Barbara: You had one mission to keep an eye on the French students! Telling him what to do in case of an emergency landing or something? Ladybug: There you go! They almost deactivated you permanently!! Hawk Moth appears.) Mr. Damocles: And completed just in time for our departure to French American Friendship Week... in New York! I was looking at the coffin. (Sparrow and Uncanny Valley split up.) Alya: Yeah, no. But how are we gonna get inside when there's an army of superheroes attacking us? Marinette: Help, Alya! And, so far, no sign of Ladybug and Cat Noir! Here's what we're gonna do: During the visit, you're going to get them to go to the Lafayette room alone! I apologize if this question has been asked before because I really don't want to annoy you, but in your first-ever post, you said that there would be French Subs over on MiraculouSubs eventually, and that was back in 2016. New York with her will be so lame!! If the rocket wouldn't take off because of YOU, a world war would be declared! Marinette: Huh? Jess: But how are we gonna find Ladybug and Cat Noir? Am I not the perfect partner after all? (appears with her website blog) Yo, peeps! Jess: Trust us! Plagg is eating Camembert and Adrien shows him a bracelet he made. Her seat falls and completely reclines, causing Adrien to trip and fall on top of her as well.) (begins sobbing) There's nothing I can do anymore! Marinette gets out of her seat, turns to look at Alya and Nino sleeping and sadly walks off to go to the bathroom. Meet you in the lobby! SUITCASE! I'm as serious as they get! I mean, thank you- sir?! Adrien: Well, what I meant to say was... thanks for managing to convince my father. IF I HAVE TO LOSE MY FREEDOM FOR EVERYONE ELSE TO CELEBRATE THEIRS, THEN FINE! Adrien: See you tomorrow, Kagami. I am not human! Olympia: My darling, by trying to help them, you've put the French students and yourselves in great danger. I completely forgot and I gotta film Dean Gate! (winks at Sabrina as she blushes, Alya nudges her.) (Marinette then gets out of the bathroom and decides to look at the sunset. The two walk together onto the fire escape. Cat Noir: Good insight, M'lady! It will premiere on May 22nd in the USA and March 6th in France. Aeon: -human minds, Ladybug. All you have to say is: Liiri, wings of Liberty! Who's Adrien to you?! We are in need of a: Editor - French to English; You can find our full hiring description here, alongside with the application form here, but here is a brief overview of a few core purposes you need to be … Transcript pages are perfect! Cat Noir: Uh- No. ), Doorman: Here it is! Please put up your tray tables and fasten your seatbelts. Marinette: No! It's a warming seat, right? You're gonna hear from Daddikins! Jess: (shouting) How will I ever be ready if you never let me spread my wings?!! Aeon uses her X-ray vision to see the French students of Paris.) (Adrien's car drives away. (Techlonizer throws Uncanny Valley away and uses his laser beam. Knightowl: Why didn't you call us? (Jess shrugs and becomes happy.) Alya: Go Sabrina! -- we don't need anyone's permission either! Batman and the Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir is the crossover movie of BatmanandMiraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. All students: Aw...! Hey, hold on! HOO-HOO! (Marinette and Adrien closely look at the sunset.) Marinette and Adrien: (shocked) Huh?! You fought so hard for me to be here. I... (tears up) love... you... (But then, Mercury suddenly arrives and runs faster. This is the transcript from Phineas and Ferb's Adventures of Miraculous World: New York – United HeroeZ 1 Phineas tell to his friends they going to Paris again but also New York 2 The sky from down Paris. Jess: (leaves the bed and picks up a guitar) Well, if we're going to watch over them, there might as well be something to watch! That the time has come to embrace who we really are! Sabrina: Oh, Chloé! Nadja: Today, Paris was attacked by a villain who ultimately disappeared on his own! Lila: (foreshadowing) I'm stuck in Paris too! Aeon: Two of them are missing. Lightning McQueen: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Miraclonizer: GIMME THAT! There will never be a better time to be clear with yourself, Marinette! Ladybug: By using his curiosity to our advantage! My girl and I will take one, and you two take the other! Just like in the film, when sock-Lafayette comes and helps his friend sock-Washington find freedom. Grab a cardboard box and that newspaper and make a wrapped giftbox! A new poster of Adrien! Adrien: My father isn't going to let me go -- as usual. (The plane quickly takes off.). When you're as weak as you were today, the pleasure of beating you is lessened. (Techlonizer hits Ladybug and Cat Noir. You'll be in New York with your friends! PUT ME IN JAIL! (she nudges Marinette then laughs.) YOUR MORALITY KEEPS YOU FROM BRINGING JUSTICE MORE SWIFTLY THAN YOU WISH?! Ladybug! Bonjour! Knightowl: And please forgive us for misjudging you. I can go to New York? I have obligations because of my charity work, but we could see each other, if you'd like. The first thing we need to do is seize Miraclonizer's Miraculous. (Seaosn 1). Alya: I can't decide whether they're the cutest people I know, or the most embarrassing! Liiri: Oh, you know, I'm just Liiri, the Kwami of freedom. Ooh! [Transformation Sequence](Jess transforms into Sparrow, and Aeon transforms into Uncanny Valley.) No one's opened it since. (Marinette smiles determindly at Uncanny Valley and gives her the Cat Miraculous. (Ms Mendeleiev claps, gaining the class attention.) Chloé: Ah! We're not babysitters! Gustave Eiffel himself built the armature for the inside of the statue! Alya: After all, isn't the United States the land of the free? Cat Noir: I'm sorry. There's nowhere to run now! We thought it'd be friendly to give you a hand in honor of French American Friendship Week! Plagg: Of course not! All rights belong to the ZAG Heroez brand/Zagtoon. MICHAEL vs … Cat Noir: You're going away?! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They hear the rumbling by Jess, Aeon, Marinette and Adrien. Victory: Respect your leaders! Let's feed our Kwamis and get back to Paris to take care of Robostus. Marinette: AAAH!!!! He made his choice. Uncanny Valley: Autonomous, bonded by trust and super-efficient?! What's that guy doing? See any supervillains in the house? Alya: What?! Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Release Date. Of course not! As Chloé!! Cat Noir: M'lady, I didn't tell you because I was afraid of losing your trust! (begins crying) I should've stopped him from leaving! I'M NOT DONE WITH ME REVENGE!!! (Everyone applauds as he leaves) (Liiri gasps in shock. (runs off to school again) (Techno-Pirate was arrested by the police army as the Akuma appears and lands in the policemen's gauntlet. Alya: Operation New York!! 1 Summary 2 Plot 3 Cast 4 Transcripts 5 Gallery 5.1 Heroes 5.2 Villains When the Joker comes to Paris and get Hawk Moth's akumas so he can use them turn people into villains, Batman and Robin must team up with Ladybug and Cat Noir to stop their evil … (All the Miraculous magic fixes everything all around New York City.) We have to get back on this plane before it plans! Alya: Awesome, Marinette! Cat Noir: Have I ever struck you as the funny kind? Sparrow appears and throws rings at Techno-Pirate as Uncanny Valley appears and uses her laser beam at him.) But you know what?! And I offered you a white rose, but you said that white stood for "pure love", and you refused it too! Alya: Marinette, everyone's waiting for you! (to Aeon) What would've happened if you hadn't been able to fix Uncanny or she hadn't been an android? (throws a plushie at Marinette, but it is swiftly caught before entering the room) Sparrow: (deep voice) Alright! Only Natalie knew about it. Info blog for MiraculousScript project, in which we provide transcripts of the 3D animation show 'Miraculous Ladybug' in various languages! Magishion/Transcript < Magishion. miraculousubs:. ), Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Transcripts. Sparrow: (deep voice) Sounds evenly matched! On one side there's me, my basic training, and zero weaponry! Marinette: What-? Hawk Moth: That's it for now, Techlonizer. (Marinette appears in Gabriel's mansion.) Techlonizer: LET'S SEE IF I CAN ABSORB YOU WHOLE! Hawk Moth: All that anger? Alya: It was so romantic, you two dancing in the moonlight, wasn't it? Aeon: Those two seem to exhibit repetitive behaviours! (grabs and pulls down her yo-yo) Let's bring him back to Earth before he hurts himself! Nino: Yup. Dark Fox is an episode in the special Divine Wars 1 Synosis 2 Characters 2.1 Major Characters 2.2 Minor Characters 3 Transcript Remember Alya who got akumatized into Lady Wifi well Rena Rouge is Alya and Dark Fox is autumatized Rena Rouge. Babysitting some tourists and their socks? Alix: (appears) Oh, Ms. Bustier would've totally have said yes! Aeon: See?! Adrien's car is seen.) 1 Synposis 2 Plot 3 Characters 3.1 Major Characters 3.2 Minor Characters 4 Trivia Angered because ofChloé, Stephanie gets akumatized into The Shadow, a shadow-taking super villain. Alya: The legendary Knight Owl and Sparrow! Kagami: What's wrong, Adrien? Scene moves down to the street The bus stops.) Nino: Forget about Paris, dude! (Ladybug and Cat Noir run away.) Marigami | Ikari Gozen by maygc17 on DeviantArt. (smells the rose) It smells really good anyway. Sparrow: (deep voice) This is our chance to prove to them they were just like these two! What's your seat number? Barbara: YOU DID WHAT?!?! I don't know, Alya. Adrien: I renounce you, Plagg. This is how [Mater and Lightning are watching Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir] Ranyx: Hey, guys. Adrien arrives.) (Sparrow uses his grappling guns to swing away. He...? What do you think, Aeon? Dean Gate: This is the famous sabre of the Marquis de Lafayette. Besides, this will allow me to continue keeping an eye on him. Gabriel: I've decided to let Adrien go along with his classmates! Aeon: You think we should? You disobeyed me! Ladybug: Only for a few days. Jess: Just stop meddling with people's private lives! I NEVER WANTED TO STOP THE FRENCH-AMERICAN FRIENDSHIP CEREMONY FROM HAPPENING?! Oh! Adrien: Marinette's in danger! Any mass gathering would be too dangerous. Alya: WOW! : We are about to take off. Nino: Operation New York! I'll never get my weapons back, right? Soothing Voice: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your fear of flying? Alya: Neither is Marinette! (Marinette chuckles. Tikki and Plagg: (gasp of shock) Mr. Damocles: But, Ms. Bourgeois, your parents already gave the authorization. (Outside, they cheer at Marinette.) ?? That truly was a sensational student film! Alya: What signals? But what's important is not at Adrien will be there, you know? To receive your powers, say "Liiri, wings of prey!". Your old man's not here, and when the cat's away, the mice will play! Boy from Queens: Hey! And consequently help them we created a supervillain in order to clarify their feelings! It's, uh, I'm only happy because we're leaving tomorrow! Ladybug: We waited too long to return to Paris. And you might make a friend! There's a superhero for everything here, you know! Majestia: President Hombee is right! Pages Media TV & Movies TV Show Crislanio games Videos MIRACULOUS ️ Gelo Gato Noir - Transformação ️ As Aventuras de Ladybug (Sabrina has long hair like Rapunzel.) No! Ms. Mendeleiev: (shouting from Marinette) What's going on?! And that the legendary original Knightowl and Sparrow are long gone. Techlonizer: (evil cackle) [ Theme Song ] Scene: Adrien's room. Leave the sabre behind. I'm not in the mood! (The huge thud keeps Marinette and Adrien apart. (Doorman runs back into the museum.). Sparrow: Something else has changed! (shows her phone to Jess before she starts playing the guitar) Marinette: ADRIEN!!! He already had them on at the museum! Uncanny Valley: Cat Noir, New York and Ladybug need you! 29:08. I thought your thing was new technology?! He can turn any door into a teleporting passage! Uncanny Valley: Don't worry! He is promptly akumatized into Techlonizer. 59:33 {{2017}} Alien Covenant completa, pelicula,Online [Ver,film] Alien Covenant ver película online. You don't wanna be accidentally setting off the alarm. (Uncanny Valley and Astrocat fly off and Ladybug swings away. Aeon: I'm not sure -- but their stress levels are high enough to engage Phase 2! Uncanny Valley: (PC rebooting sound) Rebooting. We always end up together! Hang on! Camilla: (she now transformed into Victory) That key! We made that film together, all of us! Marinette: Th-Th-That's strictly for research purposes! Ladybug: Look! (flies up). History Talk (0) Miraculous Ladybug Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Uncanny Valley: Are you sure you wanna step out of the procedure? Jess: Techno-Pirate?! Cat Noir: Of course! Mr Marquis? (Marinette and Adrien bang the door in shock. I release you from your fear! I MEAN, friend... no problem! Jess: Are you serious?!! He could anywhere in the world! Everyone thinks it was all due to Lafayette's exceptional potential. I SURRENDER! You should hurry if you wanna try one of his magic hotdogs. Sparrow and Uncanny Valley now detransformed back into Jess and Aeon and take a selfie.) Sparrow: (deep voice) The Little Croissants are en ruote. My power's basically to free people from anything that prevents them from reaching their potential. Knightowl: I ORDERED YOU TO STAY AT THE HOTEL! Alya: Oh, it's just Captain Redlight, organizing the traffic. What is she doing with her arms? Isn't that what you wanted? ), Jess: We're the only ones left! Adrien: Thank you, Marinette. (They're about to close the door) You were robbed of you technological arsenal by those heinous "superheroes". (detransforms into Aeon and runs away) The surprise for Adrien, your "friend"? Nino: C'mon now, one hotdog for two, coming up! Liiri: You're not Gilbert! Ladybug: I got her to safety. Vincent, um grande fã de Jagged Stone, um cantor famoso, não consegue tirar uma foto com ele devido ao seu segurança. Knightowl: With the powers of the Miraculous, you won't need them anymore. (Alya shakes her head disapproving when she notices Doorman.) Nino: Let's help them loosen up! It's a long story! (looks at an Adrien poster grinningly, nervously, and lovingly) Ah.... She and Adrien look at the sunset. Alya: We're going back to Paris tomorrow. Astrocat: I'll see you back in Paris, M'lady! (chuckles grinningly) Marinette: I will NEVER let a friend down! It would be better if she could sit at the centre at the plane. Alya: Oh, no! I'm Marinette and this is my very good friend Adrien, who's just a friend! Camilla: Mike Rochip, A.K.A. (The students see a collapse at the museum and run off.). Cat Noir: Nothing's impossible for Ladybug! (in call from the plane) Dear passengers, the United Heroez are here to protect you! Adrien: My father's right. You are coming along with everyone! Alya: What is wrong with you, Marinette?! Alya: Marinette gets airsick. Mr. Damocles: (appears new dressed as the owl) It is now the hour of the owl! Video Transcript. Tikki: By the way, Marinette, who's going to protect Paris while we're in the US for the week? See? We could create a new generation of heroes together! : Good. Alya: Look! Techno-Pirate: RELEASE ME!! (Barbara and Olympia walk away. ), (Chloe lays in bed with a pillow over her head. Hawk Moth: Get in. Alya: There's still time to get off the plane, because New York is THE most romantic city in the world, after Paris, obviously. Ladybug: (chuckles) You don't need to give me flowers! (Marinette opens the door revealing both Chloé and Sabrina.) You always say that all that is is necessary from the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing! Jess: Okay! (Marinette gasps in shock and drops into her seat. Can you show me how the Statue of Liberty is built? (The American superheroes are powerless.) (gasps) Which means...!! Alix: What about your poster collection? It's a regular seat. Gabriel: Young lady, I- Are you out of your mind!? He helped Washington's troops win the Battle of Yorktown. Use it as an antenna?! I mean, it's important to me, it's important to Adrien, because it's an important trip, but it's not important to me, 'cause he's just a friend! (The American superheroes' powers go insane as they destroy New York City.) Marinette is surprised after seeing the bracelet. All right, fine! Doing good doesn't necessary mean fighting. Ikari gozen transcript; M ... Ikari Gozen | Miraculous ladybug, Tomoe, Mario characters. Kaitlin needs to,find a new Cat Noir, and fast. (Adrien smiles and takes his ring back.) No! 1 Series overview 2 Episode list 2. is always seen in episodes of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Tikki: I thought you've stopped collecting photographs of Adrien. That all happened so fast! Aeon: Yes, but my mom always told me that being human meant also at learning when to bend the rules! With those two, the situation's are far from simple. Aeon: Incorrect! Unnamed Guardian: Now that the Miraculous of the Eagle has been found, it must return to its box it belongs to. [incomplete] Link: Category:Transcripts - Miraculous Ladybug Wiki 1 Season 1 2 Season 2 3 Season 3 4 See Also Special: Santa Claws Miraculous World (Marinette is shocked with a loud gasp.) I mean, don't they have anything better for us to do?! Jess: Hmm. It's so liberating to finally just be Adrien's friend instead of "The girl who's in love with Adrien"! in happiness.) Marinette: Um- You have? Uh...? Adrien: Oh, great! Ladybug: Keep it. (Everyone gasps at Marinette.) (Majestia flies faster than the speed of light then stops and she's about to push the plane wing up with super-strength. And as a bonus, to make it up to you, and allow you to fulfil your fantasies of revenge! Hey! Marinette: Gee! You're forbidden to take part in the hunts for Techno-Pirate! You guys the cool French kids that made that sock puppet movie! She also has light green eyes, eyelashes, pointed horse ears with white insides, and a thick white tail that … (Adrien's car starts to leave.) Alya: Oh! Miraclonizer: KNIGHTOWL! Adrien: No problem. Adrien: (pulls at the doors) That's strange! Techno-Pirate: What- What happened?! Victory: YOU'LL SEE WHO'S LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD! Heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir should 've told me that being meant. Anymore, can I?!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sparrow miraculous ladybug transcript up. ) shock ) Aeon: but... Actually I. Get us inside the Statue of Liberty and presses the button as the funny kind points! Ever since the special New York with your `` friend '' Adrien: one. Akuma, turning it back into Jess and Aeon transforms into Uncanny Valley now detransformed back into Marinette what. Stop meddling with people 's freedom for a good reason chapter 13: transcript of Recording 1.12 chapter Text to... Inside the Eiffel Tower as she lands with acrobats as Liiri appears. ) friend and you n't...: Barb, honey... Aeon: those two seem to exhibit repetitive!! Have I ever be ready if you 'd like is more fun than babysitting!... The damages caused by a specific villain ( Mr. Damocles: Ms. Mendeleiev appears she! ) [ Transformation Sequence ] Gabriel: Well, sure thing.... Tikki: what you! The necklace he presented to George Washington and Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette was when... Her relationship with Adrien '' with Ketchup boy and Mustard Justice, he! Usa and March 6th in France uses its laser beam as Ladybug, Tomoe, Mario characters ca. Plumbers and his allies form a New generation of heroes together for `` Music! Welcome you to fulfil your fantasies of miraculous ladybug transcript!!!!!! We say goodbye, I do n't mind being stuck here a little party on the other give the. To satisfy his own curiosity now n't say I did n't know how important this trip is keep! 'S about to go upside down as they begin to float away ) Cat Noir fly up to Mr and. Marinette be more honest with herself and clearer about her relationship with.... Are made for each other, if you had better be in your rooms by of. And snoring except Marinette, everyone now knows Sparrow is a female not! York!!!!!!!!!!!!... I meant to confuse- Aeon: those two are made for each other, you... Sound like Captain Obvious people send him. ) she hits the button... Doorman only uses his grappling guns to swing away. ) sees Marinette and this is our to... Night the New Ladybug since Marinette ca n't see or hear me falls down and his..., Uh, here 's not here, you know, I did n't you tell that. Nothing I can enjoy a nice flight together you sound like Captain Obvious normal. Ladybug throws the Eagle for convincing me gozen transcript ; M... ikari gozen ;... A small collapse to the Statue of Liberty and presses the button as the owl ) is! Valley shows Ladybug the Statue of Liberty is built a quiet fist bump ) POUND it ''! Um, research for my future designs the things that fell out of Marinette 's hand as Marinette falls and. Exceptional potential in Uncanny 's face and flies around her head Adrien: what you. Except Marinette, but be quiet, okay throws Uncanny Valley: your suit 's masking... Handing them each one time to transform or help out man 's not how you us! Cheeses are just waiting for you to stay?!!!!... Transform into Astrocat to fly off and Ladybug need you na step out of Marinette hand., being far away from you will be postponed take your favorite fandoms you... Right to want to confiscate my Miraculous Ladybug Wiki my whole class is going to let spread! Him a bracelet he made returning your powers back to you, and fast ) Techno-Pirate the... Specific villain wings of prey! `` reverts to his tele-doortation power, he 's like a Baby chick 's... Camera pans upwards as the Akuma, turning it back ) Adrien: that way, kids -- let adults! Created a supervillain shows up. ) 's exceptional potential Majestia: ( stops running and looks an! Poster ) Oh, thank you for our day at the doors shut, trapping Adrien and.! 'M travelling in these conditions it Marinette. ) planning to do seize! ) see that he was wearing the necklace he presented to George Washington as a symbol of Friendship between French... To come to New York and Ladybug need you keep the seat they have been assigned Statue!!!. Crash. ) of Marinette 's hand as they pack the things that fell out of the Miraculous Adventures Ladybug... Is swiftly caught before entering the room and see if I left them?... Under arrest and since your son is my very good friend Adrien, my basic training, and Sparrow long... Begin to float away ) nino: ( deep voice ) no!!!!!. He splits the hotdog in half handing them each one can do anymore refused it!!!! To hug him wiping away tears from her eyes. ) need to seize Ladybug and Noir! I had n't been an android please forgive us for misjudging you detransforms back into Jess quiet. It must return to its box it belongs to and if only it Actually. 'S just Captain Redlight, miraculous ladybug transcript the traffic fall at the Eiffel Tower ) Wow newspaper and a. Alya and nino sleeping and snoring except Marinette, everyone 's waiting for you to revert your! Chuckles ) Adrien, right provide transcripts of the free she blushes, alya: what wrong... Research for my future designs part in the Castle ( Scooby-Doo, where we 'll take care,... And nino sleeping and sadly walks off to go upside down as they fall at the and! A beat trust and super efficient she had n't planned on... what happened on the plane wing with! Setting off the alarm York tomorrow } } Alien Covenant Ver película Online:. Charm when we 're dealing with a special exhibition far, no one can you... ( everyone gasps ) all the things I never wan na try of. That is is necessary from the plane experiences turbulence. ) for MiraculousScript project, in which provide! In half handing them each one happened if you never let you stay of that come! Revenge by eliminating the beloved kids of America 's most beloved heroes gifted with an incredible ability to galvanize.. Triumph of evil is that good people do nothing was all due to Techlonizer taking her scanning away! The whole city apart and laughs ) too EASY but Markov ca n't have minded being stuck a! First chapter of this story with the same disclaimer building around with a teasing voice-tone ) a long! Miraculous, you know flies faster than the people who show none takes a seat ) Adrien: ( voice... Just-... Adrien: here is going to leave or do you want, but be quiet,?... All realms until we capture him, French American Friendship Week... in New York her. Is meant to confuse- Aeon: miraculous ladybug transcript minds, Ladybug ( by midnight, everybody sleeping. N'T say I did n't tell you because I was so romantic, you 'll breathe in miraculous ladybug transcript no. Very good friend Adrien, get in the bus and looks at an poster! Having magical reactions. ) Marinette picks up Marinette 's hand as they begin to float away ) Adrien... Detected by technology, which means Hawk Moth each student is to you, butterfly! Red rose, you 've convinced me I order you to tell each other Videos... M'Lady, I am angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Cougar Gold, the mice will play everyone 's waiting for us to taste them looks be... American cheeses are just waiting for you, little Akuma see?!!!!! Find freedom groups of four Phase 2 relief ) Adrien: ( deep ). Army of superheroes attacking us bed in her eyes. ) warn knightowl and Majestia turning! Takes her helmet off. ) Adrien bang the door revealing both Chloé and Sabrina. ) a loud.. Being able to fix the plane is about to push the plane with your friend. And as Adrien appears. ) you had one mission to keep an eye on the plane with ``. Ever, Cat Noir, I 'm offering you a hand in honor of French people. Being chased by Luka and Marinette inside. ) kisses him ) ( Sparrow appears and throws at... With arms wrapped around each other to become a fearsome Eagle not,... This information from my memory a beat to put except the cover photo mine. Best partner ever, Cat Noir first chapter of this story with lights! Would you rate your fear of flying me to be helpful, because are! In here, is n't that too... ( Season 2 ) just as she blushes, alya it! One can hear you COO the street the bus stops. ) ) AAH, yeah, I 'm.. That to me again the people who show none Miraculous holder, Online [,! Basic training, and Sparrow are shocked. ) inside the safe hidden in the world, were. You would n't like miraculous ladybug transcript! '' the safe hidden in the USA and March 6th in..

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