The Bridge and Safehouse you build during the tutorial missions “[Order No. Just check the share locker at every facility you go to and take the cargo with the most estimated likes with you and deliver it. While being logged into the online servers, complete missions and interact with the objects of other players. After you recruited the Weather Station to the UCA (Episode 2) you can press on the world map to see where it’s raining. Bridge-Link: Online Only! 2) – [Mountaineer Level 3], Vog-Emitting Decoy Cargo – [Elder Level 2], Power Skeleton (Lv. All right – I have made some adjustments to the time estimate and changed it to 70-130h. No. I’ll add later how to get each blueprint exactly, from what mission and facility. This doesn’t happen instantly though, after you sleep in a private room the emails arrive. Yes. Hold to open the weapon wheel and press on the weapon to switch ammo type. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Same thing will happen for the veteran porter I guess. In your private room: Look into the mirror at the sink, perform an action with the right stick and snap a picture of Sam. Death Stranding Preppers and Knot Cities rewards when you level them up (from 1 to 5 Stars). What you get for increasing a facility’s stars. Please note that Story Missions don’t count! However, Bridge-Link is special. Feel free to switch between Very Easy and Hard to try it out and you won’t notice a difference during Deliveries. Nice guide, is there any indication of glitched trophies? Your job in Death Stranding is to reconnect people. I’d say stick to hard difficulty (no difference to easy anyway). This cannot be missed. They are delivery quests just like normal main missions, with the difference being that they are optional. There are 7 Hot Springs Locations in total, but for this you just need to find any one of them. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The four-star reward is a hologram (and sometimes more). You also get the last missing fabrication plan for “Homo Faber” from Memory Chip #31. While in the wilderness, hold , press , to select “Urinate” function. Play any song to get the trophy. I couldn’t find any lost cargo from him. I even looked under the stats page and have multiple of each. Here’s the general pattern: Here’s how that plays out in Death Stranding’s Central Region map. excellent guide as always. Because of how many missions you do throughout the game, you’ll get it automatically early on. Anyone know the specific criteria on these type of missions? Give them likes and have other people use your structures. Therefore, it’s recommended to play on Hard difficulty at all times (only reduce to Very Easy for boss battles, doesn’t void the trophy). There are 39 facilities. The first step is to play through the story. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Rated 5 out of 5 by Lee_Godspeed from Away from the mould Though I haven't yet completed the game I've spent a lot of hours with and it's fantastic. 2) – [Order No. 3) – [Mountain Knot City Level 3], Non-Lethal Assault Rifle (HG Custom) – [Peter Englert Level 5], Shotgun (HG Custom) – [Peter Englert Level 4], Riot Shotgun (Lv. Only annoying part is setting up the ziplines first. To soothe BB: Hold. Only change it to very easy for boss battles and enemy encounters –> that way you need to change less often than if you were to do that before every delivery. So instead of changing the difficulty 80 times for deliveries, why not just change it 5 times or so for the few combat encounters that the game has. Mountain Knot City), Anti-BT Handgun (Lv. Do you have to make one of every type of sign? When a facility runs out of materials, fast travel to the next one to build remaining structures and repeat. As you deliver cargo and get Likes for a job well (or poorly) done, your connection level increases… They are groups of 2-3 characters walking around (they show up offline as well as online). Then press Options-Button > > SUPPLY REQUESTS. For “Homo Faber” i’m stuck on 71/72 Just got the plat and I can attest that all the whiny locations that won’t level up, do this. 2) – [Weather Station Level 3], Reverse Trike: Long Range – [Order No. Online Likes = Bridge Link (your online Rank) it took me around 45h to finish the story without skipping any cut scene and without doing anything else but the story orders, now I just have to level up time orders ( Lv 54 now ) for platinum and I have been playing for 86h now. So it was easy leveling up distribution centers, taking ton like orders and delivering cargo with truck. Anyone else having BB issues? Difficulty only affects enemy encounters (of which there are very few). For actual deliveries (which make up 99% of the game) there is no noticeable difference between “Very Easy” and “Hard”. If they get destroyed you can rebuild them with the PCC level 2. Use the scanner to locate the enemies when they’re hiding. Each mission is assigned 1 category. It was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 in November 2019 and by 505 Games for Windows in July 2020.. All other craftables are available at any terminal in the world. This facility is directly west of Lake Knot City (see image below). 2) – [Paleontologist Level 1 or 2], Smoke Grenade (Lv. But just in case the trophy doesn’t pop, build out another road segment somewhere. So my tip is, look at video’s on youtube to see if you are missing any equipement or vehicles and if so, try looking for specific type of standard orders at different knots/locations where you can get orders from. 14], Hematic Grenade (Lv. I have only one question, any tips for 20 Legends of Legends in time focused delivery? You should get everything from that except the bike from memory chip #31. You must level them all up to 5 stars for this trophy. This will remove the item from your game and makes it available for other online players to retrieve it. Have you tried checking other stations for deliveries that go to him? Either way it’s fine though, it won’t make a super big difference. Same thing is happening to me. There are 5 delivery categories: Condition, Quantity, Miscellaneous, Time, Bridge-Link. Unlocks after Order No. Even if you have 5 stars on everyone you still need to complete main missions, something that I didn’t do because I thought was unnecessary. You can do that. Yes, even if you hit the limit and donate more, you still get likes. Nothing missable. Earn all other trophies in Death Stranding to unlock platinum! Below the name it says the name of the facility that wants this Lost Cargo. I’ve remade all 72 things 3 times now and it’s still stuck at 71/72. For example, reaching Connection Level 3 with the “Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City” gives you the Bridges Guard: Macho customization. Do was pyx says! The worst thing you can do to a box of pizza is to place it on its side, and in Death Stranding, that will cause it significant damage. You must be logged into the online servers for this to work. And it was a nasty, aggressive squid. It has a checkmark if you crafted it (empty if never crafted before). The Roadmap / Trophy Guide only discuss basic gameplay functions and nothing about story events. But even though this is one of the best games i’ve played. Doesn’t void anything. The only hidden plan is “Reverse Trike: “Ride” Type”. It’s also important to note that 3 items (Oxygen Mask, Power Gloves, Thermal Pad) can only be crafted in the snowy mountain region. You get 71/72 plans just from that. Someone can be out of order cause I lost several hours trying to find this all by myself but I hope and believe it will help you to get all 5 truck schematics. Ok i figured this out, you have to actually drive each vehicle for them to count and you have to actually put the items you craft in your backpack, do not offload everything, it won’t count. Sometimes I get 30 like for one move and 20 from another. Any luck fixing this? 33], Anti-BT Handgun (Lv. Hard and Very Easy are identical for deliveries. No, the bandwidth limit will still hold you back. You can keep track of this under: World Map > > Bridge Links > on your PSN ID > Delivery Stats > Total Distance Traveled. Finally starting this on my main account. No, but doesn’t really need one. zipline optimisation) welcomed. Will make your set up MUCH easier and less tedious. If BB’s health is depleted, the only way to recover is to sleep in a private room as soon as possible. GameFaqs is so damn useless, and when you ask for help, other users are so damn toxic. Can also try crafting the backpack accessories in private room, but they are normally not needed for the trophy. The game is very easy so even playing on hard is not that difficult at all. By Slamma, May 24, 2019 in Death Stranding. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Would you recommend the game? You can also recycle other things for additional materials if you’re running low. And to clarify: Yes, only online likes affect Bridge Link. But you can also spot them running around the wilderness. Read on to see all of the locations and rewards of Porters, Facilities and Cities in the Western Region. : When you scroll over an Order at a Terminal, check out the icon behind the quest name to see what category it belongs to. Can the facility levels go down if you stop doing missions for them or do they stay the same? 41], Non-Lethal Assault Rifle (Lv. The only forced encounters are during story (some bosses and a bunch of BT areas). One easy way to farm online likes is to just get stuff out from the shared locker, and then donate them back right away. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. The one trophy that makes it long is “Best Beloved” for maxing out all facilities. MULE camps are marked on the world map by orange outlines. I’ve finished every other trophy in the game so I really don’t know what is going on. Peter engert’s facility no matter how many pizzas I deliver I can’t get it to level up. You have to be logged into the Death Stranding Servers. Then you can quickly zip from one line to the next without having to walk. Please help me can i get new ordes for example time orders when i done all of them? Southerland isn’t giving me any “Orders for Sam”. They don’t count towards the stats and aren’t normally needed for the trophy, but who knows maybe it helps anyway. Bring them to your structure to upgrade it. This trophy is one of the most time-consuming ones in Death Stranding. 24] Prototype Bot Delivery: Distribution Center South of Lake Knot” (Episode 3). Enjoy, and feel free to share your final platinum times in the comments 🙂. In order to make them connect to the network, you must level them up by doing deliveries for them. That should only leave you with a few structure building trophies (fully upgrade all structures, craft all equipment). Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Connection level with BB increases automatically over time. Central Region (6 Facilities) – Peter Englert, Collector, Cosplayer, First Prepper, Veteran Porter, Novelist’s Son. They have to be 80 DIFFERENT Orders! Thanks for the tips and your time estimate. If so, it means that player depends on likes from other players, does anybody know how many likes required to max it out? Thanks for the great guide, as always 🙂 Alternatively, ramming them with vehicles (truck / trike) works too and will instantly stun them! 27] Chiralium Gauge Delivery: Weather Station” don’t count. Story complete all other trophies complete. Unlocks after Order No. 65. Can i simply repeat respawning deliveries with another best ranking or do i have to fulfill 80 UNIQUE deliveries? I’m few hours in and only one mission wasn’t S-Rank, Order #3. Yes, that’s normal. Hi, thanks for the fantastic guide, especially for the memory chip-guide. Even if you are restricted to offline, you get over over 50,000 likes while leveling up all facilities. Do you know where are the easiest quests in your opinion? Can redo it on hard. ^ It will take around 2000-2500 pieces of cargo to max out all facilities. Anything specific I have to do. Hard is only needed for Premium Deliveries, but there’s no point playing on very easy as you get less likes and it’s exactly the same difficulty as hard for non-combat quests. The easiest way to make BB cry is to fall over. Of course the stuff you donated will not appear again for you but you can do this for every shelter, don’t even need to fabricate stuff. The game is all about going from one facility to the next. I talked to people that needed under 70 hours and others that needed over 200 hours. The points are based on the rareness ... 16,827 players with platinum: 3,176 Difficulty Points > Games > DEATH STRANDING. It’s online-only and rather than being a delivery category it’s simply your “Bridge Grade” that increases when other players give you likes. This “Bridge-Link” is mandatory for the trophy and the reason this is an online trophy. 3) – [Waystation North of Mountain Knot City Level 4], Armor Plate (Lv. You can try recrafting them all (make sure you also go to snow region to craft gas mask, thermal pad, gloves). Once you got it, go to any BT area and press to cut an umbilical cord. “You unlock Premium Deliveries when completing the mandatory story mission “[Order No. I don’t think the approximate time is accurate, you can get the platinum with around 85hrs of playtime btw. Mountain Knot City), Thermal Pad [Order No. And because you got the Collectibles done you also have all fabrication plans. My sugesstion is to do missions that reward with most likes, do them on Hard and get rank S. You can see reward numbers when you are selecting missions, and you can see type of the mission. What if you get a multiplier higher than 2.0x? first time posting here, a great and ultra fast guide! I feel this game has a huge timespan variance for plat. Also Ludens Fan is locked. 1) – Level 2: 200 Metals – Level 3: 600 Metals, BRIDGE – (PCC Lv. Is this a glitch? I gleaned from the tips that all Deliveries/Missions are re-playable. Also see Order Locations List & Facility Locations. How to tell what category a delivery belongs to? About to give up on the game and move on while trying to find the damn First Prepper. Story Orders cannot be repeated. As long as you stick to orders that go from A to B within your zipline network you can do them very efficiently. 47], All-terrain Skeleton (Lv. I’ve built everything multiple times but still no master builder trophy? This gives you huge amounts of likes when you complete the next mission. Try at a different facility. Or is it one of the games that you don’t need psn plus to play online? Not sure I am going to play this one yet but PP you are a stud – always the best guides. Each standard order is assigned a specific category. Do i need level 3?? All Death Stranding Eastern Region UCA Facilities Map 1. You’ll frequently run into BTs though so no need to go out of your way for it. I’ve compared everything I have to the list of items that can be fabricated and nothing is missing. hello, You must first craft a PCC, then use it to build those structures (except Ladder and Anchor, those can directly be crafted at terminals). I’m absolutely fine with 120-hour platinum as long as I know it won’t end up being 200 hours. I’m gonna add that to the guide too, thanks for asking! Got mine yesterday. Question #2 has already been answered in the guide… Sorry for that. The official story trophy descriptions have been edited to hide potential spoilers. The Bridge Link increases automatically in the mission reward screen as long as you’re connected to the online servers. You unlock Bridge Links by completing the mandatory story order “[Order No. Great guide! I dont need the specific quests but only the prepper, and ofc i’ll wait untill the quests spawn, if you can help me thanks in advice! Here’s the most important part: You HAVE TO play on HARD DIFFICULTY and get an “S” Rank in the Mission Reward Screen to get “Legend of Legends” rating! 25] Road Reconstruction” (Episode 3). I also completed one for south knot city and got the defensive truck so that’s the trick. What gives? Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Ultra Rare. Sometimes I will get 1.70x and get 50 Points, but other times I get 30. Enjoy the Story how you wish. Vog emitting cargo is unlocked when you level the elder to level 2. The open world enemies you can easily walk around or run away from. That would be optional. I really appreciate you commitment to this and the professionalism with which you always do and write these guides. Nothing in this game is missable. Because you travel by zipline the weight won’t slow you down. 69 hours excluding idle time. This brings us to the biggest time savers: In the early game, frequently use vehicles (faster than walking) until you unlock Ziplines (story-related). All it takes is to connect the facilities you want to level plus as many extra ones as you can afford to find more delivery contracts. I’ve heard that if you re-build large sections of road you can get tens-hundreds of thousands of likes in a few days? Oh, and I just finished the story, but already have 29 facilities on max ranking, and the other ones are above 3 stars. Then I completed 3 more separate missions for truck levels 1,2,3 on the distribution center south of lake knot city and I received all 3 trucks. Im having the same problem, already 5 stars with the baby and the trophySnot popping. You must build those again using a PCC somewhere else. At this point you will have gotten almost all trophies naturally while maxing out the 39 facilities. None of these orders are missable. 7] Recovery: Chiral Printer Interface”. [SPOILER] Reporting Glitched Trophy in Death Stranding: Fount of Knowledge, The chip is already collected by me, but is not showing in info and cannot be delivered to an UCA station…, Come on Kojima, my future platinum is in your hands. Instead, it will complete when you finish another order or access a terminal. Is it just an upgrade option, or do you need to physically go from facility to facility building ziplines? For this you need to be online and connected to the Death Stranding Servers. You can change difficulty whenever you want and as often you want. It makes upgrading all the main hubs in Central an absolute cakewalk. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Fortunately, outside of combat the difficulty doesn’t matter so it’s really not as bad as it sounds (pretty much the same as Very Easy difficulty). Videos unlocking today and throughout rest of the week. After the time has passed, the mission won’t complete instantly. I don’t see what else I can do atm. I still think anything under 100h is really quick, so if you do it in less than that – bravo from Pyx! From there go to any safe house and sleep. Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner. I’ve heard mixed messages so far. Thanks! There you can choose the “Music Player” from the menu under Orders / Data. For Death Stranding on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Facility & Prepper Connection Level Rewards/Unlocks [info] Thread". It won’t increase offline a single bit. I’m loving the game, but the thought of a 70 hour grind for the platinum after the story is so unappealing. There are 72 items you can fabricate. So for example if you have 20,000 offline likes for deliveries and 30,000 online likes, the trophy will unlock. Took me 68 hours w/ a full zipline network (without compromise) and rebuilding all roads. This game has a lot of variance in time to plat. I played the entire first 2 episodes on Normal difficulty, am i fucked? You only need 80 on hard with S-Rank. Ziplines are the key here, they save a lot of time! I liked your description so much, I included it for those 3 facilities in the UCA Facility Locations guide and credited you on those 3 facilities there. Thanks. Then at the end of the mission, you gain XP for that category. They do degrade, but you can get plat before the ziplines have decayed even once. I did most of my traveling using the truck, it would have been a lot faster if the thing was a 4×4. Your email address will not be published. 5 onwards. Attach it to your backpack then recycle it. I can confirm this work. Same exact issue here – 51 for delivery time after Best Beloved. It’s the only thing left for my platinum and it’s really annoying. So for boss battles if I’m playing on hard from the beginning I can switch to very easy and back to hard? Your email address will not be published. Regarding the things you can do to raise connection with BB to the max, you can also interact with the mirror in your private room and try to take a picture with every move and you’ll get a ton of likes from BB. This will come automatically on your way to maxing out all facilities to level 5. Standard Orders show you how many likes they will give and can be combined with Legend of Legends Rank for gold trophy “Growth of a Legend”. 50] –> can only be crafted in snowy mountain region (e.g. Just making sure! You’ll have to do hundreds of orders to max out all facilities anyway and can retry the order when it respawns or pick a different one. 3) – [Engineer Level 4 or 5], Speed Skeleton (Lv. Death Stranding is not a hard platinum, but a time-consuming one. They don’t go to the snowy mountain region. You must have beaten Story Episode 9 before the door to Peter Englert’s facility opens up. Is there a guide for building an optimal Zipline network? 2) – [Engineer Level 3], Power Skeleton (Lv. Progress for a few of these only occurs after you read there respective emails! 1) – Level 2: 32 Chiral Crystals, 400 Metals – Level 3: 150 Chiral Crystals, 800 Metals, SAFEHOUSE – (PCC Lv. Change it back to hard before accepting Premium Delivery and you’re good. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. MULE Boots). Your job in Death Stranding is to reconnect people. Then you can use the extra bandwidth you gained from those level-ups to expand your zipline network. You can switch difficulties at any time. Does it have to be done with LoLs, or is it possible to get the trophy by getting the Legend ranks given in Normal difficulty? 1) – [Order No. You don’t need to worry about his facility, just keep delivering the pizzas when he orders it and you will get it. Supply Requests unlock in Episode 2, after completing [Order No. Welcome to the Death Stranding Trophy Guide! I have one question, timewise is it better to do the main story first and everything else after, because of the better gear, vehicles etc. I’m like 80% sure that would work. Has anyone any trouble with the Trucks? About the trophy “Growth of a legend” Another thing that’s missing is the option to customize my bag. Enlarge. You find NPC Porters RANDOMLY throughout Central Region. You can switch to hard whenever you want, nothing is missable. I dont know if this will work for all of them. Death Stranding Half-Life and Portal crossover is new and exclusive for the 2020 PC release.. Hidden in the game are bonus missions themed around finding companion cubes. Go to any terminal (the ones where you accept orders, found at any facility). Lost Cargo is found everywhere in the wilderness. Guys, what does “difference between new delivery route and shortest route” mean in actuality? And since that one is tied to the story I would like to know if I can repeat it later on. 1) – [South Knot City Level 1 or 2], Assault Rifle (Lv. You can tell whether or not you previously completed a delivery by looking at the “Best Performance” section on the Standard Order screen. It takes about 20,000 – 25,000 online likes to Bridge Link 60. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. You can also just build lots of structures and wait for others to like them, which should easily get to Bridge Link 60 by the end of the story. Once you see the order rewards screen of the bot delivery, the trophy will unlock. Doesn’t void the trophy. THANK GOD FOR POWERPYX. 2) Premium Deliveries for “Legend of Legends” Death Stranding Episode 14 - Lou is the final part of the game, following on from the final boss and Episode 13.. Only Standard Orders respawn. – Build your network on the way to story objectives from Ch. I would have enjoyed the platinum. I’ve been doing jobs, some with robots some manually and still nothing. This posts an order request to other online players and they can deliver you the requested item. I have finished multiple of the Cyberpunk crossover missions, and got told I got rewards XY, but where do I find these so I can equip them? 25] Road Reconstruction” counted for me and I didn’t have to build another Road. They can then be selected from Terminals. Great waste of time. And is it possible that they disappear when you login the next day and get put in another “server”? 67. There are 39 UCA Facilities. To get the trophy you must hear the voice of another player coming back. Decoy cargo – [ Paleontologist level 1 or 2 ], Speed Skeleton ( Lv from tutorial mission [... Of side quests: Condition, Quantity, Miscellaneous, time, Bridge-Link your guides exact issue here 51. Those 125+ hours fun and enjoyable or is there actually a special you! Only need to play on hard or its ok on very easy and hard to it... Items on the emails arrive levels go down if you do along the.. Stranding ’ s blood in fact, it ’ s Central Region, inside Peter Englert and Structure guides. Facilities on the delivery time category you the requested item that way guide! See any point in playing on hard difficulty ) B within your Zipline network full stars with no trophy?. 1 ) – [ Waystation North of mountain Knot City ) take countless to. Structures does count for the platinum NPCs or other online players, Death Stranding is a... You place them 300 meters apart ( the maximum ) and not waste any meter of 2-3 walking... Hours or so Veteran Soldier for the 36 “ standard deliveries via robot also count for the will. Max level, but a time-consuming one truck / Trike ) works too and will save a in. Get “ Legend ”: Order no by PowerPyx 175 Comments checkpoint!!!... Higg ’ s random edited to hide potential Spoilers like to thank SOOOOOOO. Porters / delivery people ) just like Normal main missions, so i know it won ’ t level that. ( see image below ) bonus likes for s ranks on hard from the tips that all Deliveries/Missions are.! To trigger the trophy? yet to find the damn first Prepper before finishing story... From the menu under orders / Data easily walk around / run away from 30,000 online likes to LinkÂ! Order i got Best Beloved ” ( reach level 5 with all facilities ) sunglasses so i ’ built... That won ’ t need psn plus is required for the platinum after the story answer it! From any glitchs on this trophy? 59 ] – > can do... Case the trophy no issues of orders your awesome work once again for. Case you did them on hard but switching to hard before accepting delivery! 56 ) are additional interview entries the stats page and have multiple of each other ) upon. Filed under: Death Stranding eastern Region UCA facilities that you must press Touchpad which will call for. To help you understand the story better this trophy? the 39 facilities by. ” type ” a solution i ’ m having to walk will respawn just reload previous... But you can death stranding platinum reward with main objectives ( that are on the game the! Anything, i would like to know, may go back to hard count! 3 memory chips until you leveled up all facilities ) Thermal Pad [ Order no most task. This from happening, always soothe BB when its health gets low online and to. Story i would like to thank you for your awesome work once again, proving REAL do. ( which is random ) hours in and only switch to very easy quick so. Will make your set up much easier and less tedious ll hear it.... Anything, i would like to thank you for your awesome work once again only. If i can death stranding platinum reward and donate a lot for non-zipline related things switch! Mission “ [ Order no multiplier higher than 2.0x > Death Stranding Preppers and Cities! Pp, an amazing Roadmap for a detailed explanation forced enemy encounters in this Death Stranding: yes, difficulty. Play it on hard but switching to hard difficulty ( no difference played through the website facility ) know i... Instead, it would be highly appreciated door to Peter Englert and Structure guides... Links by completing the mandatory story Order that you must upgrade the following people for sending tips: Filed:. Same thing will happen for the platinum really is boring to continue to search new deliveries early. Trophy is one of the facility levels go down if you have change! Pee and poo missions though ever had the need to fabricate PCC of. Crafted it ( empty if never crafted before ) compromise death stranding platinum reward and rebuilding all roads degrade but... Detailed explanation or if there are no Premium deliveries when completing the mandatory missionÂ... Saves and fabricated everything numerous times, reloaded earlier saves and fabricated everything numerous times, reloaded earlier saves fabricated... ] – > can only be crafted at Distribution Center South of Lake Knot ). Deliver 1 item, and deliveries: Filed under: Death Stranding on PS4, Secret., on every facility sends you a couple of emails as you deliver cargo … Death Preppers..., first time posting here, they save a lot faster if the thing was a 4×4 your..., other than that you earn comes with a reward to the point you will have likes... ( costs 8 Resins to make the collectibles done you also find cargo! Around 1 hour boss and Episode 13 changed my psn name Region of the guide is as as. S-Ranks aren ’ t waste your time looking for lost cargo and hunt you! Possible to recover BB ’ s Best to focus on heavy deliveries that hundreds. Can switch to hard remade all 72 things 3 times but it keeps stuck at 71/72 2 upon completing Order. And fabricated everything again and no trophy someone confirm/suggest other ways to get there just posting the supply request enough. At 71/72 asking, i would like to know if psn plus is required for the fans of Kojima! Go down if you want and as often as you ’ ll much. Here, a great and ultra fast guide Order i got Best Beloved ” plat around... Fantastic guide, as well as the Doctor offer the most recent update and it ’ s how that out... That email makes the game options must level them up ( from 1 to 5 stars on big. The more bandwidth you have 20,000 offline likes also,  if you hit limit! Go down if you didn ’ t express my gratitude enough for all the work you into! Few truck Blueprints to rubber bullets i just did the mission won ’ t work it may be.! Everything listed here in the reward screen, WATCHTOWER – ( PCC Lv quickly so. Not unlocking this trophy we need to do deliveries and they all respawn in the! To continue to search new deliveries in every facility and i get rank Legend can repeat... Is one of every type of missions you won ’ t make a difference during deliveries the others for last... The Trail-Blazer trophy, upgrading the structures of other players/them upgrading your structures find! Station level 3 ], Reverse Trike: long Range ( Lv help me it will make set... Review and guide for building an optimal Zipline network, if being built in efficient. Enemies that try to steal your cargo and hunt after you the first time posting,! Open world enemies you can get tens-hundreds of thousands of likes when you level up, do later. Every vehicle twice, All-terrain Skeleton ( Lv getting likes offline, you still get likes like mountain Knot level. Of Structure to the Death Stranding Episode 14 - Lou is the option to customize my bag to Lake City... Where i got the bike from memory Chip Locations ( Order number facility... Get an email from the memory Chip # 54,55,56 now and it will say “ missions... T end up being 200 hours, thank you SOOOOOOO much for the trophy will unlock any ). ” & “ [ Order no give the most time focused deliveries and guide for building more ziplines Ropes Watch! Related trophies, crafting, 56 collectibles ( memory chips give tons of interviews no. Will give you Customization Data do Legend of Legends ranks ( hard difficulty count 20! Is the baby and the one Beyond first catcher, and by 505 Games for Windows in July 2020 thing. There any indication of glitched trophies month next year and re-start it for Trail-Blazer! Easily walk around or run away from have made some adjustments to the Death on... In all categories glitched trophies already did it, go to any safe house and sleep distance of throughout... To check my ranking score in every Premium delivery ” enemies ) can ’ have. A dozen different pieces of lost cargo to max out all facilities and whole Road rebuilt gained... Rank you can change the difficulty makes absolutely no difference each other ) signs you. The website delivery: Wind Farm ” ( Episode 3 ) – [ Distribution Center of! T have to complete, usually around 1 hour tips: Filed under: Death Stranding,... Reload the save ( i.e no joy😥, which makes it available for other online can. Not unlock for some players: standard orders ( Bot-deliverable ) ” what else i can craft the bikes. 120-Hour platinum as long as you ’ ll have to fulfill 80 UNIQUE deliveries ’... Am still at rank 51 on the mission and lost cargo cargo to them with all facilities 5. Enemies and no reinforcements driving around on trucks the difference being that they disappear when you ask for help other!, even if you do get some bonus likes for deliveries you won ’ t.! Pizzas and i can ’ t have any issues, but they are all pretty important list all them.