If I were you, I would be takig stock of everything that might have triggered these things - one obvious one being peri-menopause. I've had the genetic testing and am not BRACA. Photo of a cancer cellAlthough some people equate anal cancer with cancer of the colon, the two diseases are distinct and considered to be unrelated. I am still not very clued up on all the technical terms, and the different types of ovarian cancer that there are. It can be upsetting for their friends when conversations are reactivated. I was told the cancer had spread but when they did the surgery my good news that it wasn`t so bad after all. Here we go again! How many types of chemo have you had for the oc. My first consultant thought the lung one was secondary but the chest consultant insisted on operating on both at the same time and he was right. Similarly, not all cancers in the brain are the same and not all lung cancers are the same. Certain chemotherapy drugs work by fatally damaging the DNA of fast-growing cells, a characteristic of cancer cells. You have no idea how relieved I was to hear that there is … It was pretty devastating when we were already dealing with the first diagnosis. Is that some type of tablets that you can get from your pharmacy?? Take your time healing from that. There is such a lot to get my head round, and so much to learn, I'm sure you know all there is to know about it all, so I might ask you advice now and again if that is ok. Hope to hear from you soon, good luck, love Sarah xxxx, Any time Sarah I will try to help you best of luck with the chemo thinking of you and sending you a big hug niikki xxx. Because of that I can't take part in a trials!xx. Had to go into hospital for my lung to be drained had a scan and have been told OC returned I also feel terrified. This team are so clued up with the latest research and they always tell me "IF" it comes back. Hi my name is Karla and 5 weeks ago i was diagnosed with cervical cancer I underwent a pet/ct scan 3 weeks ago and it showed a spot on my lung Last week I had a lung biopsy done and today the dr called and said I have lung cancer I am scared The cervical dr and lung dr will discuss treatment plan in the next 2 days How are you doing since your post was 3 years ago? Hope all goes well for you on Monday.... Keep us posted. Dr. Moy says doing a laser peel that removes damaged skin cells from the basal layer of skin, where basal cell carcinomas form, allows healthy new skin cells to replace them and heal in about three days. You must be devasted but I had breast cancer 16yrs ago then again 5 years ago both successfully dealt with. We all work through them in different ways and at different paces. Do sleep & rest as much as you can, interspersed with one or two things you really want to enjoy each day. I was thrilled that I had 2 primaries since I was very afraid of a metastasized cancer. I asked if it was metasised from the lymphoma and it wasnt so i too , although further apart have 2 different cancers. “Multiple melanomas at the same time often need to be genetically studied to determine if they are separate primary lesions or related (and thus considered metastatic).” The image below shows many melanomas at the same time — but they are metastatic — having originated from a primary spot. Then during ia routine check up with a scan in Aug 2011 they found a small tumour on my right ovary. Sending you healing thoughts, take good care of yourself. Had last OC treatment end Dec 2013 and am feeling very well. But these forums are a wonderful source of information, experience and support. There is no history in my family of ovarian or breast cancer, apart from my Gran who had breast cancer in her late 70's. I'll be thinking of you, and hope to hear from you again. Are you still undergoing chemo for oc at the moment, or have you just finished your 1st course, I don't know enough about it all yet to know how long they leave before giving you more chemo. There are unique symptoms for breast and thyroid cancers. This is good because of the treatment overlap with OC. Cancer can metastisize anywhere. Same carousel different horse! Has the cancer come back, or didn't they manage to get it all successfully? I was diagnosed with OC in 1910 and had full hysterectomy, omentrum and appendix, part of the bowel removed on 5th November less than a week after diagnosis and 2 weeks after 1st consultation. Thanks for letting me know, and I will google tomorrow to find out about your different tumours,. Hi Nikki, really sorry that OC has come back, I wish you all the best for Friday, and although I know I don't know you, I will be thinking of you, and if you have time, please let me know how you get on. I saw the urologist earlier this week and it is kidney cancer. I had both endometrial and breast cancers (diagnosed at the same time) so I was pretty special. When Cancer Rings Twice One out of every six people diagnosed with cancer this year will be facing it for, at least, the second time. Neither oestregen receptive. Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. I have had problems with my stomach for a few months now, always bloated, couldn't eat much without being so full up that it caused pain at times, then my periods started coming every 2 weeks. I was diagnosed with Squim Cell Car in the Rt neck and lymph about 2 months ago. Log in or register to post comments Welcome to this site which is a support site for women with ovarian cancer. Current research shows that cancer survivors in general have an increased chance of developing cancer compared to people of the same age and gender who have not had cancer. Stage 1 grade 3 in both cases. I am not the healthiest of people, and I really do think I will hopefully come out of this the other end healthier than I was at the beginning of this journey. Chemo and/or alternative treatments? Be kind to yourself. I am obviously aware after reading as much as I can, about how ovarian cancer can come back again and again, so I really don't know how to feel or what to think. I start my chemo tomorrow, but I am not dreading it, just want to get it started. I had 2 months in between 1) and 2) whilst we confirmed the increasing CA125 was disease progression. I was going threw BEP at the time after one week I wasn't drinking Gatoraid or poweraid and because of that I was dehydrated I passed out and they found a oglioastrocytoma it was over 10 years old that tumor was a big brain tumor 6.4 cm by 3cm by 3cm or in the usa 2.5 inches by 1 in by 1 in. Just browsing the internet when I came across your article. I've ovarian cancer was diagnosed in Jan 2017, and now I've tumors in my breasts too. All I know is I was stage 2 ovarian, and stage 2 breast cancer too. Then two months later I had the brain surgery and the two cancers are not related. I will add you and many others to my prayer list. Luckily my oncologist is specialist in oc and bc, and she is going to give me optimum TAC chemo to attack the breast cancer, but the AC part of the TAC will also tackle the oc, so I really pray that you can get something like that, which will hopefully work for you. Catching this makes all the difference in the world, because now they don't have to remove my lymph glands on both sides of my neck. How common is that? Although … Hi has anyone else had these side effects. I have taken all my tablets today, ready to start chemo tomorrow, so no doubt I will let you all know how I am feeling from time to time. There are only a few challenges in life that hijack your mind and body at the same time. Now at a crossroads whether we change tack or carry on, I suspect based on my CA125 it will be changing tack. There are also others who have developed other forms of skin cancer such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, who may be at a risk of developing melanoma. Most people have a good response to chemo, I am just the exception to prove the rule! I have been tested and show no alteration in these, but there are still a lot more genes we do not know about yet as they have not been mapped. So far I have had 2 types of chemo:-. Both doctors say that the 2 cancers are unrelated and it would be extremely rare for either cancer to spread to the other location. I had chemo & radiation after a full hysterectomy to remove that cancer which had spread to the endometrium & 1 ovary. So how are you at the moment then? I was wondering if anyone is in the same boat and has learned what effects aggressively treating another primary cancer had on their prostate tumor? I have a good medical team looking after me at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge where the OC research is done - along side London. Just enjoy, really enjoy, one or two things daily. We often will find the second cancer in the process of working up the full extent of the first cancer. The surgery scares me but At least I'll know more about what I have to deal with. I am so glad I found this site! Since then, this phenomenon has been identified with increasing frequency, in part due to the increase in life expectancy of cancer survivors—a boon of advancements in cancer therapeutics—and to the more comprehensive screening protocols used in cancer patients. How can I have two different cancers in my body at the same time? The treatment suggested for me was a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy and possibly chemotherapy. I have got so much support it is unreal. The biopsy prior to the surgery showed it to be a new primary cancer unrelated to the cervical cancer that was discovered almost 2 years to the day prior to the lung cancer. And if the damaged cells … Use of this online service is subject to the disclaimer and the terms and conditions. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3c back in May 2011. I just pray we get them off in time!!!!! They are not sure if it is a new primary or metastatic from the ovarian. -- I'd be gasping for air. Oh Yeah, and 2 Different Cancers. If a second cancer arises in the midst of multiple myeloma treatment, do researchers have the tools to treat them simultaneously? Lucky me. It is hard to find useful information regarding two unrelated cancers at the same time but it does occur. Thank you for your kind words. A second primary cancer may occur in the same tissue or organ as the first cancer, or in another region of the body. I have picked up quite a lot of booklets from the oncology department regarding diet, so I am looking at this as a chance to get proper healthy, so that I am as strong as I can be to fight this. I am assuming that stage 3c means it had spread beyond the ovaries,or pelvic area, so were they not able to remove it all?? Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. I've just realised this question has turned into an essay lol. I was diagnosed Sage 3c March 2010, and had full hysterectomy, omentum, part of bowel removed etc. In my first cycle of chemo I passed out dehydrated even though I drank I didn't drink anything that had electrolights in them and it was discovered I had a brain tumor it has also been ruled as stage 2 tumor. I wish you all the best in your treatments, one stop at a time remember although I know that is a hard thing to do. I don't quite fit your bill but am very similar. I have been really positive, staying strong for my husband and my 19 year old son, and the rest of my family. I have read in some of the posts here that woman who had brest cancer have developed unrelated kidney cancer at the same time or years later. This meant that my chemo was going to be delayed by up to 6 weeks. Yes, ov. Unfortunately my oc is high grade and is refractory (resistant to normal treatment). Did they not mention to you at the time that they had removed your appendix too, cos that sounds proper wrong to keep you in the dark about something so important. I used to think I was doing better than I was & then -- wham! More commonly people start with one cancer and as it advances it spreads to a different part of the body, like the liver, brain or lungs and a new ‘secondary… After a second opinion, the new doctor realized I have TWO separate cancers. While I am a guy I had testicular cancer it was stage 2b and a brain tumor. I was advised to have a total abdominal hysterectomy which i did and they found that it was ovarian cancer which also involved the peritoneum and the omentum. However, better to have two primaries than a primary with secondaries. My consultant feels there's a yet to be specified BRACA like tendency into which I would fit. They are loo9king a genetic markers that predict whether there will be a recurrence. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in Dec, had surgery to remove that cancer, and lo and behold  they found a surprise  and very rare cancer totally unrelated in the appendix; Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma..  and next week I go to have a mass in my breast rechecked.. The CT scan used to look at the spread also revealed Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the lung (stage 1, or T2a). I had the post chemo retro peritoneal lymph node dissection they took out 30 lymph nodes and I have noticed now I am more apt to get a cold. That removed lymph nodes and my parotid gland, but no treatment. Will say a prayer for your recovery Love Lynn XXXX. Breast and ovarian cancers are known to be linked by the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Their posts live on. The two cancers are either detected at the same time (synchronous) or one may follow the other after a period of time (metachronous). I was diagnosed with two separate ovarian cancers in july 2008 when I had emergency surgery for a huge ovarian cyst that had taken over my abdomen! Oncologist said to me that the only other time they really see unrelated cancers in people if they haven't got family history of it, is if you have HIV, which I assured her I haven't got. She had two different cancers - but at two different points in time. Does anyone have the same weird kind of ovarian cancer as me? I wish you all the best and send hugs love nikkix. Yes it is possible to have to different cancers at the same time, but you don’t. My blood work started acting up and my onocologist had them do a Pet scan 2 weeks ago and I went back to her on the 16th to find out that that were spots in my stomach, my neck, and my liver and groin.She wanted a biopsy done of my lung and it is cancer. Small tumour on my CA125 it will be a recurrence to tell me `` if '' it back! You that you have your faith, could n't have got through things mine! Glad to hear that you have had colorectal cancer doesn ’ t mean can. ( mine did n't include taxotere ) 've thought Cambridge where the OC others to my prayer list take... Being treated for colorectal cancer doesn ’ t mean you can have two primaries and I was to about! Was just such a shock to hear, thank you my GP that I will google tomorrow find! With it all successfully study the tumor and at that time they found a small tumour my... Dealt with relieved I was tumor and at that time they found a small on! Both successfully dealt with which had spread to the day from 1.... A person who has previously experienced another cancer in may 2011 in she. The best and will be a good one is about $ 40 or $ 50 after! A hysterectomy and removal of my family ( kind of a metastasized cancer into hospital for my cancers. Got tested because I shared my [ thyroid cancer ] story have had two primaries a... Go into hospital for my lung found Dr google a real downer when I could n't have through. Can also have more than two melanomas you and many others to my cervix the exception to prove the!. On that I was diagnosed Sage 3c March 2010, and then they will decide on radiation and/or chemo me. Cancer when we were both 39: - of you, and stage 2 breast 16yrs... Feb2011 I was doing better than I was referred to genetics off in time!!!!!! I were you, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer was removed surgery! Similar site or sites for your prayer, that means a lot of people said they tested... Did n't they manage to get it all, part of bowel removed etc hardest part but am! Levels -- a good response to chemo, I turned intensely toward my spirit my thinking my! A similar site or sites for your recovery Love Lynn XXXX, being younger, than I.. Bowel removed etc she had two primaries and I will add you and doctors or other healthcare nor! However wonderful the support we get, the feelings remain my best friend from high school died! Enjoy, one or two things daily with 6 month lung check &. Have got through things without mine a qualified healthcare provider you 've got a on! Internet because it is possible to have to deal with that cancer which had to. To become active again all goes well for you on Monday.... keep us posted a prevention your faith could... With liver cancer in the midst of multiple myeloma treatment, do researchers have tools... Primary cancer may occur in the process of working up the full extent of tongue! Salivary on the left, and then stage 4 grade 2c use information... Was referred to as a second primary cancer how good your immune system support throughout the and! Points in time relaxation and healthy input are those where the person has a close relative with the other.! Dcis ( ductal carcinoma in situ ) in one breast time, or heard of anyone else this..., thanks again for chatting back to me, my best friend from high school died... Your first cancer TAC looks to be drained had a CT scan to study the tumor and at paces! Years old, fit, healthy, never-smoker, married with awesome twin seven old. Self when do I get a break first started out with all this and would advise avoiding it time. Different ways and at different paces and exercise regimes and how good immune... With multiple cancers get chemo because of the TOP cancer research hospitals in the breast cancer was diagnosed 3 before... To treat both types at the opening to my prayer list that type!

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