Close. Chew food at least 20 times per bite for maximum digestive benefit to break down food completely. And I wonder if she checked this link for this. I know this for a fact! So far I havent had any one talk to me regarding this. No deep story, just absolutely hate people who do that. :( Anyone have a clue as to why this is going on? So the rhyme and reason of all this is people who eat with their mouth closed and chew slowly are giving themselves the treat of more flavor from their food. We certainly can't speak for everyone, but we're pretty sure your parents told you at least once to please chew with your mouth closed, and we'd prefer to not have to pick up the responsibility where they left off. My answer would be the same as Garrick Saito’s answer. Telling your child why we chew with our mouths closed and setting expectations that everyone at the dinner table will chew with their mouths closed makes it easier for children to want to follow the new rule. Something is loading. It must echo in there haha. My 7 year old son also needs occasional reminders. This one made me laugh! I DO NOT eat with my mouth open. I was sitting with my dad, and e chews so LOUD! He's not too young at all! Why do some people chew so loudly? It's not about embarrassing them (which is why it's usually verboten to correct other adults' manners), it's about helping out a friend. R. Rad-Member. No one intentionally chew loudly unless it is to make a mukbang video or a crunchy sound for potato chips commercial. When I eat normally (at least normally for me) I really don't move my tongue around very much or move my teeth very far apart. Or…if you are slurping on noodles, slurp them slowly and not too fast. Like I said in another comment, my sister occasionally comments that I chew loudly, but it doesn’t seem to happen regularly (and she has misophonia, albeit to another sound, so who knows what someone else would say about my chewing) and I myself have never met anyone who chewed with their mouth closed but whom I considered loud anyway. His eating is so loud even though his mouth is closed so I've had to start listening to anything with headphones to drown him out. Thanks OP. and when some ppl eat their food, you can hear every smack and chew that they make. Aug 9, 2006 19,685 0 1,215. I. Incitemaybe … LOL Anyway I was able to get my video camera set up with an IR light and I'm most definitely snoring with my mouth closed. and then you have the ones that dont even act like they are trying to be so loud w/ their gum. For instance, when I'm eating something crunchy, I've been told it can be heard even from the other room. And when you are hungry or a fast eater, you don't stop chewing when you open your mouth to get another bite. When I tried to make as much noise as possible (with my mouth closed) I moved my tongue all over the place and could make all sorts of sloppy wet sounds--even with no food in my mouth. it somewhat is an interest getter. It is just how they eat. This habit was changed by my colleague and I am sharing what she did which really worked. My husband gets irritated at me because for some reason, I chew loud even tho my mouth is closed. There is lots of info at the Misophonia Institute website. I don't understand, but what I do know is that I avoid eating in public because of this. Focusing on the number of bites helps you slow down on eating and makes you more aware of any noises made while chewing. Jan 31, 2009 15,330 0 680. S. Somnid Member. My husband NEVER learned to chew with his mouth closed, but he does now so that I can get through a meal without wanting to vomit! March 30, 2016 Tom Dozier Log in to Reply. NWADC9. His mouth is closed, but he chews louder than me, and we are eating the same thing. This content is for informational purposes only. Yup. My husband politely asked her to chew with her mouth closed. My bf is exactly like this and it's maddening. Whenever I hear that sound of open mouth chewing, or even just loud mouth sounds while someone's eating, I get immensely grossed out. Misophonia, a disorder which means sufferers have a hatred of sounds such as eating, chewing, loud breathing or even repeated pen-clicking, was first named as a condition in 2001. i assume that your kin are teasing you as properly as being gross.some adults have not been taught good so they consume like hogs. Why do some people chew so loudly even with their mouths closed? Posted by 3 years ago. Just that 1 second when they open their mouth for another bite but also don't stop chewing. Posts: 3955; Joined: Tue Jun 01, 2004 12:33 am; USER_STATUS: OFF_LINE; RE: Why Do People Chew With Their Mouth … USER_MINI_PROFILE. Teach them the proper technique and make sure they know exactly what to do. I obviously haven’t told her this. She’s done it my whole life and I don’t get it. it makes me sick. Your jaws can do the work inside and move like it is supposed to, but your mouth can stay shut. Some reported benefits of chewing gum even include reduced stress levels and fewer cavities. references. Some people just eat with their mouths open, but its usually this when you hear someone eat. I do chew with my mouth closed, but I tend to do it quietly. I tried to record with my iphone and play it in my headphone, its not as bad as I think, but the volume control level can throw my test results off. But for the sake of my hostess I shall say my multiplication tables. Keep your mouth closed as you chew each food portion; this means no talking or taking a sip of a beverage while food is in your mouth. If there are other people around, do this on the sly, not loudly and in front of everyone, obviously. 14. Even if my sinuses are all clogged up, I REFUSE to chew with my mouth open! Ive been really self conscious lately, as I don't want to disturb other people when they are eating, but im running out of ideas. Jan 17, 2016 #21 Never in my life have I seen/heard someone chew loudly with their mouth closed. It's disgusting, unhygienic, and downright rude. I do bite with my mouth close yet little young ones like to open their mouths whilst they're eating to make others balk. I was taught as a child not to, and have always eaten with my mouth closed since I can remember. Most snoring I read about is with the mouth open. Ohhh closed mouth? You have misophonia. I get paid to convert dead dino juice into noise. Jan 17, 2016 #20 Isn't this just a symptom ADHD? My Mom is the only one who has ever really complained about this, but I still feel that maybe I should do something about it. I used to eat with my mouth opened. Show your child how it is done by taking small bites and slowly putting each bite in your mouth. Also I was snoring while lying on my stomach and head to turned to the side, which seems even stranger as it wasn't on my back. Archived. Twice one are two, twice two are four–’ and she continued on through the tables, making him alternate them with her. It’s not like chips and crunching but like a slimy sound. I don’t want to post a link or it will likely be blocked. I feel like I’m in a parallel universe. This can certainly be a cultural phenomenon, maybe it wasn't important where you grew up. Obsessive gum chewing can even be the sign of an eating disorder. Many people chew gum as a harmless habit or to keep their breath fresh. Yet, even though my mouth is closed, I still seem to chew really loudly. He says he can hear me chewing from another room and it's even worse when foods are crunchy, but he can hear me chewing soft foods even! It sucks to not breathe while having a cold and eating, but I live with it. Thats cool then . First of all, don't tell it loudly and in front of everybody else because this might make that person feel hatred for you. It appears that I'm so talented I can snore with my mouth closed. Now this article is going to make me more paranoid. its disgusting. Im a loud chewer I don’t know why and I try chewing with my mouth closed but it’s still loud. Sweet. A person who chews with their mouth open, or even partially open, is not allowing much of the air from within your mouth to be pushed up into their nasal area and are weakening the smell created to build taste. In my case no. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. "I'm sure you don't realize it, but you're chewing with your mouth open" is a good start. I hate people who chew loudly / with their mouth open. So I've decided to figure out why it happens and how I can stop. I always chew with my mouth closed, yet I still make loud noises. I always chew with my mouth closed and will even try to chew slowly and carefully but friends and family tell me that I can sometimes be heard chewing from another room. My 4 year old daughter has been able to understand this for a couple of years, and now all I need to do is tap my mouth to remind her. I dont hear other people chewing their food sound. My mom is one of those people that even tho she chews with her mouth closed, you can still hear it very clearly and the sound seriously grosses me out. Chew with your mouth closed. i totally understand eating in the library but could people do it with their mouths closed... i am trying to study for finals and these ppl chew with their mouths wide open and it makes me so mad >:( can you please just eat with your mouth closed so that i cannot hear it. I had to repeatedly be told to chew with my mouth closed because I chewed rather loudly. And that is when you hear a smack or loud chew. some ppl chew and you can see their whole set of teeth almost. I don't chew loud on purpose and he knows that, but it still gets on his nerves. why cant ppl chew with their mouths closed? But chewing gum can also cause jaw and digestive issues. okay why do people chew so loudly in the library. But STILL I can hear myself. And, yes, I chew with my mouth closed. She told us it was custom in China to do so. I hate people who chew loudly / with their mouth open. Why do I make loud noises while eating even though I always chew with my mouth closed? Im going to chew loudly with my mouth open now and tell everyone its their problem. We can absolutely sympathize with that. Even with implants, I do not notice unless I am eating nuts or ice. We, too have a Chinese exchange student living with us and the exact same thing happened to us! We tried to watch a movie the other week but he kept shoving jujubes in his face and it was so loud I couldn't concentrate on what we were watching.

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