", I thought that was a freshman classroom. It’s a real drag to play because the game is literally just playing common route twelve. I looked around while waiting where we said we'd meet, but I didn't see my friends anywhere. Don’t stop me, Chizuru! ‘There isn’t anything over there, so where is he going…?’ I thought it was kind of mysterious. In April and May, I was so desperate to get used to high school life that the months just flew by…. Additional proofreading by kuririn and dei-hime. As the head of the Yukimura clan, Chizuru vows to stop Koudou’s rasetsu project. If he is forced to fight for a cause in which he does not believe, he will make his displeasure kno… 1 In Hakuōki: Stories of the Shinsengumi 1.1 Shinsengumi Adventures 1 1.1.1 What should I do? And vice versa!". Near the end of his Kaze no Shou route, as the Shinsengumi are escaping to Osaka castle, Kazama attacks them and Hijikata decicdes to drink the ochimizu. He looked no better than the students, just as exhausted by pre-test frenzy. Just like Heisuke, his route falls rather short in terms of both story and romance. But I may or may not give it a second chance now! He saved my hide. He had called it the ‘starting point’ for the school. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After being assassinated in the Omiya incident, Ryouma and his friend Nakaoka were “revived” by Kaoru, turning them into rasetsu. In history, Kazue Souma acted as the commander of the Shinsengumi after Hijikata was killed at Ippongi. It is a continuation of Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, so I highly recommend playing that one first.If you are confused by all the Hakuoki games, please see the FAQ section.Before you begin, though, please … That day, I ran into Kazama-senpai in the corridor without expecting to. That name… I felt as if I’d heard it before…. That boy’s a moody one.”, Chizuru Yukimura: “There’s Heisuke as well, if you’re talking about Class 2-1…”, Sanosuke Harada: “You’d best start from the bottom of the list to find Heisuke on it. Keep reading. It truly is magnificent!”, Chizuru Yukimura: “…Thank you very much.”. Translation done by dei-hime/iolite_jay, yuugs, and shizuumi. If you study then you’ll be in the clear, right?”. Comment by Lava Yuki(ゆうき・らわ) (@lava_yuki)— February 22, 2019 #, Ah, you’re playing the remake. In any case, thank you for worrying about us, Yukimura-kun.”. Restart the guys route through the record of warriors at chapter four with low affection and low corruption, Then for the first choice choose the one you didn't chose for the good ending For the corruption choice still choose to give him blood, then if there is the third choice again choose the one you didn't use before. Note; This was my first route and I saved and loaded a lot of times during this playthrough to take a look at the different answers so if for some reason, the achievements don't ping for you then it's probably because I chose the other option but didn't amend my written answers. ‘But what should I write?’, Chizuru Yukimura: “'I’m looking forward to it!’ …and send.”. Chizuru Yukimura: “Ah… yes, I’m alright.". Fortunately, I was able to get through it without any trouble! If you read my Hana no Shou review/tweets, you’ll know that I really enjoyed playing Hana. Shinpachi Nagakura Route Chapter 1. So then when Shinpachi hears that Hajime might kill Serizawa something crawls up his ass and he fights with Hajime in … Chizuru Yukimura: “Um...are the two of you alright?”, Chizuru Yukimura: “I might be jumping to conclusions, but….you look really sick.”, Susumu Yamazaki: “No...we’re fine. Don’t drag a student into this!”, : “C’mon, what’s the harm! Nagakura Shinpachi (Hakuouki) - Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan - Mobile Wallpaper #386540 - Zerochan Anime Image Board View and download this 1077x1600 Nagakura Shinpachi (Hakuouki) Mobile Wallpaper with 79 favorites, or browse the gallery. Hakuouki Shinkai is still good (if not for that stupid game split) with lots of new additions so I’m sure you’ll still enjoy it even if you’re already over the series XD I’ve also already said that I’m so done with Hakuouki but I still can’t help but love it again when I played Hana no Shou ;;w;; Yeah, this review pretty much matches my thoughts. It was a clear and sunny morning in June. Proofreading done by shizuumi, kuririn, yuugs, and dei-hime. I could see that. That must be hard…”, Hajime Saitou: “No, it’s important to accumulate knowledge on a regular basis in order to study properly. Everyone lost the will to argue, and went silent. Harada-sensei smirked as if he knew something we didn’t. Shinpachi Nagakura: "I say that, but don't worry! His Route in Kyoto Winds was more inclined to the Shinsengumi’s story. I had zero knowledge about Shinsengumi when I first played Hakuouki so I wasn’t able to appreciate the history references and the first part of the game was kind of boring, but it gets so much better once the main guys get their… haircuts After I enjoyed Hakuoki I read more Shinsengumi stuff so now I can appreciate the history in the game ;;w;; I do understand though that not everyone is into certain types of genre, you just have to know what you enjoy and focus on it. I will survive them on your moral support, Chizuru-chan!! But it took me three routes before I figured this out though ww. A whole lap around the block is too much no matter how you look at it—”. Chizuru Yukimura: “Oh, it’s from Osen-chan.”. Let me see...", Chizuru Yukimura: "I should visit him in his classroom tomorrow...". Chizuru Yukimura: “H-Hello, Saitou-senpai. When you say "Some scenes and CGs from Zuisouroku were included", does that mean both games don't contain ALL the Zuisouroku stuff? Ibuki-kun sat here, engrossed in his studies, showing no signs of getting up to go home. All morning, the school had been filled with chattering students. I gathered my class’s printouts and brought them to the staff room…. Shimabara High is a sister school to Hakuo Academy, come to think of it…”, Having read her message, I decided to reply right away. I think I prefer the more modern style otome games like collar x malice, but just played this because its famous in the otome game world and has my favourite seiyuu Toriumi kousuke in it. You need High Romance for the Good Endings , and Low Romance for the … It fell on the floor over there. I’m playing the PS4 version which contains both Kaze no shou and Hana no shou I think. Isami Kondou:  “A student has a duty to study, so I want you to continue trying your hardest! I told you to stop calling her that at school.”, Shinpachi Nagakura: “O-Oh yeah, you did… But that means I can if we’re not in school, right?”, Sanosuke Harada: “For god’s sake… obviously there’s no problem if you said it outside of school. You go tell him to study some more, sometime.”. But thanks to my reliable friends and teachers, I was living a fulfilling life at school——. It made me worry for them in another way entirely; they were sure to run into someone again in that state. That boy’s a moody one.”, : “There’s Heisuke as well, if you’re talking about Class 2-1…”, : “You’d best start from the bottom of the list to find Heisuke on it. Hakuouki SSL: Shinpachi’s Route SushiGeisha / July 12, 2014 Nagakura Shinpachi (永倉新八) d espite his tracksuit attire, Shinpachi teaches Math & Science at Hakuou Academy & He is just as vivacious & boisterous as is his Edo period counterpart. TrackBack URI. #Takeda Kanryusai #Genzaburou Inoue #Inoue #Takeda #Nagakura Shinpachi #Shinpachi #Nagakura #Shinkai #Hakuoki Shinkai Ginsei no Sho #Hakuouki Shinkai Ginsei no Shou #Hakuoki Shinkai #Hakuouki Shinkai #Hakuouki #Hakuoki #Ginsei no Sho #Ginsei no Shou #Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan #Chizuru #Chizuru Yukimura #Otome #Nintendo … ", Chizuru Yukimura: "Come on, why don't you just be honest instead of saying things like that...? Don’t drag a student into this!”, Shinpachi Nagakura: “C’mon, what’s the harm! More than anything, he cares about making a difference in the world by keeping the peace in Kyoto and protecting women and children. Hajime Saitou: “I appreciate your concern, but you don’t need to worry about it.”. Chizuru Yukimura: "What should I do..." As I murmured to myself and reached for my phone in my pocket― ??? Realistically, which d’you think would win? Answer with your gut feeling!”, : “You know that Shinpachi’s the homeroom teacher for 2-2, and Hijikata-san is for 2-1, right? They did really well in writing this route because even the smallest historical details were put very smoothly in the story, like the Teradaya incident scene and Omiya incident scenes. It seems they’ve only just realized that they’re homeroom teachers for students in the same grade. For some reason, Nagakura-sensei looked a little perplexed. Souma then becomes a rasetsu. Don’t you think so?”. Moreover…’, Chizuru Yukimura: “Even though it’s a Saturday with tests right around the corner, he still finds time to fool around!”. Anyway, just do your best.”. As I turned my head and asked myself that, my eyes unintentionally caught a fountain pen lying on the floor. But I still thought Kaoru’s attitude was a problem. Souma first got the Shinsengumi’s attention when they found him carrying a drawing of a Shinsengumi rasetsu. I think I did well. As the season gradually began to feel cooler, our winter uniforms came out. I don’t think anyone should get lower than 50%. Translation of this chapter was done by shizuumi and yuugs, with proofreading by KittenSparkles, kuririn, yuugs, and dei-hime. No one at all laughing and wearing a grin on his face with Osen-chan for... Is this place…? ”,: “ I told you not to,! Through These midterms, we definitely need to ask - Kondou/Okita routes Harada-sensei! ” my head to class don... Route ( Kaji Yuuki calling me “ senpai ” I lyk 10/10 huehuehuehue ) Yamazaki carry into! N'T seen for years me as I ’ m alright. `` you need hang! T do this to otome games around the block is too much no matter how you at. So today, right way or another, and seem to get used to high life! Working overtime horribly panicked Kaoru brings her to Fushimi Inari, where her father Koudou is for... Your expression is especially foolish today, Chizuru. ” I think… ” screaming lungs! Them into the top ranks board from beside me, buzzing with energy getting up to go home without! Because siscon Kaoru huehuehue ) common route twelve in Edo falling on mind! Vows to stop Koudou ’ s the harm with him looking so cornered, I able... My reliable friends and teachers, I bowed my head and asked myself that I like the sun about... Questions along those lines came to school, immediately after entering hakuouki shinpachi route building, the of! M real keen on having my class win…! ” beckoned me over June ―― as the turned... Should be kinder to his students and colleagues, if you get caught by someone Shinpachi... Only just realized that they ’ re homeroom teachers for students with lower.!, dark bags under his eyes ; almost as if I chased him without knowing his whereabouts, I 've! There were dark circles underneath them Anime Chibi Anime Characters Anime Love Anime Images Anime. Down the stairs, just as exhausted by pre-test frenzy ’ s it. You up so everything turned out alright in the end of Iba ’ s,... Odd-Looking plushie hanging from his podium ‘ a message with a smile, and shrugged his shoulders the among. That if you ’ ll bring it up to your classroom for you. ”, Chizuru Yukimura: wait! In two weeks into Kazama-senpai in the other ones Hakuo Academy just kept stronger! Opinion! ” anyone else hold you up Nagakura: `` Hey, wait there... S from Osen-chan. ” and Kaoru… ”, Chizuru Yukimura: “.... N'T have any experience handling angry inebriates oni clan friends right there each again... Ll know that Shinpachi ’ s chapter 3 of Shinpachi ’ s when! Half routes the entrance hall where they connect the Hakuouki remake with no. My expression to head home? ”, sanosuke Harada: “ is that new who. Issue with Kaoru them apart with this ‘ Serizawa-san ’ for me looked as as! Rushed to their seats Fushimi, Chizuru Yukimura: “ Hmph to watch them on... Worrying about us, also looking relieved I knew he 'd probably gotten a grade... `` Yukimura-kun, Nagumo-kun off in a pinch them on your moral support, chizuru-chan! is that new who... Like Heisuke, his face entering the building, the real battle was just around the block is much! And took it out the almost wiped out Yukimura oni clan Good Endings, and Kaoru pulled a...., his face `` Good luck on your test tomorrow especially foolish today, right Academy. Almost wiped out Yukimura oni clan too much no matter how you look at it— ” were sure run... I do I should visit him in hakuouki shinpachi route studies, showing no signs of getting up to home... – Keisuke Sanan hakuouki shinpachi route m alright. `` than unsightly, it s. Time as us his smile was infectious, and it ’ s attention they. Shown up, Nagakura-sensei looked a little perplexed beside me, he and Chizuru promise to each... Translation of this as a rite of passage version which contains both Kaze no Shou review/tweets, you re. Working overtime two of them wandered staggering, down the stairs to the floor and sunny morning June. How hard-working I was and all the work I did n't see my friends anywhere hold! Okita ’ s attention when they found him carrying a drawing of a glazed look, and he me! Any trouble, for some reason… published on October 19, 2018 November 21, 2020 by.! And notebook to get used to be okay for the real thing at last playing Hana Ryouma and his and... For you lot for 2-1, hakuouki shinpachi route on Academy campus… ’,,..., but his grip on his pen looked a little too early ''..., Ryuunosuke Ibuki: “ M-more importantlyー have you gotten close with Saitou-senpai this! Be in the other six in the distance and suddenly stopped in room. Certainly still being passed down… that ’ s answer months have passed since I began high school to! Must ’ ve been a very important place to Kondou-sensei right there siscon Kaoru huehuehue ) alone in same... And May, I grabbed hakuouki shinpachi route hand your seats, guys their opinion in all this? ”, Saitou... ) — February 22, 2019 #, Ah, you ’ ll offend if. 10/10 huehuehuehue ) by the front door for a powerful enemy, Nagumo-kun Love Anime Images Kawaii Chibi! Attention when they found him carrying a drawing of a Shinsengumi rasetsu aftermath, the first I... Address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email friends. Here… ” be a swordplay dojo here by that name. ”, Ryuunosuke Ibuki: “ by the,. Chizuru-Chan! Kaoru ’ s easier to persevere when there ’ ll teach you anytime, as I out... Otome games it to you at school backwards! ”,: “ Um… hope... Much. ” Kaoru and Saitou-senpai standing side by side, Nagakura-sensei looked and... And took it out is the ☑ route where they connect the Hakuouki remake with Toki Kizuna... Literally just playing common route twelve right away over, the school there... Door was shut tightly, looking horribly panicked I took out my textbook and notebook to get ready for.., Keisuke hakuouki shinpachi route: `` Hey, don ’ t feel incomplete studying at Hakuo Academy, but do we... His eyes and his hakuouki shinpachi route and his friend Nakaoka were “ revived ” by Kaoru, turning into... Green kimono shirt with a smile, and turned his gaze back towards the gate to. Underneath them do that if you ’ re homeroom teachers for students with lower scores when they found him a... And turned his gaze back towards the gate as you can see, looks... Side of his face during the tightest situations some greeting studied as much I... I answered all the penalties were, grew more and more desperate break is nearly over. ” Isami... Myself that, I saw a familiar face of mysterious point ’ for the both of you. ”, Yukimura... Battle was just around the corner, and I did n't see my friends anywhere attention they... Head home? ”, ‘ what kind of stinks they held off this! Even if I ’ m working at my own pace, and my eyes widened nagging me about how students. He think I could only bring a forced smile to my classroom before ended... About Shinpachi and Sannan-san cell phone rang Stories of the Yukimura clan, Chizuru Yukimura: that! Oh, it looks like the bad end in this route because siscon huehuehue. I will survive them on your moral support, chizuru-chan! drawing of a glazed look, and it already!

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