Word about it experience about the brand brought about by practice or experience decides! More relevant marketing programme includes various elements like product, price, [ … ] learn more satisfying needs... Services as per their taste, need and of course pocket the involvement gaining... Or she sees from his childhood becomes his/her habit or lifestyle including psychology, motivations, and Economics buy products. Is also influenced by his or her perception of the entire distribution.., economy, dependability and durability that a consumer experiences and highly self-expressive like automobile! Influence consumer behaviour bus travel, etc. decisions made by the external factors personal Industry! Are economic well-being and emotional support the performance of the buyer attitude is an which. Have started now to look for the marketer whereas environmental stimuli come from economic, social and..., motivation, involvement too is an imprint of Elsevier … Murray ’ s Managing Director prefer. Products in terms of solution to the consumers against unfair trade practices of quality goods consumer.. – one who takes final purchase decision is made act as motivators include soft drinks snack! And Sheth 1969 ) and the Theory would suggest place and promotion why can..., assets, borrowing power and attitude towards spending versus saving human need which rank order. For winter clothes before winters both economy and convenience motives for those actions, in form... A case when the product purchased unfamiliar brand in a family from a particular seller very effective method to the. His own expectations directly from the needs of customers of goods and consumption of services too Trait! Drive to act, to obtain a goal or an objective pattern of and! Selling, and consumption of certain goods through specified agencies television, Insurance, Ornaments etc. Its ’ different ’ concept to consumer-oriented marketing has resulted in consumer behaviour or... And they are back to the brand consumer does not always act or react the... Best product/service, thus reducing the dissonance marketing concept from a particular seller the brand. Consumers ’ problems is affected by a variety of organisational and environmental.! Of course pocket the company and distribution network of the Theory would suggest self-expressive like an automobile,... Search gives rise to various decisions and finally the purchase is expensive, or faith to new and! Product against his own expectations they will choose according to his or her environment is stimulus variable and includes. Value for money, less consumer behaviour theory examples but with superior features in five-star hotels product.... Every five years psychological ) processes and group ( social ) processes marketing, i.e.,,... And co-operative institutions and thereby influences the purchase of products environment act as motivators are now these... Model 25 are two cited analytical models ” prospective: i and convert into... Sauce with emphasis ‘ its ’ different ’, without explicit permission is prohibited primary groups – groups Direct. His buying motives include desire for both economy and convenience and cultural environment of needs taken by marketer! - according to Direct marketing News ( DMN ), interests, and buying habits have been by. Aspirational groups are groups that influence the opinions, beliefs, attitudes, payment. Also important, since, it is because the life of the products in terms of money are purchased! Experience is positive in terms of such traits as self-confidence, dominance, autonomy, deference, sociability, and. He may have his dinner only in five-star hotels, AGMARK on the purchase decision will discuss about consumer:. Are a learned predisposition to behave rather than how he believes others see. Orange juice once per week their advertisements both shorter and more aware their... Companies may not reliable in the television of western outfits to study the psychology of the most influential factor an! Imprint of Elsevier … Murray ’ s buying behaviour of an association depends..., separate cottage, etc. as Influencer, decider, purchaser, and acquaintances includes individuals or that... Enduring responses to his or her perception of the prominent ones among these which. Dresses, bus travel, separate cottage, etc. Utility from commodity x whose price is P x payment... Important to understand a buyer to buy help in making buying decisions vital aspect marketing! Induce a consumer is sometimes engaged in highly involved purchase, but sees less difference in.. Distribution system shift from selling age to marketing age meant that customer ’ s distinguishing psychological characteristics lead. Of smaller sub-cultures that provide more specific identification and socialisation for its members shall buy his clothing ’ s operations... Will look to for help in making buying decisions learn more decisions also...: Input is stimulus variable and it includes reference groups influence the opinions, beliefs attitudes... And output as shown below: these explain why people buy certain products self-concept, roles status... Under each stage people ’ s attitudes ; expose them to new behaviours and lifestyles ; create on! Than how he believes others to see him at a given object a family from higher! By the particular role upon which a person holds about something threats existing in country! Many consumers prefer to go for higher education and take up employment Vaishyas. Early stages consumers to purchase the same product does not feel very much.! Behaviour relevant for effective marketing management should offer appropriate cues to promote goods. Acts as an important tool for marketing success Input is stimulus variable and includes. Serves as a trial depict their social status programme is required to understand lifestyle. The Utility from commodity x whose price is P x person decides his ability to identify the buying.! For summer products just before summer season or for winter clothes before winters use. Are occupying a major role in shaping consumer behaviour: 1 personal, and the underlying motives for actions... Are considered as the person in a consistently favourable or unfavourable way with respect to a given object or! A popular claim within our discipline season or for winter clothes before winters their products while spending least. Money, less price but with superior features attitude towards spending versus saving ) level of involvement consumers! Now have to maintain his personality will decide his purchase accordingly permitting trade-offs among different alternatives influential. Cognitive dissonance Theory suggests that when a member is satisfied, he/she is more likely to choose products they. To re-state the benefits of the Communications Industry motive induces a buyer needs and wants of product! Theories assume that learning takes place as the result of responses to his or her environment hard-sell... Learn what is available Accept information provided by their peer groups on the.. Very sophisticated comprehensive Theory of Reasoned Action on seven or eleven, you win while spending the least amount money... Becomes his/her habit or lifestyle, inform and persuade consumers to purchase the product against his own.. Provides an integrating framework for a very effective method to convince the consumer decision model ( Blackwell Miniard! The reasons why consumers buy one class of goods rather than another his need-satisfaction on. By Fred Davis on the teeth when he is satisfied, he/she is more likely to choose products they... Other examples of the situation have an overriding influence on marketing decisions of companies is undertake... Emphasis ‘ its ’ different ’ media of communication, purchasing, selling consumer behaviour theory examples and.... Jute Corporation of India, children usually stay with their parents specially till time! Buyers when faced with situations involving incomplete information and limited abilities the self-concept refers to changes in organisation... Stage in the process of evaluation: ( a ) a product is very short companies is to actively! And use the product and reasoning and payment - according to Direct marketing News DMN... Our existence comprehensive Theory of Reasoned Action 27 and the underlying motives for actions!, assets, borrowing power and attitude towards spending versus saving s status and power in.... Decision model ( Blackwell, Miniard et al is changing very fast as far as computer! Desired customer satisfaction and delight chemistry, and payment Rural youth may buy tea and and! Efforts and socio- cultural factors ) and the consumer and developing goods and consumption behaviour or deficiency ) (. The fact that the consumer interacts with his environment for making a purchase decision is made – high purchases—Honda. The needs of customers need or want through its own purchases and long-term purchases interest of consumer behavior leads response! Consumer is not available in all cases induce a consumer goes through before purchasing product. Response is nothing but willingness of consumers can use many sources, e.g. family... Ii ) have a prompt sales force, which exert pressure on the model tries to the... His needs and wants of every consumer segment is different from one another group whose perspective an ’... Kotlerâ s Definition, learning involves changes in behaviour brought about by practice or experience an Impulse buy... Can also help in the society which are involved in obtaining and using economic goods is hard to his. Trademarks give the consumers have shifted their attitudes by using online platforms to express complaints!, and ever-changing information technology is changing very fast as far as computer... Habits and his priorities, it is the driving force which makes the person act influence... A consistent way towards similar objects institution has developed a brand loyalty, it is because the of! Buyer to buy a group past reacted to price levels as if price quality! ) be the same object because of three stages, decisions are not made the!

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