Take an appointment at your gemeente (townhall) and submit an application. The law has changed considerably over the years. When you are on study and PhD visas different rules apply. Apply for the PR now and become free of employers. All material on this website (DutchReview) is strictly copyright and all rights reserved. United States and the Netherlands but not have enough to be eligible for benefits in one country or the other. Now again he is in Netherlands from 2016 May and still continuing in Netherlands. Editor’s note: This article was originally published in December 2017 but was fully updated in December 2020 for your reading pleasure. My husband got a job in another country. I heard from few of my acquaintances that though you have continuous residence permit with proper renewal for 5 yrs if there is a gap in switching Jobs, there are chances of rejecting the dutch citizenship due to gaps in switching jobs (even if it’s one day). The agreement makes it easier to qualify for benefits by letting you add together your social security credits in both countries. Question is – Is the process of converting the passport helpful ? They do not get NL citizenship by birth. As long as your stay was legal even when switching jobs, I see no reason. 5yrs total irrespective of number of companies worked for. So you could get to vote twice, run for office in either country, or have access to two healthcare or social service systems. If I transfer the flat on my wife’s name who will retain her Indian nationality or only take Dutch Permanent Residency, do I still have to pay tax?? can I switch job during my 3 yrs contract to other company? I have received a letter from gemeente for the ceremony date of next week however I need to travel to india after 2 days of the ceremony. Can I leave the country when application is in process? Best is to check at IND itself. I just want my passport to prove my heritage and that I am actually Dutch despite we’re I was born, The Dutch government sounds a little paranoid. Now, in April, 2015 I will finish 5 years in NL with a valid residence permit. I would like to hear some of your suggestion. Travel Benefits. Also, what actions should I take, as we have planned to travel to India in November. The website may provide links to other websites on the Internet, the content of which is not in our control. If it is not clear, I sugest you to ask in your nearest IND office. a personal advice, do not all IND repeatedly that will not affect the decision process…sometime you just need to wait . It gives you (and especially your kids) free access to work anywhere in the European Union. Question : How long does it take to get this approved. thank you very much. The resident permit for the first 4 years was sponsored by the University where I carried out my PhD, and since then, I have a dependent visa (regulier bepaalde tijd) on my husband, who works in the NL. I applied for citizenship in the month of April 2015 and today I came to know that my application is rejected as there is a residency gap of 1 day (28-Feb-2015, which is saturday). within two years of getting PR then you will retain it ? Regarding the application of a PR, can it be made before the expire (before the last 3 months of validity) of the current temporary PR in case already resided in NL for more than 5 years? 1. Has not implication on tax as far as I know. You can, however, likely make a case out of your situation, asking to speak to the Dutch Naturalization and Immigration Service (IND) and/or lawyering up with an Immigration Lawyer who should be able to give you a clear picture of what your options are. Yes. when we can get PR? Some countries extend this ‘privilege’ to anyone on their soil, or within their borders, even if they or their parents weren’t actually living there. Since the new company have to apply for 30 % again, do I still get it. If you decide to apply for only citizenship, make sure you renew your RP before it expires. People withDutch nationality can also apply for a Dutch passport and travel freely withinthe European Union. We almost all have a nationality at birth, which is usually the country your parents had (permanent) residence in. However, if you do not have citizenship, you will be restricted in some others as: 1. you will not be able to vote, elect and be elected 2. you will not have the right of assembly and association 3. you will not have the right of consular protectio… Maybe not. Congrats for the good work. Hi, I received an initiation for the naturalization ceremony end of October but we were planning to go to india in dec to sell some property. Go to ‘What will change if I acquire Dutch nationality?’ tofind out more. Depends on what visa you are living in NL. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. For everyone else little will change — so don’t worry too much just yet! If you get to know, would kindly request to update here. This is strictly followed irrespective of whose fault caused the break (sometimes happens when you or your employer forgets filing for RP renewal or when you change employer). 5yrs completion is mandatory before application can be submitted. I meant I would complete 5 years in Feb 2018, Hi Santosh Instead of concentrating on Turkish citizens in Turkey, Erdogan branched out all over Europe and rallied Turks to vote in favour of his reforms. No matter where you currently live or what nationality you have. Then we can leave the country ? ??? As a non-EU citizen can I get a cross-border commuter working contract? Or is it reset and calculated from 2016 May ? Applying PR and passport application together could save some time. Yes you can apply for both. I am in Netherlands for 5 years and I have passed the inburgeren examen. [ i am confused as i have good job offer outside EU and don,t want to wait and at same time i don,t want to loose opportunity to get NL passport. I don’t want anything from the Dutch giv, I have never worked there so I won’t be applying fir money or pension. If you have received Dutch passport, you can take visitor visa to India. In the US, for example, many women have given birth within US borders, whether purposely or purely by coincidence, and the child is eligible for US citizenship. However, the average Dutch citizen speaks more than 3 languages and over 90 percent of the population is fluent in English. If you parent a child abroad when your are a Dutch citizen, the new born can also get Dutch citizenship. The Dutch aren’t after you or trying to ruin your life, rather it’s trying to keep oversight of where the overseas money flows and who’s being a citizen of where. Let me know if you have any information on this. Your children are also eligible for … Thanks for compiling veryuseful information and your replies to all the queries over last so many years. Questions are My question is; If one attains Permanent Residence from Netherlands and then lose their job, is the permanent residency revoked? Have completed 5 years and applying for the dutch passport. Thanks for a very informative forum. I also have worked in The Netherlands after the age of 15, while briefly living with my parents. I applied for it more than 3 months ago and still waiting. Suffering from Tortured Artist-syndrome he is left with no choice or hope until eventually breaking through. Can I apply for PR and citizenship on the basis of more than a year contract now? This happened in Turkey, where controversial PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan sought the presidency. No personal experience in this. We have a comfortable life here but the research project I am getting is really good. Job change to other country needs visa from that country. This means you will be informed of having to make a choice — do you wish to remain or become a Dutch citizen, keeping your benefits and passport, or will you renounce it for your new/old nationality and lose them but keep your ‘current’ rights and benefits there? is this harm on citizenship application ? call and postpone. You will also be evaluated for your Dutch knowledge, your or spouse employment status before you are issued either of them (assuming no other shortcuts apply for you (marriage, asylum etc)). 2. No idea Naturalisation. However i might as well leave NL and go to India for good. I have two daughters aged 12 and 15. I shall apply for OCI card sometime this week and hoping that, I shall get it within 2 months so, I can travel in November. Unaware of the repercussions, I went to Gemeente in Aug 2016 when I was told that I had a gap and that their advice is “not to” apply for citizenship yet. 1. Best is to check with a tax consultant for confirmation. I was unemployed for a period of 6 months in between, before I found another job for 4 months. without PR? The Dutch passport is recognised as one of the world's most powerful passports as it grants access to 171 countries without needing to apply for a visa. I have an almost 3 year old son. My question, i am working in NL since 4 years, from as a stationed employee so my HR is in India company. The Dutch government is currently reviewing the country's nationality law as part of an effort to allow dual citizenship by the spring of 2019. The prerequisites for citizenship and PR are same – only that PR takes about 2 months to arrive from the time you apply for it while the passport will take about 1 year. The information on this website and the IND website is a summary of current Dutch nationality law. If not, then in my opinion the rejection for passport is not correct because your gap is only 1 day! Only once you have become a Dutch citizen, you can then request for a Dutch passport or identity document from the municipality or Dutch representation. Yes, my old Resident permit was valid till 09-Aug-2015 and it got cancelled with effective from 27-Feb-2015 (this was my last day with my previous employer) and in the cancellation letter it was clearly mentioned that the old resident permit cancelled based on the reason that I am no longer knowledge migrant but working as EU citizen.. IND asked me to appeal through a lawyer.. Now hunting for a lawyer who had experience with handling similar type of cases earlier.. According to Justice Minister Mark Harbers, the plan is to widen the Netherlands' criteria for dual nationality. This is Sashidhar again. 3) Health and safety laws are very rigorous in … The right to join the Dutch armed forces. On the upside, it may also make the Netherlands safer, as certain people (like criminals abusing their citizenship and terrorists) will now also lose their citizenship and may not return to the country or be promptly arrested upon arrival as an ‘unwanted alien’. So according to my experience, you are about to receive the decision after 4 months of your application. If you qualify they will pay into any bank account anywhere, one a month, once a quarter or even once a year. https://ind.nl/en/permanent-residence/Pages/permanent-residence-after-5-years.aspx. No. If you didnt register yourself, then you are safe. The Netherlands is fully part of the European Union. i want to get clarification of one of requirement for PR: Do you know if there is an option to choose date that is somewhere in Feb next year. It used to be so. Personal appearance is needed at the city hall but that is for application process and your dutch skills will not be tested. Hi Madhu, I was 52yr at the time. Dear Madhu, You can visit most countries in the world without needing a visa. I will come back to NL in 2 weeks time. Check with IND if they have solution. If he can get his PR, he can continue in NL even without a job. Has anyone has recently any experience with this ? The benefits of being a German passport holder are many. Did your old residence permit (issued when you were working for the MNC) expire on 27-Feb-2015? But i would like to know if there is no harm in applying both at the same time. I am aiming my career as a researcher and University lecturer. Many thanks in advance for your support. Move to the Netherlands: 01.01.2013 Hey Shah! As it takes approx 1 year to get the dutch passport, i was thinking to apply for PR first and then dutch passport. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Regards, Required fields are marked *. I was on a Knowledge migrant visa for 4 years, and then a work permit limited to my university. How easy it would be for my husband to settle up a new business there? https://dutchreview.com/expat/moving/double-nationality-and-the-netherlands Attend the Naturalization ceremony and then on you are a Dutch citizen. Their reasons for denial of dual citizenship seems trivial to say the least. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government resigned on Friday over a child benefits scandal, media reported, threatening political turmoil as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'dutchreview_com-leader-1','ezslot_5',107,'0','0']));The reason this has become controversial is that certain people are enjoying the benefits of both, doubling up their personal privileges over those other citizens who merely have one citizenship. At present, naturalised Dutch citizens mus What would you advise if should postpone ceremony appointment date. IND checks both. However I heard there is consideration for COVID delays. 3. So I would not recommend traveling on the old RP. As a Dutch citizen you will gain the following rights: The ability to enter the Netherlands freely. About 2 months after that, you will get a letter from your gemeente asking you to attend a Naturalization ceremony. Even 1 day break in your visa will reset your stay period. My husband is a contractor here and both of us are willing to relocate to The Netherlands. Haresh, from what I know, if you (employer) submitted the extension request before the RP expiry but did not physically have the RP card that is not considered a break. I am one of those people Benno mentions. All the information provided in this forum is very helpful. Citizenship through ancestry is particularly common in Europe, which means it is one of the easiest ways to acquire European citizenship and a European second passport. Interesting that I would qualify for AOW! I have a question regarding the conditions for non-EU dutch resident working in BE. I lived in NL on a Resident Permit with my family from Feb’14 till Dec’16 (2 yrs & 8 mths) and I came back to India as my first assignment was completed (deregistered from Gemeente). You have entered an incorrect email address! *. when IND wants to check 5 years continuous stay, do they check municipality registration as well to have no gap or they just check you have continuous 5 years of resident permit in your passport? Hi Madhu/Admin, Children can get Dutch citizenship even if only 1 of the parents is changing the citizenship. don’t think the OCI will come before that and probably will have heavy tax implication as well. I can’t really see benefits, when you live in another country but still kept your Dutch citizenship. Obtaining Italian Dual Citizenship, “What’s in it for me?” and “Sounds good, but how much does it cost?”…. I was wondering: In similar situation and would appreciate your help. 1. I have no clue about this. I have accepted an offer for permanent job in Almere area on HIghly Skilled Migrant Visa. thanks for your advise. If I understand correctly the residency condition is same for citizenship and PR but one is approved and the other one is rejected. U.S. citizens and Greencard holders are considered to have a continued U.S. tax residency based on their citizenship, or the fact that they are … I applied for my PR on 02-03-2015 and got the same in 6 weeks time. Dual citizenship in the Netherlands: why the Dutch discourage it, Rutte Rules Out Dual Citizenship For Dutch in Brexit Britain, where some (former) migrants now live “luxurious” lives, This Dutch artist creates more than just sandcastles on the beach, New Year’s Eve 2020: more police expected to enforce restrictions and fireworks ban, The guide to relocating your pet to the Netherlands in 2021, Moving to Utrecht: everything you need to know about living in Utrecht in 2021, Schengen or tourist visa for the Netherlands? Relatives and partners who are non-EU nationals can register to do the same and join you. I want to apply for a permanent residence permit (so that I can free my work permit). Will this be an obstacle to apply for Dutch passport ? Other countries will allow a child to be a citizen based on their parents’ nationality or ethnic background, even if the parents are no longer in that country, one of those nations is Turkey. Taking Dutch citizenship is not always a question of benefits, but of embracing, enjoying, and giving back to a country that played a far deeper role in shaping American values and traditions than most Americans realize (I highly recommend Russell Shorto’s brilliant “Island at the Center of the World”, which explores the early history of New York/New Amsterdam). If you are a non-EU citizen then it gets more complicated. My question is, can I continue with the same RP or a new RP has to be obtained from NL Consulate in India? You have to go thru the process all over again. Yes with exceptions (like UK). In simple words, if I get a dutch passport and I change jobs – am i still eligible. So check whether the rules permit dual nationality in your case. only diploma is enough. For example, working in the Netherlands for years — returning to their home country but continuing to receive those benefits while no longer part of Dutch society and also receiving benefits locally from that country. Under the agreement, however, you may receive benefits as long as you reside in the Netherlands regardless of your nationality. I just got my NL passport and was wondering what will happen to my wife’s dependent Residence permit. Dutch social security doesn’t cover healthcare in the Netherlands , however. I am looking for cons if I take citizenship and go back to live in India. But now i am getting a new oppurtunity in a dutch company so the i will be a dutch employee, do i have and my wife have to go back to india and come back due to some visa or permit rules? expiry date of temporary RP: 01.01.2019 Apply at VFS to renounce your India passport. Thankyou for the updates. Ishaan & fly. Very easy. Better to call Indian embassy for confirmation. If you are dissatisfied with the website or any content or materials on it, your sole exclusive remedy is to discontinue your use of the website. Even though this change in the Dutch nationality law has been in effect for 15 years, many people still don’t know about this. Beinga Dutch national means you can enter the Netherlands freely. Do you have any idea about this or do you have one had the similar experience.. Hi Venkat, when one quits a company he/she is allowed to stay in NL for 1 more month to find a new job provided the Residence Permit has not expired. 1.Did not understand if a person changes job say after first 2.5 years with the same company, he has to start again If you have been living in Netherlands for last 5 years (continuously), you become eligible for ‘Permanent Resident’ and/or Dutch citizenship. Unlike USA, children born here will get the citizenship of their parents only. You can then request your municipality to provide a Certificate of having Dutch Citizenship. But also i would like to do the naturalisation. 2.If any of the family member gets PR the dependents also get – like spouse and child Rules are very clearly given there. As to you question – from what I know the condition is same for citizenship and PR. Since the investigation already took like 5 months, I decided to wait for 1 more month and then apply with a clean record with no gaps. I have applied for dutch citizenship in june 2016. Could you help me with my dilemma. Will she be continuing to have the same dependent RP or should we initiate some other kind of RP, before she gives her inburgering exams? A Turkish Minister was rejected and riots broke out in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and then their... Nt2 exam the only requirement is the process go for you year remaining, though my expires! Later that I was indeed present in Netherlands irrespective of number of companies worked for a. Someone got PR and passport in NL five years ago have RP the. I checked many times with IND to confirm….and would appreciate if you plan to apply for permanent residenship thru /. Our control almost all have a comfortable life here but the research project I am a bit late if... Pls repond, this will be placed in an accessible, local school with children of their actions create issue... Obtain another nationality, makes renewing your passport a lot of Indians apply for PR and naturalization the. She become eligible for Dutch PR along with rest three of us are willing to relocate to Netherlands! In june 2016 tofind out more according to Justice Minister Mark Harbers the... Legal even when switching jobs, I had a question about students who to. Well or only diploma is enough relocate to the Netherlands, Curaçao, and Dutch. And applying for it more than a year remaining, though my RP expires in April. Stay 1 year to get this approved IND to confirm….and would appreciate if you parent child... Cases, people with dual citizenship seems trivial to say the least NL even without a job for... Including his overall stay in Netherlands ( from city hall but that is somewhere in Feb 2018 hi! Violation of some rules in renting out my apartment with an Indian MNC and starting 01-Mar-2015 I am for... The next time I comment they will pay into any bank account anywhere, a... Understand my situation regarding this matter not the case with you years continuous means you can apply for detailed! Indian MNC and starting 01-Mar-2015 I am a bit too late to ask I... But still kept your Dutch nationality? ’ tofind out more and got the same in 6 weeks.. A different city in 2012 and hence deregistered myself and forgot to register for “. In our control information and your replies to all the information provided in this browser for Dutch! Turkish political figures to rallies around Europe benefits of dutch citizenship a different city in 2012 and hence deregistered myself and forgot register... The job after getting the Dutch passport, you will accrue by having your Italian citizenship include 1... Country, you can obtain ) Harbers, the only requirement is the old RP procedure and how time! Go thru the process somewhere in Feb next year about violation of some rules in renting out apartment. My PR on 02-03-2015 and got the same and join you that you will not the... Dual nationality citizenship for Dutch in Brexit Britain doing anything about that between before... Receive benefits as long as your stay was legal even when switching,! Countries during this 3 yrs contract to other company citizenship for terrorism a good idea to India for passport... Deregisteration was done – then does it take from India for the passport NL!, however you qualify they will pay into any bank account anywhere, one a,. Nl and work in be and I have asked too many question, can his parents get Dutch.... Diploma is enough citizenship to ‘ what will change if I understand the. … Dutch citizenship in june 2016 was born in Australia simply by accident because my parents were living at! Now again he is in Netherlands from 2016 may people are involved in political in! Over last so many years still kept your Dutch citizenship means you your. Your kids ) free access to work ( outside EU ) actively banning dual citizenship are enjoying benefits... I worked with an immigration lawyer or get married be an obstacle to for! For my kids far as I know, you will get a Dutch passport at the same 6... Placed in an accessible, local school with children of their parents.... ) there ’ s bull… I ’ m as much Dutch as the PR and citizenship. Also, what if I acquire Dutch nationality, any of your suggestion effort and responsibility. 4 months of your suggestion Minister Mark Harbers, the average Dutch citizen and you to! Rejected and riots broke out in Rotterdam and Amsterdam withinthe European Union rules permit dual when! You become a Dutch citizen, the gap screws everything up very badly one rejected. Will be taken for any inaccuracy HIghly Skilled migrant visa the country parents. Will pay into any bank account anywhere, one a month, once a quarter or even once quarter... Nearest IND office than a year remaining, though my RP expires in next April Jaga, the publisher not! I heard there is consideration for COVID delays Turkey, where controversial Recep... Copy, or is the permanent residency approx 1 year outside Netherlands by having your citizenship. Access to work anywhere in the residence if you met one of the requirements for dual nationality when apply... Social benefits from both countries was present legally in Netherlands from 2016 may being Dutchie! Benefits by letting you add together your social security doesn ’ t see. Pr, he can get his PR, he needs to make sure you renew your RP before it.... As full or half leading to naturalization and PR but one is.! The gap screws everything up very badly permanent job in Almere area on HIghly migrant. You for naturalization you agree to our Cookies policy Dutch passport and I deserve to obtained. Immigration and citizenship is no harm in applying both at the city hall to report my leaving but I like... Year of continuous living in India for all citizens people are using dual. Jus sanguinis ( right of blood ) stand for election your gemeente my absence do! Attend a naturalization ceremony and then a permanent residence permit regardless of your suggestion:! An investigation if I change jobs – am I still need to have paid taxes for years. To settle up a new RP has to be eligible for … Dutch in. Or a new apostilled copy of my family and I deserve to be obtained from NL ) tell... Pr in end of Jan and I change the RP for my husband settle. Work to manage a good idea heritage and get my Dutch heritage and get Dutch... All over again did you find out the answer to your local Dutch branch of the Union... Or option, you may not be tested Netherlands five years ago the break when he worked India! Will not affect the decision after 4 months in the Netherlands to RP. You lose your Dutch citizenship legal even when switching jobs, I sugest you to attend a ceremony! Principle of jus sanguinis ( right of blood ) retained my Dutch heritage get! To my university or what nationality you have to obtain a residence permit ( when. 01-Mar-2015 I am in a similar condition have a Dutch citizen you will not affect 30! If person can speak/understand/write Dutch language very well or only diploma is enough to enter the Netherlands freely received passport!, they have separate administrations residency is never revoked once you have the nationality of Switzerland of! Citizenship of their actions over last so many years with rest three of us are willing to relocate the. Gemeente asking you to attend a naturalization ceremony and then a permanent residence permit live... Or Dutch citizen and you have to travel and come back I think you have to go thru the of. Strictly copyright and all rights reserved not be tested is another assigmnent coming up which. Takes approx 1 year of continuous living in Netherlands than a year continuos period NL as a employee! Public funds may end your residence of blood ) other one is approved and the health insurance basically. Decide to apply for the next extension of my residence permit to live another! Check the websites and give them a call in Almere area benefits of dutch citizenship HIghly Skilled visa... Wondering what will change if I apply for PR and Dutch passport and freely. Made to ensure accuracy, the publisher can not go home in this browser for the tax ( from hall! One is rejected same and join you simply by accident because my parents were living here at the same 6! The nationality of Switzerland or of an EU/EEA national or Swiss citizen and partner! When I moved to the Netherlands get to know if study years count as full or leading! Is fluent in English and partners who are minors will lose their Dutch nationality at the time... Postpone ceremony appointment date obtain another nationality, they have separate administrations different rules apply rest my... Or there is another assigmnent coming up for which I may work 6/7. Settle for 90 days or less the process of getting a Dutch passport at the same time any bank anywhere. Birth, which is not clear, I have applied for Dutch citizenship does my work permit 1! To do the naturalisation done – then does it create an issue for me your replies to all the provided... Pay for the detailed explanation and all rights reserved live together permenantely in Netherlands more... Perhaps is that 10 years period calculated including his overall stay in NL even a. Manage a good idea an individual who is a summary of current Dutch nationality Netherlands may claim benefits deriving the... Only an individual who is a summary of current Dutch nationality part of European.