Fly like a Eagle my son. It was the fight of his life. Forum Posts. Being a ninja with peak physicality, it's no surprise that Might Guy is just as fast as he is strong. Madara still has the perfect susanoo. Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. Edo Madara can't be stopped without sealing. Naruto Quotes Might Guy. Imo (anything with the 8th gate is a tie despite it being a 'win'). Why would Might Guy forget Madara? He also has sage mode and was able to react to ftg by Tobirama. He tore SoSP madara nearly in half who should be vastly superior to base madara’s susanoo. Ps- I am also factoring in Madaras character in this. What is the extent of his durability in this form? Assinman5 2 years ago #1. Guy 8-gates will never run out as long as he able to fight. Because Guy surely is faster then Madara on the ground, but he appeared to be slower at climbing air (by kicking it) than at running on the ground. Not only that, Gai's character responds to when attacks of his fails. People forget gai should have died like 6 times already but because of his allies interventions he kept going..... and still lost. Rd1: alive Madara(w/ kyuubi) Rd2:edo tensei Madara Rd3:rinne tensei Madara Rd4:God Tree Madara w/o TSB Rd5:God Tree Madara w/TSB. Despite this, after twenty years of tireless training, Duy perfected how to use all Eight Gates. $180.00 Non-Refundable Down Payment Required ADD TO CART . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Iruka Umino. Hirudora was shown to take out the imperfect Susanoo. Introduced in Boruto, Isshiki was the leader of Kara and wanted to take the chakra of everyone on Earth. Other than that Limbo does the trick. You can connect with him on his email: However, he can't harm sense or harm limbo. From all the Otsutsuki clan members to have appeared in the franchise so far, Isshiki remains to be the strongest of them all. When I look back at my favorite fight in the series (rock lee vs gaara) and think about what I love in OP characters two things stand out for me. You could argue about this vs Eighth Gate speed wise since Minato was able to ftg infront of Eight Gate, do a 180 and ftg out. While Madara was still stronger than him overall, in the Taijutsu department, Guy was quite clearly leveled above him. Press J to jump to the feed. It measures approx. Guy is the son of Might Duy, who was known throughout Konoha as the \"Eternal Genin\". Gai beats alive Madara and rebirth Madara with rinnegan. Hiruzen Sarutobi. Summary. There are a few questions that come here: If Madara was to fly really high up right at the start, at his Susanoo's max speed, could Guy climb after him faster than he can fly and catch up to him? Might Guy. Follow 2182. No way in hell Guy wins. You can skip the explanation to the next bolded text to get the answer. Guy starts from 8-gates Mode . Eighth gate is anyways a double ko and a tie, but I'll mention where he cant kill Madara with eighth gate. Win by K.O or death. If that trick doesn’t land, and it barely did in the canon, he’s already lost. RELATED: Naruto: 10 Heroes With Villainous Jutsu. After absorbing Kinshiki Otsutsuki, Momoshiki became strong enough to match Naruto in combat and, in certain instances, get the better of him. Quantity: This item qualifies for $ 4. Although you could also talk about the topping too. NEXT: Naruto: 5 Ways Gaara Is A Great Villain (& 5 Reasons He's A Real Hero), Rei Penber is an avid fan of anime and manga. Demon Slayer: 10 Anime Heroes Exactly Like Tanjiro, Dragon Ball Super: 10 Things That Annoyed Even Dedicated Fans, Dragon Ball Z: 9 Things That Annoyed Even Dedicated Fans, Naruto: 10 Strongest Shinobi Alive After The Fourth Great Ninja War, My Hero Academia: 5 Best Offensive Quirks (& 5 Best Support Quirks), Hunter X Hunter: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Neferpitou, Naruto: 5 Shinobi Temari Could Defeat (& 5 She'd Lose To), Demon Slayer: 10 Times The Main Characters Needed Help Winning A Battle, 5 Most Anticipated Anime Movies Of 2021 (& 5 That Aren't Talked About Enough), 10 Times Boruto Was Actually Better Than Naruto: Shippuden, Black Clover: 10 Fastest Characters In The Franchise, Ranked, Sword Art Online: 5 Anime Characters Kirito Can Beat (& 5 He Can't). Madara Uchiha became incredibly powerful during the Fourth Great Ninja War as he gained the chakra of the Ten-Tails. If his Perfect Susanoo can fly faster than Guy can climb after him he can run away until Guy's 8th gate expires and he dies. Guy's eternal rival, Kakashi Hatake, was always considered close to his level. So, I will seperate seventh gate and eight gate for simplicity. But I think its safe saying eight gate will win. While Madara was still stronger than him overall, in the Taijutsu department, Guy was quite clearly leveled above him. ... Hashirama was struggling with EMS Madara while Guy was kicking the crap out of Juubi Madara. Six path madara as shown can be beaten (call it plot convenience or whatever Guy did slap madara around for the better of the fight although with some help) . Guy vs Uchiha Madara Guy vs Madara Guy 8Th Gate. Duy spent his entire career as a genin, causing many to look down upon him and earned him the epithet of the \"Eternal Genin\" (万年下忍, Mannen Genin). 7th gate can push him far even against the imperfect Susanoo. Guy begins his assault on Madara, using the Evening Elephant to attack, however the pain of using the Eight Gates Released Formation causes him to prematurely end the attack. Guy can beat valley of end Madara with 8th gate. Guy's very own student, Rock Lee, is an exceptionally powerful student who, just like his master, relies on the usage of Taijutsu in combat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He’d have to land everything perfect, which is possible, but not a shoe in. By adulthood, Sasuke has grown even stronger and can match characters on the level of Momoshiki Otsutsuki in the ways of Taijutsu. If Might Guy quotes don't inspire you, there might be something wrong with you. While Kakashi is a user of all the three arts of Jutsu, Guy is a Taijutsu specialist. Guy loses for the exact same reason as above, but worse. Imo sage of six paths is > perfect Susanoo. Estimated to arrive January 2021. Duy was not bothered by this moniker and instead was grateful that other people cared enough to know him at all. Although Guy from Naruto is one of the best taijutsu users in the series, there are some on his levelーand some below it. To match him, Naruto Uzumaki had to put his life on the line by using the all-powerful Baryon Mode. Tobirama Senju. $899.99. That indicates varied control on Hirudora at the very least. Hashirama Senju. Vol. 50 x 32 x 60 cm (1/6 Scale) and comes in a printed box. His skills with Taijutsu were great enough to match the likes of Momoshiki Otsutsuki and, with Baryon Mode, overwhelm even Isshiki Otsutsuki in battle. Madara vs Guy - Naruto Shippuden - English Subbed - YouTube One on hand Madara doesn't lose technically because of broken wood style sage regeneration. Guy's main weakness is that he's on a time limit. Guy releases his Eight Inner Gates against Madara, … Naruto is one of the strongest characters in the entire franchise, if not the strongest. This is a toss up. While powerful, Kakashi simply doesn't have what it takes to stand a chance against Guy. User Info: Morrowindmodman. Nawaki. BY INFINITY STUDIO - BRAND NARUTO. He was strong enough to fight and defeat both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha at once and overwhelm them in terms of Taijutsu. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Very Rare! A master of taijutsu, Guy leads and passes his wisdom to the members of Team Guy. Itachi Uchiha was a once in a generation prodigy. The sensei to Rock Lee in Naruto, Might Guy is a character doesn't know what the phrase "give up" even means, and it shows through both his words and his actions.Since he's such a lovable (and super strong) character, let's rank the best Might Guy quotes of all time, with the help of your votes. Could he survive a point blank large scale bijuu bomb or Madara's mountain cutting sword strokes or those Rasenshuriken-like combination of the two? He was forced to be on the run after Danzo made him kill his own clan… I won't count Izanagi as it would be straight gg for Madara, so let's see how he does without it. Edit: did you know it’s spelled “shoo in”? Didn’t Might Guy promise to not forget Kisame. Watch Naruto Shippuden: Season 17 Episode 418, The Blue Beast vs Six Paths Madara, on Crunchyroll. #infinitystudio #naruto #madara #mightguy #cinematoys T T Info. However, the two excel in different aspects of fighting. Recently, we saw the end of the battle between Madara vs Guy in the latest Naruto Shippuden 421, on top of this we saw a number of other extra bits where Hagoromo met with Sasuke and Naruto in their own consciousness and gave both of them power.In turn, this allowed for Naruto to save Guy and allow for a whole new battle to begin: Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara Uchiha! Because I sure didn’t. 7th gate can push him far even against the imperfect Susanoo. If Madara were to fly away as fast as he could and Kurama to barage Guy with tailed beast bombs and take advantage of Guy's openings, would they win?

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