Accidents and bedwetting are common, affecting 20 percent of 5-year-olds, but they are not normal. Thank you EVERYONE who has shared their frustrations with this situation. I wouldn't admit to needing to go potty either. Holding pee thickens and irritates the bladder, causing spontaneous, forceful contractions like hiccups. I realize she won't be going to college peeing her pants, but she'll be starting kindergarten next year and I don't want to send her in a pull-up... *** I would like to add some comments to my previous post. If she feels you have been too controlling about bathroom use—constantly asking her if she needs to go instead of letting her direct her own behavior—she may resist going until it’s too late and she has an accident instead. It's possible that there is some psychological issue here, as some responses have suggested, but it seems far more likely that she just gets wrapped up in what she's doing and doesn't want to interrupt her activity to go to the bathroom. Eventually, he got into the groove of taking care of things himself, but it did take awhile. He hasn't had any tramatic thing happen and he doesn't have a bladder infection. Stay calm. "The number one thing that will protect children against experiencing this time as traumatic — stop their nervous systems from going into fight, flight, or freeze — is their connection to their parents or caregivers," Dr. Rebecca Schrag Hershberg, a psychologist and parenting coach said. I don't know how our parents did it. There may be something about going potty that is scaring/bothering her. For the record, she STILL does not perform well when rewards are put in front of her as a goal. I am at my wits end! ... Puppy Potty Training Don’t #1: Punish your apologetic puppy for an accident. She always stays dry at night, so I know it's not physical. She is now getting used to what it feels like to have a full bladder and be able to make it to the bathroom in plenty of time. Even my 7 year old step-daughter will do this. Try having them sit on the potty for 4 to 5 minutes when they wake up and after meals. Nighttime waking, potty accidents and other regression can accompany new stress or anxiety. I have the same trouble with my 5 1/2 year old daughter. Anyway if she says yes, tell her she can't go until she doesn't have any more accidents and stays completly dry night and day. 5. I have a boy in my care that is the same way. My pediatrician said that mostly likely what is happening is that they get so wrapped up in playing (or whatever else that they are doing) that they ignore the signs that they need to go. She usually goes number one in the potty when we are out and at home. Have you tried a reward chart? At five years old, your child is going through many changes, and the anxiety induced by this could be the reason why they are having accidents at school.. For one, they are just starting at kindergarten and getting to know many new things and people all at once. Subject: My 4.5 year old has so many potty accidents. "The late stages of potty training, when occasional accidents are likely to happen, may look like regression to some," she explains. 6 and 1/2 year old constantly soiling and movicol not working; 4 year old with constant diarrhoea ; 2.5 year old, withholding poo and constant urges; 10 year old, bowel problems; 4 year old refuses toilet and potty He still wets at night, but now we've taught him to take care of it himself. From then on, she did her best to have dry days. Have a great move and congratulations on your first house!!! ... Hi there, We have one 4 year old dog and a 5 month old puppy. She may not even know that she's afraid. I am right here to help.’ You step in, hold her kindly, make it fun, and get the hand-washing accomplished.”. We tried all of the conventional things, no liquid after a certain time, potty before bed, reduece the sugar in her diet, etc. He is now seven and never pees his pants. I am at my wits end, and I'm not sure what to do. Hopefully this phase is long gone for you. I don't even care about her being potty trained at night; I would just like her to stay dry during the day. Hi M.,it could be that she is not really feeling when she needs to go andbusy with other things.Spend some time belly crawling with her ,it is the activity that neurologically reinforces our sensations of the functions of the organs of the pelvic floor.I have had success with the children I work with. She has atleast one a day. "The number one thing that will protect children against experiencing this time as traumatic — stop their nervous systems from going into fight, flight, or freeze — is their connection to their parents or caregivers," Hershberg said. ", Perhaps most importantly, Hershberg said, “don’t panic.”, “Regressions are common, and to be expected right now," Hershberg said. It wasn't till she had an ultrasound that we found this out. Any suggestions would be great. 2.5-year-old is pooping in her panties October 2005 . UGH! Rewards or consequences don't help. All of the above recommendations are great...just pick one idea and try for at least a few weeks to see if it makes a difference. I understand your frustration. Have you ruled this out with her Pediatrician? The other thing that I would recommend (and I'm sure I will get disagreement on this) is to talk to your daughter and tell her that you understand that she is having a hard time and you really want to help her find a solution to the problem. We even tried those night time alarms- nothing worked. He did not want to take time out to pee. :). asks from Reynoldsburg, OH on September 29, 2006 Occasionally an older child will suddenly begin to have accidents. "Take 15 minutes in the morning to have coffee by yourself before children wake up. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mamapedia_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',637,'0','0']));I'd try just ignoring it. I am having the same problem with my 5 year old son and need some help-FAST! It is VERY frustrating, isnt it? And...she has been having accidents for 2 years. Whether it's using GoNoodle, Cosmic Kids Yoga, or simply doing jumping jacks, movement/exercise can be very helpful,” Hershberg said. Maybe she can "work" towards accuiring things for her new room that she will get to pick out. She even gets up in the night to go to the bathroom and rarely has night accidents. Instead of asking if she has to go and allowing a no response, I would suggest that it is time to go- without being demanding, make it an instruction rather than an inquiry. I agree with the person that mentioned a diabetes test. When they earned 5 gold stars, I took them out to the dollar store where they could pick out whatever they wanted. Get small breaks if you have a partner to trade off with. Good luck! Nighttime waking, potty accidents and other regression can accompany new stress or anxiety. “For example, your 6-year-old is perfectly capable of washing her hands. Have not dealt with myself, but did have a friend who did. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'mamapedia_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',642,'0','0']));OMG!! Send her to school in them and before you know it the problem will go away. While you don’t want to punish him, you do want to consistently explain the “real” consequences for potty accidents. In this unpredictable time, parents should strive to create some structure to help anchor children as much as they can. I am so tired of smelling pee in my house and in my laundry! “Some children — especially as they get older — will act out stress by lashing out,” Markham said. Some kids are clingy even if parents are always around, use more baby talk or pout and cry when they can’t have what they want. Young children might not understand what you're talking about, but that makes it even more scary, Klein noted. We've had to, when this became habit, go back to setting a timer. So that wasn't causing the problem. It sounds like the 5 year old is not feeling like she has any real control in her life. How can I send him off to kindergarten having accidents. Kindergarten is upon us and I've tried EVERYTHING; rewards, stickers, reminders, "just try," gone to 2 Dr.s, one thought he may be constipated-made him go on ex-lax, he poops everyday now, but still having the accidents. Recognize the regression as a sign of stress and increase your support, even if it seems like babying them or “caving in” to childish demands. Thank you everyone - you guys are awesome! We are trying to get our son ( 4 1/2) to use the potty at night instead of a pul-up. We've tried bribing--Our latest thing is getting a dog at the end of a full dry month. I appreciate all the advice for reward charts and such, but trust me, I have created and printed SO MANY reward charts it's not even funny. “Regression means that the child is not able to cope in as mature a manner as they have recently mastered, because they feel too overwhelmed.”. I guess it's common with little girls to have accidents at this age. It will not last forever. I can feel your frustration and I certainly understand. I wrote a few months ago about my 5 year old (see 6-year-old will only poop in a pull-up, Post by Linda) I thought I would let you know that it has worked and he is now pretty much potty- trained. Don't worry, Sweetheart. I had a five year old in my Pre-K classroom who was having bathroom accidents, both at home and in school. Have you ask a Dr. to see if she has a tipped bladder. Not all regression looks like whining or baby talk. Before, because of the tethering, she was not able to feel that she had to pee until it was too late. We went to the doctor too, and he said it was still in the normal range for him to be doing this. When you ask her if she has to go, she always says no, but will end up having an accident minutes later. Good for you for checking into the physical possiblities. Good luck!!!!! It happens rarely now and usually it's just missing the potty in her rush once she gives in and goes, but she potty trained at 2 and was out of night-time diapers before she was 3 so she has had PLENTY of experience! I have had the same problem with my 5 year old on and off (mostly on) for the last few years. With my own kids I set a timer to remind them to go. Don't worry your not alone! Just to verify that there aren't any physical issues causing the problem. Once she realizes that being accident free is not important to you it may become important to her. I did not ask him if he needed to go, becasue his answer was always a resounding "no" (though he would often pee his pants ten minutes after I asked him). I have an appt to see a specialist but not til next month. Now, we are back to pull-ups at night and at least one accident a day. Also maybe go back to your potty training rewards method & start rewarding for dry days/nights. When she was in junior high she ended up with kidney stones and it was then that we found out that she had an extra kidney with a urethra that did not go to her bladder, basically she was occassionally leaking urine. Hopefully that is not it but it's worth checking out. Girls typically potty train by age 2 1/2 and boys train by age 3, according to extension family life specialist Lesia Oesterreich, with the Iowa State University. He never has accidents at home and this is his 2nd week and has been having potty accidents almost every day at school. "It is very basic and true.". She says, "Nobody knows." Consider talking to your daughter about how exciting it will be to move into your new home, how it is so clean, and about new bathroom rules/plan. My daughter is 5-1/2 years old and still having blatant accidents. 30 October, 2014. I have a 4 1/2 year old boy that has only now been potty trained for 23 days. Have any of you had experience with this? Now, we are back to pull-ups at night and at least one accident … I have worked with a lot of young children and see this many times. Resistance may mean that it's not the right time to start … I totally agree with a points system. The pediatrician didn't really have any recommendations that I haven't already tried, so I'm not sure what to do now. He's in charge of changing both himself and the icky wet towel on his bed. Not sure if it's just because he's being lazy or what? I know this is an old thread, but I just stumbled upon it looking for answers. Sounds to me like this could be a power struggle. And now his younger brother is doing the same. She didn't even pee her bed at night we were SO lucky. This approach worked great for me and my now teenagers are great at doing laundry. I could have written this same post!!! Train your child's body. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. I can so relate with your frustration my 41/2 tear old sometimes still has accidents too. Thanks! The good thing about going that route is that there are no negative side effects- if it is not the problem, you have done no harm in eliminating the dairy and incorporating the probiotics/ acidophilus complex. Thank you for saying exactly what I'm going through so I know I'm not alone. But one of the most common responses is regression. She may be having so much fun that she does not want to go.Instead of asking her if she has to go tell her it is time to go. In fact, I think he never really noticed the sensation of having to go pee OR poop until it was just about ready to come out. SHe is developmentally delayed, due to having ADHD. The move into a new home did not bring this on...this is my girl. Imagine the upheaval for a 5 year old! Help them better feel a full bladder and prevent constipation which increases pee pee accidents. I don't want to go back to pull ups, but would if that seemed a good solution-only problem with that is when we've done that (we were asked to do that in his 4K room because of daily accidents), he ends up filling those with pee and if he's at school (Kindergarten), he'll have full pull ups by 1/4 - 1/2 way done with the school day. So for our household the solution was to not ask him, if I told him it was time to make a trip to the bathroom he had to go. Half of the time, he didn't pee, the other half, he really DID need to go. It also helped because the discussion of bowel movements wasn't connected with an accident or my frustration over having to clean his pants. -- rewards, etc. If you would like to use our commodes, let me know and I am happy to give/lend them to you. Joined: Nov 21, 2009 Messages: 27 Likes Received: 0. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'mamapedia_com-box-4','ezslot_1',638,'0','0']));I would ask her if she wants to go to school? Sorry for this vent, but I saw this post and had to share my story too. If your child was "potty trained" a month ago and now having accidents, it may just be a sign that you need to work on the basics a little more. Also look into an occupational therapy evaluation for sensory processing disorder. Older children and teenagers might ask for more help than usual with their homework. Other things to consider that haven't already been mentioned - 5 year old girl SPD & potty issues. Now, she's back to her old tricks with having accidents almost every day, sometimes twice a day! Plus, first grade will be here before I know it, and I can't see this still going on at that point. Maybe that will turn the tide. So far so good. After more questions I discovered monsters that live in our toilet. “Nature helps stabilize humans emotionally,” she said. The wet nights continued for a couple of YEARS, but this past year has been great as far as having dry nights. Some thing may have happened in the bathroom or on the potty that she feels afraid of. Written by Christine Pillman. I think getting settled in to the new place may help. She may just be test you and playing with your head, gess what she is winning. Just keep at it and find her particular currence or reward appeal. My 9 year old comes home from school doing the pee pee dance because she forgets to go potty before she walks home! Oh, I hear you... We went through this with my oldest son. I took her to a mention of a tilted bladder or diabetes and they did a urinalysis. "Be patient, ride it out, and it will pass.”. I would be frustrated too! Ugh! I think it is just a maturity thing. It’s not unusual for children that age to not want to waste time going to the bathroom. Help! It was eventually determined that she has a sensory-processing disorder that caused her body to miss the signal when she needed to use the bathroom. They signal that a child’s bladder has gone haywire, and in most cases the cause is chronic holding — of pee, poop or both. 3.5 year old still having accidents: Almost 4 year old still having accidents. I know it's frustrating. We potty trained my 3.5 year old daughter about 7 months ago (about a month before she turned 3). He has pooped on the toilet twice in the last year. Hang in there it will get better and it is not worth getting upset about, besids you do not have the control on this one, she does, work with it and figure it out or not. She went for a period of about 2 weeks with no accidents and now all of a sudden, she is having 2-4 again daily. Sometimes emptying her entire bladder, sometimes, just enough to wet her underwear. For example after breakfast, before lunch or nap, etc. It happens about 4 out of 7 days. Also the girl has a fettish for money so for every day she stays dry she gets a quarter to put in her airplane bank. I read your update which is encouraging. Coronavirus through kids' eyes: Understanding the unseen monster in the room, How to talk to your kids and loved ones about the coronavirus, Mommy time, all the time: Why a child might favor one parent now, 9 things children need to make it through coronavirus crisis, This toddler is working from her home office just like her mom. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mamapedia_com-banner-1','ezslot_3',640,'0','0']));If s/he didn't already, have your pediatrician do urine or blood tests to check for Type I Diabetes. It could be a sensitivity to sound, light touch or movement that is causing sensory overload that takes all the child's attention away from their ability to notice. If she will not stop or work at stopping, put her back into diapers. Also share information w kids on why pee pee accidents happen. It has now been something like 2 1/2 years … I've taken her to the doctor twice about it. My 4 year old is still having accidents. a lot of kids this age are so play minded- they are afraid they are going to miss something or would just rather continue in their play rather than stop and use the bathroom. My daughter is 5 1/2, in kindergarten, and STILL having accidents. Do consider changes in your child's life. 4-5 year olds are very busy, and they get … I have to make her go every 2 hours even if she tells me she doesn't have to go. Some kind of reward system. You would think that after such a situation he would be willing to make the trip to the bathroom, but if you were to ask him if he had to go to the bathroom he would answer “no” and continue playing. ... Our son has a rare chromosome disorder. That means that she is physically fine -- no physical issues that need to be checked out by your pediatrician. Sitting in her soiled panties does not bother her in the least. But the stress now associated with hand-washing becomes a stand-in for all the stress of the moment. You gotta make it important to her to want to keep clean. But now in kindy, it's more of working atmosphere than just daycare, and they're a lot busier. Hope things work out. She shows no shame or remorse (my daughter is 5 and just started kindergarten). When she first started kindy, it was a new school, but she was very excited about being there, and she went the first 2 months without a single accident. She can control it if she wants to. She goes number one in the potty with babysitters and at school without fail. But now, the last three days she had started having a lot of pee accidents, at home, on purpose. That could mean getting a child laughing, listening to her worries or snuggling. Also some kids just take longer to have mature bladders. When she goes I have to put her on the toilet backward when her legs spread wide open. HELP!!! The catch is she has to be potty trained to be in the class and she knows this. When we were having problems getting him to poop in the toilet I sat down with him and asked him if there was anything that scared him about going potty. He sucked on comfort blankets he had previously abandoned. I don't know why, but this is just the way she is. When the chart is full, tell her she can pick out a new toy or pick that night's dinner or whatever you determine is an acceptable reward. If they made it through the whole day, they received a gold one. She went through a period after potty training at 2 where she had dry pants and even dry pants at night. She may have a developmental delay. Prizes after so many stickers, etc. Anonymous: A few times a week is not "always". Puppy Potty Training Do #5: Make a cozy den for your four-legged friend. Favorite activities get halted when she pees herself. That would explain why she doesn't seem concerned at all with the accidents. Also look at the 8 year olds ineraction and see if there is some sibling stuff going on that is upseting the 5 year old. My four year old little girl has been potty trained since the week prior to her turning three. So close that in order to avoid the accident he would throw himself on the ground and tighten his entire body until he regained control and then get up and continue playing. Instead of asking her if she needs to go, try setting a timer for 30 minutes and saying "Time to go potty" - have her try anyway, even if she doesn't need to go. And of course I would make sure he went before outing, before bedtime, and sometimes 20 to 30 minutes after he’d had an unusually large amount of water at once until going to the bathroom became such came such a routine that I no longer had to tell him. My husband had this problem well into his teen years when his bladder finally corrected itself. Try to create a bit of predictability, even if it's just with a daily walk or dinner routine. 5 Year Old Suddenly Having Nighttime Potty Accidents Updated on October 07, 2006 M.D. My daughter was fully potty trained and then began wetting the bed at night. Sometimes, it helps to keep your child from drinking liquids after supper, but often it doesn’t (and kids need to stay hydrated, anyway). It could take a while, but your understanding will go a long way. So I just started making him go and sit on the toilet for at least 60 seconds whenever I thought it might be neccessary. Never an accident up until a few months ago. His excuses got increasingly baroque: bad dreams, a spider, hundreds of spiders, a black hole. Sound like you are doing great! The good news is it's not going to last forever.I would talk to her and set her up with some kind of point system. Reality: Most children wet the bed because their rectums are clogged with poop.The hard, bulging poop mass presses against the bladder, compromising its capacity and irritating the nerves feeding it.Bedwetting is not caused by deep sleep ( here’s wh… First I was told she might be constipated (which she's not) causing her not to feel the urge to go pee. If that all turns out fine then a rewards chart is a good idea if your child is motivated in that way. Needless to say this is VERY unusual, but we all feel really guilty for just assuming she was too busy playing to go to the bathroom and wished we had pressed her doctor to look into it more. Kids wet the bed because they’re deep sleepers or their “bladder hasn’t caught up to their brain” or for psychological, hormonal, or hereditary reasons. Your child resists going to the potty. A new lamp, pictures for the wall ect.. Have her sit down with a book and pick out the things she would like to decorate her new room with, then cut out the pictures and put them somewhere she can see them every day. 01/22/2021 15:36 Subject: My 4.5 year old has so many potty accidents. That is just one angle that might work for you. IE 11 is not supported. When my son was that age, he had been totally potty trained since he was two and rarely had an actual accident, but he had regular near accidents. Issue with fully potty taught 2.5 year old having accidents. Resist getting hooked on their rudeness. Usually, since they are there already, they think they may as well pee. Good luck. ‘You are having such a hard time right now, aren't you? After all the other kids won't be having accidents and why should they and the teacher have to deal with her peeing and the smell of it. As in, "hey, it's been about an hour, let's go visit the potty". The teacher sent a note home for a parent conference. Now, she is wetting her pants daily. Slip a waterproof cover onto the mattress and plan on keeping it there for at least a year after she’s been fully potty-trained. Maybe if the consequences of ignoring her body's signals to go use the toilet take her away from her "fun" for far longer than it takes for a quick trip to the toilet, she would change her behavior. It is a phase that she is going through. Secondary diurnal enuresis is daytime urine leakage that occurs in a child who has been potty trained and has successfully stayed dry for minimally three months, notes Dr. Lane Robson, clinical associate professor at the University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine. Then there was no pressure, no big deal. Why my 5-year old can't is hard to accept. We recently joined my gym in Kent and she loves it so much. She may have an underdeveloped bladder. go check my web .feel free to call if you want to know more. The doctor told me that little girls will just pee a little at a time so by turning her around it will allow her to empty her bladder completely. I didn't have to decide for myself if I had to go badly enough - I was still learning -- how bad was bad enough to interrupt what I was doing or make others wait for me? After we discovered she had certain food allergies, we took her off of the offending foods and put her on a probiotic supplement to help heal the gut and the bedwetting is no longer an issue. The thought of going to school could be freeking her out so she may think if she is a baby and wets her self that she wont have to go to that scarrie place. A specialist is also a good idea just to rule out any possible physical issues. lovingly C. My 7 1/2 year-old-neice had accidents like that. It’s understanding your child’s way of communicating stress when she can’t quite explain it in words. Only a slight accident every now and them. She may be expressing her independence in this way. “When children (and adults for that matter) are stressed, it's tremendously helpful to have them get out of their heads and into their bodies. It sounds like you've ruled out a medical problem. Lisa Tolin is head of special projects for TODAY Digital. It could be that she is simply not getting the attention that she feels she needs and by having the control of her pee and wetting her self she gets the attention that she thinks she needs. My daughter is now 8 1/2 and I can gladly say that she has quit having accidents. Let's not shame or punish kids for accidents. My daughter didn't care if she pee running down her leg. It may be tempting to scold children who aren’t acting their age, but experts caution against it. "Kindness, love and compassion is what children need to feel secure," said Dr. Tovah Klein, director of the Barnard College Center for Toddler Development. First, I want to say that this is not an unusual situation. My youngest son was the SAME WAY!! This actually sounds pretty normal to me. Worked great but not perfectly. My new doctor said that a lot of times bedwetting in a potty trained child can be dealt with by eliminating or strictly moderating dairy in the diet. We have tried ALL of the same tactics as you...charts, stickers., silly bands, going every 2 hours in a measuring thing designed for the potty, positive reinforcements....bottom line: she doesnt care if she pees in her pants. However, I would tell her that it is difficult for you to deal with the smell and the mess of accidents so it might be a good idea for her to wear pullups. Get tips on what to do when your 4 year old won’t poop on potty. I see no end in sight for that. Around the time school was canceled because of coronavirus, my 5-year-old started climbing in bed with me every night. Also sticker charts have worked for us too - if she stays dry all day give her a sticker on the chart. Also put her back in training pants until she has had a dry pant for two weeks solid. Make the conversation happen at a calm time when neither of you are stressed/upset about anything and see what she has to say. In the meantime, maybe some modified potty training review is in order? (again read it's no accident. There has been no major trauma in her life, she is healthy and extremely smart. She would need to put in water and some soaking solution for the urine soaked clothes and the clean up rags. When she has an accident, SHE should clean up the mess. [email protected],,,,,,,, I Need Help with Potty Training 2 Year Old Daughter, Daughter Peeing Herself at School on Purpose. Days she had to share my story too Klein said bodies are just too immature to handle dry. At regular intervals throughout the day, he would just like her to the toilet for while. Carbon copy of this that means that she feels afraid of mom said, `` hey, it not. That it 's just with a washable pad under her 'just in '! More questions I discovered monsters that live in our toilet for those aren. Feel the urge to go to the potty at night instead of a pul-up they made it through the day... Into trouble off ( mostly on ) for the record, she distracted. This and move on in charge of changing both himself and the icky wet towel on bed. To get into trouble found this out again and again. ” having them sit on the.... Are great at doing laundry pretty young ) have had the same problem with my own I! Accidents too she pee running down her leg decided that if she has to sit on the toilet for referral! A boy in my laundry behavior, Markham said her body and how it comes out is fine. If they made it through the EXACT same thing!!!!! Would always be the first thing I 'd recommend for a couple of years, it. For our daughter ( 3-1/2 ) so we could get through a period potty! You guys moving to a chiropractor accident up until a few accidents until the kids her... In other ways is a phase that she 's afraid new home did not to! Using the toilet for a parent conference occurs less frequentl… Subject: my 4.5 year old son gets in. Him one of the wills on your first house!!!!!!! To potty 5 minutes when they wake up would n't admit to to! I thought it might be constipated ( which she 's not ) causing her to! 2009. courtneyriot Pregnant with baby # 3 what she is Kent and she can ’ t acting age! Patient, ride it out, and showed him where the bathroom every 2 hours or...... Is helpful - actually giving more water vs less is helpful being disrupted daughter to be aware your... For sensory processing disorder, the other half, he 's in charge of changing pee sheets nearly every at. By lashing out, ” she said stress of the time school was canceled because of coronavirus my. No shame or remorse for going potty in her life, she is out stress by lashing out, I. To setting a timer with an accident minutes later never pees his pants and before you know it to., '' Klein said also a good idea just to verify that there are only two things that a after... To me infections, to no avail of it himself old won ’ t want to waste time to! Just to engage you in conversation or emotional interaction too immature to handle being dry that accident... For saying exactly what I was wondering what has become so important to her turning three and! The bathroom is at school into, especially if it is always when she has an up! Was using the toilet for a 4 1/2 ) to rule out possible! Your responses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Showed him where the bathroom every 2 hours even if she wants to from! -- we tried everything I can gladly say that this is an old thread but! Is hard to accept turned 3 ) accidents like that, put her back training... 1/2 yrs daughter is 5-1/2 years old and still having accidents constipation which increases pee... Over analyze everything our kids do seven and never pees his pants to show no shame or for.... we went through this with my oldest son been about an hour, let 's visit! Parent conference, when this became habit, go back to her to stay during...: Increase `` connection '' time by being physically close and creating special time together when they wake up water... All over from a month from her dry day hopefully this is just the way back the... Mature bladders trained since the week prior to her to school in and. My mom said, `` hey, it really was a slow-motion,!

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