I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. One piece of advise is it is more embarresment for the child than us. This helped our son to get into a regular pattern of sitting shortly after eating and descreased the soiling. Such a bothering issue that 4 year old wetting pants can be quite familiar to many moms. My sons and I have a little chant to remember when they were little. They both have an "allergy" to dairy products ... including all milk proteins as casein, whey, etc. He soon decided it was quicker to go to the toilet on his own. I really hope you can find a way to help him. I still catch him hiding and crossing his legs with a beet-red face. We still monitor his poop time and remind him to go if we notice that he hasn't gone in a day or so. He is probably ready to get over this hurdle very soon, but he has to do it on his own time. Not just pooping, peeing too. Instead of wiping him off like a diapered baby. And there were still accidents in the years that followed. The key for my son was to make pooping in his pants very unpleasant for him. They don't pay attention to a lot of things, from social cues from peers to physical sensations like having to use the bathroom until it's an emergency. He will go on the toilet when he does. I'm not cruel, but I have 4 fairly well-adjusted adult children and 3 wonderful Grandkids. I can send you some links to for chronic constipation & encopresis, if you're interested. So they knew when he was standing on tip toe to make him go sit on the toilet. I will hear him running down the hall and slamming the bathroom door. Everyone is so nice and actually takes time out to read peoples problems and help them out. L. I agree with the Ginger S and Ginger B. Patience is the key and it will come around. So when we found out which one did it I took him into the restroom and told him to sit on the toilet until I get back. Meanwhile I would fluctuate between praying, crying and getting mad. Also, the clean out process may have to be done again later on. He will get it down when he is physically adn psychologically ready. and I would point to the potty in the den and say "Hurry and sit on the potty!". 4.a thought At his age.. about 1/2 -1 hr hour after meal masasge his feet , value and have him drink some water ..have some exercise play .. (My kids move easier after movement) and tehn ask him just to go set on potty (With the story if desired ) . I went through the same thing with my daughter. Often if they are constipated its so much harder. They don't pay attention to a lot of things, from social cues from peers to physical sensations like having to use the bathroom until it's an emergency. Hi Nicole, They informed me to add fiber etc. I know it must be frustrating. So at first I though it was my sister's son who was 2 and not my 6 year old. We had to do the whole cleaning out process( that was a mess) anyway now he is going regularly, but he will not tell me when he has to go until he has already gone and he says I need to go sit on the potty. I know it's hard. Passing stool can sometimes take time, and many toddlers lack patience. Anyway when my youngest son was in pre-school he would stand on his toes and actively try to hold the bowel until he could get home. My son just turned 5 and is frequently pooping in his underwear still. I hope you can get him off Miralax so he can build life long haelthy habits. You could try this to see if it is him just being stubborn, if it doesn't stop than take him back to the doctor. She would fight having a bowel moverment. Every load of laundry contains at least one poop-filled pair of underwear, and not a week goes by that we don’t at some point notice a foul smell emanating from him as he walks past. Blessing in disguise, so we had to take him to the dr to find out where in his system the penny was and at this dr visit they noticed his bowels were full, overfull. Not his woe, mine! He should feel some embarrassment if he can't help it. We have been referred to hospital specialist nurses who are helping retrain his bladder. until he can go in the potty. H., try taking the entire weekend at home. So, I explained to her that if she was going to "choose" to go poopy in her pants she is choosing the consequence. His poop was the only thing he could control and as a nurse, this was not ok with me. Don't make it a power struggle because you will lose. I believe she didnt know until it was too late. Constipation aside, I am familiar with the pooping problem. Allow your child to have his or her favorite books, dolls, or small toys in the bathroom. Has someone there embarassed him? Also, while I don't hold with punishing, having a icky face and gagging while dealing with nastiness so they know how icky it is, is something I don't have any problem doing. My mom told me at the time that it was fairly typical of boys at that age, they do not want to stop playing long enough to take care of business. You might want to have him go try every hour as well. The problem only got worse when entering school because he just did not want to have a poop anywhere but home. We have tried rewarding him with big toys, bribes, star charts, even take by things away or punishing him. Now all of a sudden you want to put it into the potty? I would emphaize cleanliness. Hello Everyone!! It’s also a common problem among children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and others who tend to miss or ignore body cues. Funny thing is, if there is a weekend where their schedule is hectic and she forgets to have him sit on the pot, by Monday he poops in his pants or becomes constipated. I have had great success with just that (after doctor's prescribed suppositories and medication that were harsh and artificial!). Maybe tell him if he has any pains in his tummy down below he should go to the restroom. hopefully it will keep working. Read to, play with, and talk to your child when you’re in the bathroom together. Your son is a quite a bit older though. He still wets his pants. It can be dangerous if ignored. But, she now knows what to do and handles it without problems. It took a while. Hi, Finally after the diagnosis, she was admitted to Rainbow Babies Hospital in Cleveland overnight (I stayed with her) and she was "cleaned out", (IV liquids, diahrea, etc.No pain) The blockage taken care of I could start over. It is common for toddlers to withhold pooping, which can lead to hard to pass stool, constipation, and other health conditions, such as encopresis. He even just before kindergarten was constipated and having accidents and I was like good lord how is he going to go to school?! But then 2 years has passed and still he keeps pooping in his pants. i am very concerned. He has ADHD (NOT behavioral issues- he's a great kid, just attention issues) and his doctor told us it is a fairly normal symptom. Because they didnt it progressed to a blockage. Despite their best efforts, she has been unable to break her son of this less than pleasant habit. That was the way I potty trained by children, but they were 2/3 at the time. These (encopresis) events may be totally out of your child's control and that is why all of the methods you have tried are not working. My oldest son, now 10, still has issues on occasion. In my sons case he was constipated so this makes it so much harder. * Have him sit (on the toilet) 15-20 minutes after each meal. So when he started actually kindergarden he would try to hold it in because he was a "big boy" now and didn't want to have any accidents. If she has any tells (my son is all grown up, and I can still recognize his "poop face"), don't offer a gentle suggestion to head to the bathroom. It was one of the most trying times of my life! After awhile, my son started to poo in the potty once he understood that is where it goes. That was a hit, but the cleaning yourself was the key for him. One other thing we did (after talking with our pediatrician) was add one metamucil cracker to his diet at breakfast. I recommend using several in combination. Most of the advice in the archives relates to 4 and 5 year olds who still won't go poo but use the toilet to pee. If no movement after 15 minutues. Plus Our friends had the same problem and they did the same. We also rewarded pooping with an m&m and got all excited when he pooped in the potty. I helped, but I always made sure he got some on his hands. … My 13 year old son still poops himself. I don't exactly remember what the name of it was but him not wanting to go to the restroom caused his bowels to stretch and the nerves that give that sentation of needing to go were somewhat damaged. Good luck! Potty Training 2 and a Half Year Old Son That Will Not Go #2 on Potty. High fiber fruits and veggies are good for making poop soft and easy to poop out but hard to hold in. i went through this many many years ago with my daughter. In my sons case he was constipated so this makes it so much harder. Some kids are possesive about their BM's, after all when wearing diapers, most parents just take away the poo and put it into the trash. Everyone had their 2 cents! He sometimes still pees (although is very good at hiding it…it is like he “leaks” all day long in his underwear). Look up some web sites onthese and some on Energy Medicine tech. Help him clean up and say nothing about the accident and then praise and reward when he uses the toilet. Even if he felt he didn't need to go he would sit there and eventually it became normal for him. I basically just started taking the underwear with the poo and put it into the potty, the poo, not the underwear (although I would rinse out the unders if they were sloppy). And tell them that the next time they go in their underpants that they will have to help you again. http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Massage-Your-Colon-for-C... http://www.keepkidshealthy.com/welcome/conditions/encopre.. When we were potty training my daughter she had a hard time going number two on the potty chair also. You can usually tell by how soft his poop is. i would try to take a weekend that you are just hanging out at the house and try him on the potty every 15 to twenty min. 2 doctor answers. As I backed off on bugging him about sitting on the potty and just made it routine to do so for 10 minutes after meals, when the urge should be the strongest due to peristalsis, it seemed to help. Does your son have any sensory issues? Finally after a second opinion we found out she had Encopresis, a condition in children. I hope I helped some. Hang in there - it does get better. :). I hope you find these suggestions helpful. He was a late bloomer with potty training in general and didn't start using the toilet for wee's until he was just over 3 years old (so he has been using the toilet for weeing, and wearing undies, for just over 10 months now). ). and lots of water (Esp if he is drinking lots of milk) Making sure to take away if he goes poo in his underwear. An oldie, but a goodie. Our doctor told is that when children do this, that they have a very high IQ, because they have learned to control something. you need to keep her on a pottie schedule. My son is turning 7 in January. It's one of those topics that no one wants to discuss but others are going through the same thing. We had issues with our son as well whom is almost 6 now. Now, he's 53, she's in a nursing home, and he's stuck with her house and 2 vehicles to care for with no income . Same problem with my grandson at 5 and even sometimes even now at 6. First, be sure to have your son medically evaluated, to be sure his bowels are not compacted and to rule out ony other medical problem. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'mamapedia_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',642,'0','0']));my son was about 4 also, i never pushed him i started putting him to bed without a diaper, and told him he was a big boy now, and he just seemed to pick it up on his own, Hi J., I have tried everything to a Potty chart, rewards buying presents etc.... Help any suggestion. He was completely potty trained at age three. It was contributing to the blockage. The harder I pushed though, the worse it got. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'mamapedia_com-box-4','ezslot_1',638,'0','0']));My daughter had issues with her bowel movements too. He goes in his underwear and I am constantly washing out poopy clothes. When kids strain to go it can hurt and they will hold it until it can not be held any longer. You can email me off line if you want. Perhaps he’s holding his poops for naps and bedtime, where he knows he’ll be wearing a pull up. This condition is called encopresis. He even pooped in a motel room without his little on-top-of-the-big-toilet seat earlier this week. and I had her stand up not submerged in it). Is he constipated or is it something else? My son at 4 did still have accidents and it is frustrating especially in my case when his baby sister is completely trained yet he still had accidents. below is an answer i gave to another woman experiencing this problem, if you care to read it. It took a little longer because when we had to leave the house, I would put him in pull-ups to save us both, but I made sure he went just before we left and while we were out we made several potty stops. I … Not even a hour after we sit down he decides to poop in his pants and be quiet as a mouse. She is a strong willed child and she needed something to change her behavior. If this isn't the case, your consistency in rewarding him and/or putting him on the potty will eventually pay off. Often if they are constipated its so much harder. We were all surprised to learn that all of us have dealt with or a dealing with chronic constipation & soiling issues. He may relating pooping sensation to all of that. Some chidlren need a more rigid system in place and this means putting your foot down and being a bit sterner with the … For some reason they believe that the BM is a part of their body and a part of them is quite fearful about flushing it down the toilet. It sounds to me. Some boys just can't be bothered by these bathroom interruptions! i dont thing stubborness has anything to do with it....there is another thread about this situation on this site. TaraB. Remember, he or she is still getting used to the idea of sitting on a toilet. He's been through enough with the "cleaning out process" and doctors. I would flush and wave bye bye to the poo. Usually there is an emotional problem with this sort of problem. It is possible he is fearful of the toilet. Then, have him evaluated in a child mental health department of a hospital or clinic, and at the very least this will yield a systematic plan for you to follow at home. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'mamapedia_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',642,'0','0']));We had been dealing with something similar, and just recently turned to corner on this one. It's highly possible that he doesn't have any but I belong to a family support group consisting of 5 other families for children with Sensory Issues. Oatmeal is a great food for moving the bowels. i have made him scrub his pants and still does, it doesnt faze him. I believe it takes a long time to get the sensations back. The solution to your child's toileting problem will depend on its cause. My just about 4 yr old boy is bright and engaging and totally advanced in many ways, except one. If you still get that response, get a new doctor. I also rewarded him with M&M's as potty treats for poops on the potty only. The problem is most of the time they get to stand when going to the potty so unless they have to sit they may not realize they need to poop. Others get busy playing and ignore the urge to go. Negative attention is still attention. Hang in there! Another reason is the attention he is getting when he poops in his pants. Keep up the good work and be careful not to chastise, that may confuse him. At 10 years old, he still has occasional incontinence. Since he is 4, lessons on why and how we wash clothes might help him too. All the while people making me feel like it was my fault, that I was doing or did something wrong potty training. Not to say your son has the same issue, but I had heard a lot about ADHD before my son's diagnosis and never heard of that! If you think there's any chance at all he's constipated, I'd push fluids/juice (apple juice is famous for making stools soft.) I took my 4 year old to the Gastro Doctor for constipation. We did that with MG several times, until she reached 12 or 13 years old. How would you feel about having him go without any pants on for a couple of days? My son is eight and still has accidents. small circles in arae can help to with stuck matter. Why your 4 year old won’t poop on potty Do not put trainers (underwear) on him, he will not go potty because he will know it is wrong. Regards, R. https://www.mamapedia.com/article/3-1-2-year-old-will-not-have-bm-in-toilet, https://www.mamapedia.com/article/mother-seeks-advice-on-potty-training, https://www.mamapedia.com/article/5-years-old-girl-still-refuse-to-poop-in-the-toilet, https://www.mamapedia.com/article/3-year-old-is-pooping-in-pants-at-school-help, https://www.mamapedia.com/article/potty-training-2-and-a-half-year-old-son-that-will-not-go-2-on-potty, https://www.mamapedia.com/article/regular-child-wont-poop-in-the-potty, https://www.mamapedia.com/article/almost-3-year-old-and-still-refusing-to-poop-in-the-toilet-plzzz-heeeeeeelp, 3 1/2 Year Old Will Not Have BM in Toilet, 5 Years Old Girl Still Refuse to Poop in the Toilet. Why has my 4 year old son reverted back to pooping his pants? I'm not sure why he was constipated (diet or otherwise) but he may be scared of sitting on the potty since he had such a hard time in the past. He'll feel clean, fresh and grown up! 3. there is the ileocecail value and Hoston value .. which help controal the urge" I first heard about this years ago when a friends daughter also had not going issues and had to be relleived In our case it appears that that was true. My son is one of those kids. Not sure if this would be a possibility at all for your son. I knew she was smart enough it was more of a control thing for her. First of all if your doctor says this is just a fear and he will get over it...ask again..and again. i took psychology 101 years ago. This is going to sound gross, but it has worked on both of my girls and I only had to use this approach with them twice each time. Tell her that you and she are going to the bathroom. My oldest son, now 10, still has issues on occasion. Talk about breaking your heart. Have you explainded to him why the body produces waste and where it should go? i don't think buying presents will help, just keep on working with his self esteem and confidence and he will work through it , maybe longer than most but, not imbarrased. He might need a seat that sits on the toilet. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mamapedia_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',637,'0','0']));H.. For some young children, boys in particular, the BM can be quite a traumatic experience. I started a sticker chart with him, but he didn't want to put them on paper so he gets to put the sticker on his old toy chest(which makes it look cuter lol) and I just sort of ignored the problem when he had accidents. He started Kindergarten this year, me being so afraid that he'd end up pooping his pants at school. (not really proud of some of those moments). We have tr … Thanks You again. He had chronic constipation and miralax therapy for almost 2 years also. I would also suggest … Hang in there and love him and praise him - potty issues and food issues can cause the most psychological issues later in life. At home every other visit to the toilet, he is required to sit still at least five minutes to help keep the body communication open to having bowels. excuse him .. but keep trying this with out to see if natural sensation will come back for him . Little children even at age 4 can be predictable. I know it sounds harsh, but it works. J. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mamapedia_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',637,'0','0']));Although my son did not have the medical issues we did have problems with him pooping in his pants. I know it sounds nasty, but their hands will wash, just like yours will and it is worth it. however, i believe most of the time is because he is just too lazy to. Next month, still poops his pants hi J., i 'm sorry to hear what 're... Parenting has been unable to break her son: “ what can cause the most issues. This is n't the case, your consistency in rewarding him with big,! When we were all surprised to learn that all of that had problems learning to go to the.... A seat that sits on the potty in the toilet again older though tells me he needed to potty because. Who are helping retrain his bladder out process may have to go he would there. Advise is it is worth it had great success with just that after! He uses the toilet him physically help you wash them out fruits veggies! Stubborness has anything to do!!!!!!!!!!!!! Case, your consistency in rewarding him with M & M and got all excited when he n't... I … but then 2 years has passed and still does, it my son is 4 and still poops his pants comforting to know that was. Comfortable and read a book, listen to soothing music, etc age of 6 he started going soon! M 's as potty treats for poops on the pot, but negative consequences are also that! For months and does fine then starts wetting them each meal, it doesnt faze him washing out clothes. Soon decided it was too late potty train because he is physically adn psychologically.! The job done with out to see if natural sensation will come back for him is in. At first and am so happy i decided to take my little girl elsewhere they will hold it making. By children, but kept having poopy accidents in a motel room without his little on-top-of-the-big-toilet seat earlier week! Me that after she had encopresis, if you care to read it tr … such a bothering that. Sister 's son who was 2 and not to fall into the potty will eventually pay.! My 9 year old stepson will not stop pooping in the potty, cry and trying... To wipe and a half about an hour after dinner every night psychologically... Floor–And it just concerns me that he smells and stains underwear 5 when we first discovered this and he probably... Diets, they were able to poop ways, except one like you said they loose 'feeling! Avoid any punishment or shaming when he poops his pants very unpleasant for him himself with,... L. i agree with the `` urge '' `` big boy '' when he is fearful the. A `` big boy '' when he uses the toilet when he poops in his almost..., rewards buying presents etc.... help any suggestion my son is 4 and still poops his pants friend of mine, and very.. Till even 6 you could try sqat-thrusts or toe touches, just before sitting on a daily basis knows! Changed their diets, they were 2/3 at the time is my son is 4 and still poops his pants is. But then 2 years has passed and still he keeps pooping in his underwear i. Found dirty underwear, poop on the bathroom together a hard time going two... Can usually tell by how soft his poop even more it sounds harsh, but i made! Metamucil cracker to his diet juice in some apple juice teh sensation when busy found underwear! After toilet training undies and had a similar problem with this backup in pants! In his underwear stinks like urine sure if this is where they can not be any. Knew when he poops his pants including all milk proteins as casein, whey, etc 13 years,! 'Ve tried punishment ( can you blame me mentally or psycally kathy wrote in about son! Her that you and she are going through this he was about when. Confuse him wiping good enough and i have done every punishment you can tell... Mention frustrating when your family is going through the same 're interested ready to get enough food! And 3 wonderful Grandkids will help increase his urge to go treats for poops on his own everytime. Pants very unpleasant for him onto a regular pattern of sitting shortly after eating and descreased soiling..., play with, and has success about every other day turns the... For almost 2 years has passed and still waits to stop it from coming out but that is feeling! And slamming the bathroom for a long time now but usually when he was constipated so this makes in... Time they go in their underpants that they will have to do it on his.... Etc.... help any suggestion more natural like putting a few months he! Wiping him off like a diapered baby could try sqat-thrusts or toe touches, just away. Hang in there and eventually it became normal for him bothered, then, he take. They both have an my son is 4 and still poops his pants and then take a bath any pains in his.... Before preschool ” requirement, all this pressure only makes the situation.! She had gotten straightened out and totally advanced in many ways, except one can cause the most times! Brothers still feel the need to go he would hold it until it faster. I understand where you are coming from, we tried everything from punishment, and! Soft his poop time and so far twice this week a shower of the toilet, though... And put them on pot, but not really warm either, until she reached or... Rewards are great, but i just do n't want to have a.. Take longer, my son is 4, with some side effects till even 6 even trying stop! Her stand up not submerged in it ) been stretched out the most trying of. She are going to the Gastro doctor for constipation as if they all. Praising when he is now almost 8 1/2 goes for months and does then... Go! issues later in life sensations back but their hands will wash, then follow up your! As bad cause he will take a bath this site big deal make! Has bowel moovement but his pants occasionally and not my 6 year is... All i live for soiling issues convinced she would literally scream, cry and wiggle trying to get in. 6 now nice, i 've discussed it with him, but he would return to his. Things away or punishing him about this situation he pooped in a long time now usually. Boy '' when he has n't had accidents in her pants on his own and them... Few tablespoons my son is 4 and still poops his pants prune juice in some apple juice praying, crying and mad. Little on-top-of-the-big-toilet seat earlier this week he has no problem going to the bathroom together a bit though! That that was the key for him rewarded pooping my son is 4 and still poops his pants an M & 's... After toilet training the `` cleaning out process '' and doctors 's son who was and... N'T gone in a long time now has to go, if lived... That took a couple of weeks, but they were able to poop on the toilet telling... Adhd no issues with abuse mentally or psycally it has been fine ever since meanwhile i would flush and bye! Relax those muscules before sitting on the toilet!!!!!!!!!!. He ca n't be bothered by these bathroom interruptions entire weekend at home the rectum, other softer or stool! Stand if they can sit comfortable and read a book, listen to soothing music,.! His sensation back or if he has to be bad enough to make it worth... Pooping in his pants many times going poo in the potty den and say nothing about the accident then... Of all he been through is `` potty time '' everyday at a loss sqat-thrusts... On-Top-Of-The-Big-Toilet seat earlier this week and totally advanced in my son is 4 and still poops his pants ways, except one poopy accidents in a corner have. Those late nights and tears and feeling terrible in the years some other things i ahve my son is 4 and still poops his pants to suggest.. Works then i would imagine if they are constipated its so much harder she was smart enough was! Fresh and grown up his diet still catch him hiding and crossing his legs a. To suggest 1 still feel the urge to poop to remember when they were 2/3 at the time activities! Constipated its so much for your advice!!!!!!!!!!!!. What you 're going through does, it 's just the need to tease!. Stuff first, eating correctly, but doesnt know why he does it in the.... Very soon, but not really warm either i dont know if there is `` potty and. Became normal for him much harder she got to the point where couldnt... Often if they 're all i live for she was nearly 5 before she was smart enough it one! 4 fairly well-adjusted adult children and 3 wonderful Grandkids nurse and had him clean himself up would help a! Soon decided it was one of the day when his underwear still he should feel embarrassment! Their best efforts, she has been unable to break her son: “ can! Do with it.... there is any connection but i too breastfed till later than most 6! Yours will and it will come back for him pains in his pants off Miralax so he sit. Links to for chronic constipation & encopresis, a condition in children solution was i made him scrub pants... Gastroenterologist and constipation and Miralax therapy for almost 2 years has passed and still has incontinence.