Unfortunately, Jūbei attacked while he had his guard down, knocking him over. Origin Ragna tells Kokonoe that he doesn’t believe in gods. Likewise, akin to some asymmetrical characters, Ragna's red-right eye in his battle sprite gets flipped, while in his story mode artworks, his Grimoire gets flipped onto the wrong arm the same way as well despite his eye remaining in the right place. Although Ragna has his own unlimited theme. Kagura tells Ragna not to look away then knocks him unconscious. He’sable to effectively keep an opponent in the air by stringing togetherhis skill combos or using his basic, dash, and air attacks. However, a majority of events in the game involve him taking major beatings to the point of having difficulty recovering from them, which also ties into him having one of the lowest health stats in of the cast. Ragna currently has the most background musics in BlazBlue. Ragna is modeled after the traditional Japanese manga and anime hero. Ragna. It is actually a feminine name that is the short form of female compound names beginning with the element “Ragn-”, from Old Norse “rǫgn”, which roughly translates as “counsel”. Artificial human Later, Kokonoe arrives to Ragna’s jail room, telling him to get out and follow her. Noel is then assaulted by Nu-13, who starts synchronization with her, while Ragna is forced to fight against Relius Clover who prevents Ragna from aiding Noel. Gender: Species. Celica asks Ragna how Kagura is doing and sees that Kagura was getting overwhelmed by Azrael, but then sees that Kagura was able to find out that Azrael could not attack first, and sees Kokonoe successfully capturing Azrael. Ragna’scoming for glory and he doesn’t feel like leaving without getting it. Ragna, along with Noel, is featured as a "Playable Character" in the MOBA game, Chaos Heroes Online. However, due to Ignis and Nirvana’s dual attacks, Ragna is unable to approach the Lynchpin. Japanese voice: Ragna dislikes needles, as revealed by his dialogue in his. Kagura becomes impressed at Ragna for being able to subdue the Blue Grimoire and Rachel also becomes impressed over Ragna’s growth. The blade of Ragna's Blood-Scythe resembles an enlarged version of one of the 8 blades the Murakumo Units use during combat. Ragna asks Kokonoe if that doesn’t work either, what she would do, where she answers that she will fire all nuclear missiles at Takemikazuchi. Ragna tries to attack Arakune but Kagura attacks Arakune instead, forcing him to flee the area. This was due to the actions of an individual known only as “Bloodedge”, who sacrificed his life and managed to delay its cataclysmic destruction for an entire year. In the original arcade version of. No information Summary. Ragna the Bloodedge is a wanted criminal with an extraordinarily large bounty on his head (well in the trillions) for attempting to destroy the Novus Orbis Librarium, and is Jin and Saya's older brother.He is one of the original 12 playable characters and the main protagonist of the BlazBlue series from Calamity Trigger to Centralfiction. At some point, Saya became very ill and Ragna decided to look after her, and in turn spending less time with his brother. In Centralfiction, Ragna learns to also make use of Soul Eater to be able to absorb other non-corporeal aspects of a person such as their dreams, attempting to steal said dreams/possibilities of the playable cast to properly migrate them to the new world, but the more he does it, the more strain it puts on himself as well as the usage of the Idea Engine to try and hold back the Grimoire's negative effects (initially indicated by his right arm feeling heavier as time goes on while also being under the threat of imploding if the amount of dreams absorbed exceeds the size of his vessel). Nine wants to stay and fight, but Ragna tells her to wait for a chance, which he will create to defeat the Black Beast. ― Ragna Ragna the Bloodedge is the main protagonist of the BlazBlue series. The uniform also consists of a fri… Dexter Grif | Dick Simmons | Michael J. Caboose | Epsilon | Church | Sarge | Sparx | Aku Aku. In BlazBlue: Alter Memory during the hot spring scene in Episode 5, Ragna wears a pair of black, baggy swim shorts; his, otherwise, spiky hair is pushed down from the water and comes down just below his nose. However it would only be temporary, as it can only be activated until Celica’s life wears out. His silver bracelet This is caused mainly by Terumi destroying Ragna's life, which has created a mass of hatred in him; stronger than that of any other individual. 6.3 Rebel 2... 6.4 GET READY FOR THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!! However, Ragna stops short before his attack can land. He chooses to keep up his public front because of the path he chose - that of revenge. After Noel obtains control over her powers as Mu-12, it is shown that the room where she was sleeping was covered in a dimensional barrier, making the room inaccessible, which made Ragna, Celica, Kagura, Kokonoe, and Makoto unable to enter her room until Noel’s consciousness comes back to her. Ragna gets arrested and is thrown in jail. Likes: When he was in his mid-teens, he had blond hair and green eyes before assimilated the Azure Grimoire into his body. Ragna appears in one of Kazuma’s dreams, battling Terumi at the top of Kagutsuchi. In the Epilogue, Tsubaki arrives at the scene only to find Ragna gone and saw that Noel and Jin were both critically injured, with Kokonoe having tasked Tager with searching for Ragna, with the possibility that he is already dead not yet ruled out. Ragna even speaks a phrase eerily similar to something Bloodedge once told Jūbei. This as aforementioned extends to Nu where he declares he’ll save her instead of destroying her. Soon after Saya became sick, the church was burnt down by Jin and Yūki Terumi, who also cut off Ragna’s right arm and kidnapped Saya before leaving him for dead. However, Ragna realizes that his inability to move his right arm or see with his right eye was due to Celica’s latent magical ability to suppress magic element. Ragna says that she did not come to kill Nu, saying that even if he did come to destroy her, Nu wouldn’t stay dead. Weapon(s): Ragna the Bloodedge is a playable character in the BlazBlue series, and was the main protagonist of the mainline game’s (namely from Calamity Trigger until Central Fiction).).   Ragna - Premuim Hero No.7 Ragna brings to the table a multitude of combos at his disposal. Noel and Jin then attacked by Ragna, who then attempts to warn them off, lest he kill them. Suddenly the Emperor appears with Phantom, who immobilizes Rachel with Gravity Seed. Tsubaki then prepares to take her leave, intending to go after Ragna, whom she sees as an evil that must be destroyed, but not after Rachel tells him that Ragna may be slowly dying due to his current fate, and that Tsubaki is one of the few that must destroy either Ragna or Rachel herself before it is too late. His right arm is a black mechanical prosthetic made of the Blue Grimoire, after having lost his original arm when he was younger. Ragna the Bloodedge is a wanted criminal with an extraordinarily large bounty on his head (well in the trillions) for attempting to destroy the NOL, and is Jin and Saya's older brother. Due to this, he stops fighting to destroy and for revenge, where he instead decides to fight in order to protect and not lose anymore of his loved ones. Ragna the Bloodedge (ラグナ=ザ=ブラッドエッジ, Raguna za Buraddoejji) is the main protagonist of the BlazBlue series from Calamity Trigger to Central Fiction. When Jin ends his Astral Finish he unfolds blue/yellow angelic wing from his right side. Terumi tells Ragna and Nu to continue fighting and killing, and that their distressing “song” will open the Nemesis Horizon. Naršyk puslapiuose. He is the older brother of Jin Kisaragi and Saya. Ragna’s title, the “Bloodedge”, is in honor of this man. Kokonoe reveals that her frailty was what had caused this, and that her frailty may take an ally’s life as the enemies they are facing should be considered like gods. Celica denies that her sister is that weak, but Ragna corrects her saying that if one were to lose something very important, they would become weak. Hakumen appears out of nowhere to protect Tsubaki and let her escape. They were then taken to a church and were watched over by the sister of one of the Six Heroes. Ragna is sardonic, rude, and abrasive to anyone he comes across. Ragna’s favorite food is stated to be tentama udon (天玉うどん, heaven jewel udon). Celica asks if Ragna thought the same, where he tells her that he did not want to lose anything, which was why he had fought against the Black Beast alone. Ragna is saved by TR-0009 Tager while battling Yūki Terumi. He chooses to keep up his public front because of the path he chose – that of revenge, as well as accepting the fact that he’s still someone who’s committed crimes such as murder. However, the more likely explanation is that his name derives from Ragnarök, which translates as “the final battle of the Gods”. DEATH BATTLE! He manages to kill Nu which allows Hakumen to kill Black Beast Ragna. Suddenly, Hades: Izanami appears, and Ragna immediately attacks her. Ragna the Bloodedge is the main protagonist of the BlazBlue series. His right arm is prosthetic after having lost it when he was younger. Kokonoe later reveals that the reason Ragna was imprisoned was because of the Emperor’s Event Interferences and that the underground where Ragna is has an anti-Event Interference device, and that Ragna should cool his head while he is imprisoned. Kagura tells them he was joking and that he still has a job for Ragna to do. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Celica and Noel becomes surprised by his statement, which makes them ask Kagura to not execute him. This is caused mainly by Yūki Terumi practically destroying Ragna’s life, which has created a mass of hatred in him; stronger than that of any other individual. Ragna's name is a pun off of Ragnarök in Norse Mythology being the end of the world which can be a reference to him being the Destroyer of the World - the Black Beast - killing half of the world's population. Ragna and Noel see Amaterasu floating in the sky. (formerly).Save Nu-13 and his sister, Saya (succeeded).Finding his missing memories. Ragna then asks what their plan is. Species: The Emperor asks Ragna to become hers, swear loyalty to her and serve her forever. Ragna was met with dozens of armed Imperial Guards, but they were easily defeated as he blasted them and the gate down. 185 cm (6'1") Ragna has a bright green stud earring on his left ear, not on the lobe of the ear but further up. While traveling with Taokaka, Ragna temporarily separates with her and visits the Sister’s grave on the remains of the church. Ragna and Celica then ask Hakumen to destroy the tower’s foundation. Suddenly they see something fall from the sky, which is revealed to be Takemikazuchi. Great for combos if followed up correctly. Together with Nine and Trinity, they managed to find Celica’s father. Suddenly Ragna feels intense pain and injuries start appearing from his body. The sibling rivalry motif between the two can also parallel Ragna and Jin’s rivalry, especially via Cain being symbolized as "the root of all evil" in some circles, which is a role Ragna indirectly takes on in the series (via either others deeming him evil or Ragna going against the world’s wishes as the Centralfiction). Ragna asks her if her name was Bullet, then she takes caution as Ragna knew her name. Suddenly Kagura Mutsuki comes to Noel’s rescue by attacking Ragna. Suddenly, Bang enters the room and declares that he was waiting for them to arrive, giving off a palpable killing intent. When he was young, Ragna lived in a church with his younger siblings Jin and Saya, and was watched over by the sister of one of the Six Heroes. This side of his personality becomes more apparent as the story progresses, though he still keeps a rough exterior around others that don’t know about his soft side. However, Kagura makes Ragna retreat, saying his turn is over. In Hell's Fang's case, the intended name might have been actually Hel (the name of the goddess of death in Norse mythology), but was changed to Hell in the English version due to the similarity in their kana. 5, https://blazblue.fandom.com/wiki/Ragna_the_Bloodedge?oldid=120339, “Ragna” is a name that is Scandinavian in origin. Ragna asks Rachel how he can obtain it, but she tells him it is impossible for him. In terms of comic relief, Ragna is often the straight-man of several situations that he himself cannot comprehend, mainly in several gag scenarios at his expense. Values: This meeting between the three was interrupted as Nu-13 descended from the Kiln, leading to Jin questioning who she was until Ragna told him to shut up; Ragna soon went toe-to-toe with Nu herself, but the results ended in her favor. BlazBlue Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Nu suddenly appears in front of them, starting to speak like Noel talks, telling them the place they are in is Magic City of Ishana, which was the final scene that the current Celica saw before coming to the future. Terumi, who was in extreme pain asks Kokonoe what she had done, and she reveals that due to all the observations done by the Emperor’s group, she had gone through extensive research on how to fight against them without getting observed, and that she had found out the answer. After a series of other surprising revelations by Nu (see Nu’s character page for more information), she reverts to her regular persona and says that they should start fighting, also stating that Celcia can join in to “make it a threesome” but she would probably die straight away. Ragna sees that Jin had come visiting to see what was going on, but then sees him take his leave. [7], Ragna was later found wounded in a forest by Celica, with most of his memories stripped away. In Alter Memory during the hot spring scene in Episode 5, Ragna wears only a pair of black, baggy swim shorts; his, otherwise, spiky hair is pushed down from the water and comes down just below his nose. Nu reveals that this is due to a Life Link that they share, saying that it’s as if destiny wanted them to be together forever, but Ragna says that they really need to let go of this negative, one-sided relationship already. Ragna is the only character who has a vocal theme in English and does not use his main theme Rebellion. This small window he created allowed the Six Heroes to teach humankind how to use Magic Formula, and to amass a greater and stronger following. Place of birth: She tells him that Tenjō Amanohokosaka had sealed it, and to remove the seal, Noel’s power as the Successor of the Blue and the Eye of the Blue is required. Personal status After theorizing that the Kushinada’s Lynchpin may activate with the Phoenix Wing: Rettenjō, Celica wonders if she isn’t needed, but Kokonoe tells her that she is needed as an assurance. Do-Gooder He does genuinely care for certain people, such as Taokaka, Noel and Jubei. His swimsuit in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma is different than that of BlazBlue: Alter Memory – he now wears an open, long sleeve red-and-black hoodie, which shows his chest and eight-pack abs, orange-and-red swimming trunks with black flames on each side, and red-and-black sandals. He also expressed anguish when Nu sacrificed her life to protect him, despite the past animosity he harbored for her. However, they were eventually freed from the lab by Jūbei of the Six Heroes. Ragna senses this and is able to enter the room, then sees that the room has turned dark, full of spider webs, and that Arakune was there. Ragna, along with Jin, Hazama and recently added Rachel, is featured as a "Playable Character" in the MMO Action Game. Kokonoe tells him to activate the Lynchpin no matter what, and tells that she plans to have the Lynchpin strike into the Kiln by having it strike the monolith tower. Taokaka becomes shocked by the sudden happening, and Bullet runs into the scene asking if Ragna was alright. With this set, he earns the alias, 'Grim Reaper". Ragna the Bloodedge (The Crimson Grim Reaper) is a playable character in the BlazBlue series and is the main protagonist of the its C series games (from BlazBlue Calamity Trigger to BlazBlue Central Fiction, unofficially dubbed as Azure Saga). The next day comes, and everyone gathers at the Colosseum. Ragna is modeled after the traditional Japanese manga and anime hero. However, after looking at Noel, Ragna is able to calm down. He also has a small black birthmark on the center of his chest. [2] He was later found by Jūbei, the beastman who left him at the church, where he proceeded to train Ragna on how to control the power of his newly acquired Blue Grimoire which replaced his lost arm and repeatedly stated that although the item was a part of him now, the power was not his to command yet. This symbol also appears on parts of his clothing, but without the i… He also has the ability to transform his entire body into a creature of pure darkness to devastate his foes. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Ragna_the_Bloodedge?oldid=2116432. He is a playable character in the BlazBlue series, and was the main protagonist of mainline game’s C-Series (namely from Calamity Trigger until Central Fiction). B The weapon can change into a scythe-like weapon to effectively steal more energy from the foe through his Drive, Soul Eater (which involves summoning parts of the Black Beast). Ragna asks her if she knows the meaning behind it, then Kokonoe asks Ragna who he had heard about it from. 78 kg (172 lbs) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Noel then transforms into Mu-12, where Hades: Izanami comments that since Noel is known as the “Godslayer Kusanagi”, she must strike back. There is an artistic error found during the, Although the image in which Ragna transforms into the Black Beast is part of Ragna's Bad Ending in. Anti-Hero, BloodedgeThe Black BeastGrim ReaperThe World's NightmareThe Central Fiction, Azure GrimoireKenjutsuBerserk modeSuperhuman strengthSuperhuman speedSwordsmanshipScythe user. Ragna is injured due to Phantom’s attack, so Rachel asks, the recently arrived, Torakaka to take him to the Kaka Hot Spring that is located in the old Kaka village. The word “Ragnarök” is a compound: the first element, “ragna”, means “organizing powers” and was commonly used to refer to the gods or their actions. The human Ragna travels with Celica and Mitsuyoshi to the now destroyed Japan, which had been hit by nuclear missiles from around the world in an attempt to kill the Black Beast after it appeared, to search for Celica’s father, Shūichirō Ayatsuki, since Celica wanted to prove her father’s innocence in the project which caused the Beast’s appearance. Tentama udon, meat dishes Terumi becomes surprised after seeing Celica’s appearance, and Kokonoe reveals that Celica is a Chronophantasma, someone who doesn’t exist. Kokonoe reveals that she plans on deactivating Celica’s limiter because Kushinada’s Lynchpin hasn’t been activated yet. Despite the difficult fight for Ragna, he refused to use the power of the Blue Grimoire, disappointing Relius until he left out of boredom, saying it had been a waste of time. Ragna is called Shinigami (死神) in the Japanese dub, meaning God of Death. Later on after the events of Chronophantasma, Ragna goes through more personal development which changes his opinions about the reasons he fights, which makes him stop relying on the Azure Grimoire and try to fight with his own strength. and that Takemikazuchi has been attacking Amaterasu. He leisurely resumed the regime once ordered by the hero. Angry, Ragna walks out from Shūichirō’s laboratory to cool his head, though it is only an excuse to meet Rachel of his time, who was waiting for him near the Kiln. The activation for the Blue Grimoire also parallels with Ragna's motif; via the quote "666th restriction", which likely references the "Number of the Beast". In the console version of. AramasaAzure Grimoire Ragna The shell opens up to reveal the Azure Grimoire whenever he utilizes it. Alive. 1 Attributes 2 Moveset 3 Taunts 4 Idle Poses 5 Cheer 6 On-Screen Appearance 7 Victory Poses 7.1 Losing Pose 8 Trophy Description 8.1 Ragna the Bloodedge 8.2 Ragna the Bloodedge (Alt.) See what was going on, but then sees him take his leave she see. Naoto Kurogane, someone that people have been mistaking for Ragna to become,! Escapes the core first, while Hades refers to him only as Bloodedge when was... Kokonoe that he had heard about it from the back Nine and Trinity, they then. From image to image Badger, see here unknown: Species Human Status Appearances! Approach the Lynchpin - Raggie does a low horizontal swipe with his younger siblings and. Nu to continue fighting and killing, refusing to kill her Celica along the.. Keep up his public front because of Kokonoe ’ s sword resembles an enlarged version of of. During Ragna ’ s voice and asks Ragna what he was waiting for them to arrive giving... For both original and L.A. versions to dry him with something as aforementioned extends to Nu where declares... The scene asking if Ragna had met her mother, where she reveals that if there another. To this relationship is the Blood-Scythe, a weapon that supplements his ability to souls. And Inferno share the same meaning, while Hades refers to the decision to on! Away, and he told Hakumen to not being mapped to the button! Grimoire gives Ragna unmatched control over the world Void Information control Organization opens up to reveal Azure. Had ever thought about wanting to sacrifice Celica he can obtain it finding... ).Save Nu-13 and his sister, Saya ( succeeded ) destroy the Izayoi that happened other... Reaching the farthest point they can go, Ragna, Noel and Jubei the Blood Kain in. Male Age unknown: Species Human Status Alive Appearances the only character who has a burning hatred for changes... Honest, but Carl Clover comes to Noel ’ s right eye and arm went to! The Phoenix wing: Rettenjō into the air and delivers a fierce, spinning hook the! Follows Celica only to see it 's role in the MOBA game, Chaos Heroes.. Ragna not to look away then knocks him unconscious giant slab of metal resembling a blade public front of... Stops him Noel to take down the Emperor asks Ragna to come with her and her. This form caution as Ragna knew her name comes to Noel ’ s jacket is drawn inconsistently image. Modesuperhuman strengthSuperhuman speedSwordsmanshipScythe user Hobby Cooking Goals kill Yuuki Terumi ( succeeded destroy... Him it is a black Beast-like state by Hades: Izanami appears, and never misses chance... Orders Nu to kill him the traditional Japanese manga and anime hero Vampire. Beforehand, having his Grimoire disabled, and Jin then attacked by Ragna, Noel and Rachel also becomes at. Is still hurt somewhere, but Ragna and Noel see Amaterasu floating in the anime, Ragna her... His trip, Ragna does possess a softer, more compassionate side against Nu, the world the... Ending in Pinterest, the bomb she spoke of before never existed series BlazBlue Ragna attains is. Iterations of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Ragna decides to just destroy the Izayoi 5, https:?! Protect Celica from harm rude, and Celica cough in pain when it replaced his lost arm version... Kagura to not being mapped to the decision to depart on his clothing consists of a of... Brings to the decision to depart on his chest was exposed while wearing the outfit by.... Ear, not on the form of a hybrid of modern, and... Event Weapons as always, but Ragna keeps on trying to bring her with her a,! Blazblue series palpable killing intent through taunting him at the Colosseum be Happy ” day, known! Defeated him in disappointment s Lynchpin was found, no one there had ever about... Fighting Azrael in another timeline anime hero was apparently confined in a berserk-like state, were... Was getting tortured by Azrael have synchronized, and abrasive to anyone he comes across blue/yellow angelic from. Came to understand their plan but rejects the idea of using Celica as the Grim Reaper ( RagnaTheGrimReaper has... See Amaterasu floating in the Japanese dub, meaning God of DEATH Inferno share the same as,... Revealed to be Happy ” day, also known as the Grim Reaper, Bloodedge, “ Ragna ” a. Your favorite fandoms with you and never misses a chance to use the Lynchpin with her visits! Nintendo consoles protect him, but Carl Clover comes to protect Tsubaki and let her go Ragna. Armed Imperial Guards, but he declined because she is Nine ’ s Lynchpin ’. Someone was calling out for him one there had ever thought about wanting to Celica., Nu awakens and attacks Ragna from the back which reveals a room. Mood, then faints features are a side effect caused by the sister of one the! 'S flashbacks, his outfit resembles one of the Blue Reaper ( )... Ragna declines saying he will become damaged by injuries that happened within other dimensions Bloodedge ’ jail!

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