As an alternative to the mairie, you can also sign the convention de Pacs document at a notaire’s office at a cost of around €400 (it is free at the mairie). If you look at the dates from my this post and the visa post, you’ll see that we were only PACSed for 4 months before I got the carte de séjour. The closest thing we have in the US is a civil union, but it’s not the same thing. Thanks for your great post! Thanks so much if you can answer, I’ve Looked all over the Internet trying to find out. Specifically I need to keep my birth certificate and translation for applying afterwards for the vie privée et familiale CDS. could you tell me where in Nantes to apply and what we have to write. Of course it would depend on who you get- perhaps the consulate workers are nicer in Aus than they are in the US. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!! It’s a great idea to list all the steps you took to get there. La procédure à suivre pour se pacser Pour pouvoir se pacser, les deux partenaires doivent répondre à certains critères spécifiques définis par la loi du 15 novembre 1999 du Code Civil. Il est conclu entre 2 personnes majeures, de sexe différent ou de même sexe, résidant ensemble, pour organiser leur vie commune. Now for the hard part…. This makes things a bit more official but this is not marriage. Le pacte civil de solidarité (Pacs) est un contrat. I am happy to not work in France for the period of my visa, and can sign a Stat Dec about that, and show sufficient funds to support myself for the duration of the visa too. The mairie will give you a receipt for the PACS that is valid for 3 months for whatever you need it for during that time, while they register the PACS with the city hall of the birthplace of the French partner (it will now be noted on their birth certificate) and with the Tribunal de Grande Instance of where you live for the foreign partner. To meet the requirements of the French government, U.S. citizens may sign an Attestation tenant lieu de certificat de coutume et de célibat (PDF-388 KB) attesting that they are free to marry or enter a PACS.This form does not require notarization by the U.S. Embassy. Visitor visas especially are seen as temporary ways to live in France for a limited amount of time, so they’re not super keen on the idea of people coming over on this visa in order to stay here long-term. Let me explain. La convention Le PACS suppose qu’une convention sur l’organisation de la vie commune (patrimoine, gestion des biens, …) soit rédigée et signée par les deux partenaires. To do it, we need to live together for a while? How to Get PACSed in France (As a Foreigner), Top Questions & Misconceptions About Visas for France, 7 of the Best Bakeries in Paris (And What to Order at Each), a PACS contract written yourself (you can find a template, a copy of their birth certificate dated within 3 months, which can be ordered from the, a form of ID issued by the government (EU ID card, passport) and a photocopy, a copy of their birth certificate issued within the last 6 months and accompanied by a certified translation. ( My American boyfriend would like to come live with me and he still is in the US. Thank you so much for this helpful information, you are awesome for sharing. Thank you for this resource! - by their country’s Consulate, if they are nationals of a third country, Does anyone know if this is possible or do you have to be living together in france for it to qualify? IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re getting PACSed in France, you should have your documents translated to French with an Accredited Translator recognized by your mairie. N.B. Usually, the French authorities will ask you to obtain the proper documentation from your Embassy. We just got a receipt. It entails both rights and obligations for both partners, especially “mutual and material support”. Catégorie . La rédaction d’un contrat : le PACS suppose qu’un contrat sur l’organisation de votre vie commune (patrimoine, gestion de vos biens, …) soit rédigé. She did end up calling to change our appointment time from 11:45am to 11am, and was nice enough to not only call back after leaving a voicemail the first time, but called again the day before to ensure that I had the correct time. Best to check with the prefecture! That was in beggining of December , how long before we get an appointment? La convention Le PACS suppose qu’une convention sur l’organisation de la vie commune (patrimoine, gestion des biens, …) soit rédigée et signée par les deux partenaires. Hello! We met 1 year ago and travelled several times together but have not live together. The closest thing we have in the US is a civil union, but it’s not the same thing. Once you have all the paperwork together, go to the mairie (in Paris, there’s one for each arrondissement) to make an appointment. * I needed a certificate de non-pacs (to prove I wasn’t already PACsed in France). I am so happy that i found you’d blog! If we get pacsed on a Schengen visa, and can prove 1 year living together, can I immediately apply for the CDS vie privee from within france, or do I have to go back to the US to do that? We have been together for 7 years in Australia and now just house sitting in france for 1year. You can always try without it, but it may not be worth the risk of them turning you away and saying you need one. (1) I happen to be going home for a brief period of time, and I wanted to confirm that it is not required that the certificat of cotume be notarized at an embassy. Ehrenfried Kluckert . French administration sometimes needs to be hassled- a lot- in order to get them to actually do their jobs. Note: A PACS does NOT automatically give you the right as a foreigner to stay in France. Immeuble “Le Brabant” Documents on this topic (473 resources in ... Institut d'aménagement et d'urbanisme de la région d'Île-de-France. This document can be obtained: Also, there is no delivery date on her Birth Certificate so she can make a translation in French directly without asking for a new birth certificate in the US ? Karen R. Jones. Home Thanks for the update, I’ll change the post! Hi Julia, you have to be living in France together to qualify. Email Address * OK. Thanks so much for your blog posts they are so extremely helpful! Thanks! At the moment, I am back in my country and we have decided to go for this “pacs”… It seems a hard work though… well nothing is impossible when there is love… God help us. Avec le prélèvement à la source, vous devez également signaler votre mariage ou pacs dans les 60 jours suivant l'événement sur le service "Gérer mon prélèvement à la source" de votre "espace particulier". A civil partnership in France is called a Pacte civil de solidarité (PACS). Then we may wanna do that i guess. Il est recommandé de prendre le rendez-vous par avance car il peut y avoir un délai de 2 semaine à 4 mois entre la prise de rendez-vous et le rendez-vous lui-même. (C) COPYRIGHT 2019 THE GLITTERING UNKNOWN - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, A final carousel of the snow photos from last week, On va rester un peu plus longtemps dans Paris enne, Un petit arc-en-ciel pour égayer même ce jour en, Comme un gamin à chaque fois que je vois de la ne, Nothing quite like a Parisian sunset ✨ With this, I don’t know about you guys, but the first two w, Quand le coucher de soleil est aussi beau, tout le, Besoin de caffeine ce matin ☕️ et vous ? We are going to get pacs’d next month and my visa expires August, but we will not have lived together for a year until September. My employer told me we have a much bigger chance to get it if we are pacsed so I hope we don’t have to wait many months for this. For future reference, you can always bring the original and a copy and have them keep the copy; this is valid for almost all French administrative affairs involving PACS and cartes de séjour, especially if you tell them how much it cost to have the silly thing translated. Metro ligne 7 – Corentin Cariou Le PACS produit ses effets entre les partenaires à la date de son enregistrement. You can find the list of papers you need to apply for the long stay visitor visa on the consulate website, but you seem to be aware already of the major things they look for ask for! What is a PACS? Documents required at the Annecy préfecture for the première demande of a vie privée et familiale CDS due to being PACSed ( both partners must be present when turning in the paperwork! It would only work if you moved to France full time. Thanks for looking out. me and my girlfriend are Romanian (part of EU) and decided to get pacsed . You must complete the PACS process within 6 months otherwise you have to reorder the birth certificate again. but I’m happy that I can work legally in France and be with my French lover , Hi I am French and I am going to PACS my American girlfriend. that you are single. Hi Garcia, you can definitely get PACSed to each other as foreign nationals in France. The PACS was voted for by the French Parliament in October 1999, largely to offer some legal status to same-sex couples. Les partenaires doivent dans tous les cas présenter les documents originaux qui suivent à l’agent consulaire pour l’enregistrement du PACS In French, it’s a pacte civil de solidarité, which translates to a civil solidarity pact, or essentially a domestic partnership. Ci-dessous une présentation concise pour guider les candidats au PACS. Best of luck to you and everyone else going through the joys of French bureaucracy. 4) Go to the appointment and get PACSed! Dossier Pacs : Comment le remplir et les pièces à fournir. Vous vous mariez ou vous pacsez, cette situation entraîne des changements dans les modalités de déclaration de vos revenus, le calcul et le paiement de vos impôts. Do you know if I am supposed to have two seperate certificats or if this one should work to prove both? Last question, the meeting for the ‘certificat de coutume’ and the document that will be signed there : is it valid for a certain period of time ? 1/ Birth certificate 2/ Certificate of foreign law stating that: In 2012, 94% of PACS were nonetheless between opposite-sex couples. We live together in France, can we apply for PACS status France? Dans le second cas, le notaire procède à cette formalité. We want to do things now as the other document will be out of date… and if we have to put an apostille on the birth certificate, we will have to send the doc back to the us and wait for weeks…. Jenny. I’m a British woman getting PACsed to my long-term French partner in a few weeks. I need to know how it works before I give my final decision in getting PACSed. (All documents must be originals) Hope we will make it happen like you ! Im currently in the process of trying to get PACS’d with my partner here. French Pacs was created by Act … You can find another explanation of the PACS on the Angloinfo website here. Now i’m Planing to move and I wanted to know one thing about the pacs. There may be a long time between when you take the date for the appointment and the date itself; it depends on how busy the tribunal is. Thanks for any help you might have! live together in france for at least a year then apply for cds privee et familiale. This document is intended for use by system administrators who configure and update Vue PACS and Vue Archive at client sites. I paid 70 Euros for a translation of my Birth Certificate and I know someone who even paid 90 Euros. Où faire la demande ? “Convention of Pacs” which will be given to you at your local Mairie (town hall). The PACS only exists in France and was introduced back in 1999 as a way of giving same-sex couples similar rights and benefits to those given to married couples. Anyway, so we have to do that and then we will be good. some other person in the french administration told me that she really needs it… What are your opinion/experience ? French civil partnership (PACS) is a contract, which provides unmarried couples the opportunity to organize their life together, with some social and tax advantages to boot.­ How do we establish a French civil partnership (pacs)? Service central d'état civil - Répertoire civil En cas de Pacs, pour toute demande d'attestation de non-inscription au répertoire civil des personnes étrangères nées à … This is also a chance to obtain help with drafting a contract about how property will be owned by the couple. Documents à présenter. We’ve been together almost 2 years now, I had a 6 month visa de long sejour earlier this year followed by a 3 month tourist visa, so that was an ‘uninterrupted’ period of living together for 9 months, but since that tourist visa expired I’ve been back and forth to the US and france as time allows. Can i just ask how long it took for your non-inscription au repertoire civil to come though? Congratulations on your PACs. A pacte civil de solidarité or civil solidary pact is a contract entered into by two adults in order to, as the French administration describes it, “organize their shared life.” Essentially a legal partnership just a notch below marriage, PACS certifies that you live within a single household and can therefore declare taxes together. When we’re pacsed does the visa granted to me actually allow me to work? Hi Lycidas, no, you need a long stay visa in order to extend your stay in France. Thanks for the info. Documents à présenter. There is one detail in your advice which does not match with the official advice from our Mairie – it is not necessary to have lived together BEFORE the PACs, but the couple must build a communal life including living together at the same official address after they are pacsed.J, My husband is pakistani and pacsed with french girl. The certificat de coutume doesn’t expire as far as I know, so you can make the appointment for that while you’re waiting for all the other papers. I was able to order using the same site you used so thank you so much for being so helpful throughout this process. En France, le PACS s’effectue par déclaration conjointe des deux partenaires, quelle que soit leur nationalité, généralement au greffe du tribunal d’instance du lieu où ils ont fixé leur résidence. I recently found a Russian man who wants to live with me. Le tribunal de grande instance de Paris a une compétence nationale dès lors qu’un des contractants est de nationalité étrangère, ce service se trouve à l’adresse suivante :  may not be related directly or have direct affinity, or be collateral kin up to (and including) third generation cousins, Les Pacs peuvent être enregistrés au choix : chez un notairedans la mairie de domicile des deux partenairesLa Ville de Rouen est compétente pour enregistrer exclusivement les Pacs des personnes résidents à Rouen. The notaire will maintain a record of the Pacs. What is a 'Pacte civil de solidarité (PACS)'? In France, a civil solidarity pact (French: pacte civil de solidarité), commonly known as a PACS (pronounced [paks]), is a contractual form of civil union between two adults for organising their joint life. 2/ A statutory declaration (affidavit) that you both reside together, signed by both partners These documents are requested to confirm that you met all the requirements to legally celebrate a PACS in France. I am currently looking for the ‘attestation of the common address of the partners’ form and the link on your website isn’t working. I’ve heard this, I think they changed it on the 1 November when they moved all the PACS procedures to the mairies. hey there, thank you for the very helpful blog post. Madame _____, née le 21 janvier 2021 à _____, et étant de nationalité _____ … : seuls les documents rédigés dans une langue autre que le français et l’italien doivent être traduits par un traducteur assermenté. Getting a copy with an apostille is a fairly complicated process in NY and will set us back at least a month, definitely wish I’d known earlier in the process. However, I’m not sure if it would allow you to get a visa. Si vous fixez votre résidence commune à l’étranger et que l’un de vous deux au moins est de nationalité française, vous pouvez faire enregistrer votre PACS auprès de la section consulaire du lieu de cette résidence commune. We don’t need visa , we are both EU nationals. Publications and documents-A + A. 1. 4/ proof of French nationality: valid national ID card, copy of the naturalization or restoration decree, declaration of acquisition of French nationality, or certificate of French nationality. Update 2017: I got the vie privée et familiale carte de séjour with the PACS! Elles se présentent donc ensemble au tribunal. thanks for your great post! Our last problem is that we realized that her birth certificate from the state of viriginia did not come with an apostille. (2) I received a certificat of non-pacs that also states that i am not ‘inscrite au répetoire civil.’ Essentially a two-for-one certificat. “Attention ! Hi Koquis, I’m afraid I won’t be much help in this department because every state processes these requests differently. As with most things in France, bureaucracy is rife, and various documents are required, including a certificat de coutume (British nationals can obtain this from the British Embassy in France), which states that there is no legal impediment to you entering into a PACS in France, i.e. > Civil Union (PACS) > Civil Union (PACS). Cosnular officer in France. After the 3 months, you will need to request a PACS certificate in order to prove that you are PACSed. I was about to leave when she said “ATTENDEZ” (“wait!) The Pacte Civil de Solidarité (PACS) Hi Emily, Ils doivent également fournir un certain nombre de documents, pour réunir les conditions légales requises pour conclure un Pacs. ENTRE. my french boyfriend and I are very much in love, however we have only lived together 1 month. Do you mean the long stay visa can’t be applied to once in France ? Do we include the actual or a copy of the récépissé? I’ve actually found a better link than the one you shared here (you don’t need to put in your email address) and have updated the post . The other prerequisites are generally common sense: you have to be majeur, or not a minor, in your home country; legally competent to make these decisions; not already married (including in your home country) or PACSed; or be related to each other. The only condition is that you have to live together; as a result, it’s possible for roommates to get PACSed either for the tax benefits or to have the chance to apply for this visa. Hi Kaylene, he will have to have a long stay visa before he can get a carte de sejour with the PACS. I have a quick question about the PACs contract that we have to bring to our appointment. Le PACS avec un partenaire étranger Le pacte civil de solidarité n’impose pas de condition de nationalité. If you do not intend to get married, or you are unable to do so, then, in order to offer some protection to your surviving partner, you should consider adopting a French civil partnership. , Hi Micah, I have a friend who came on a long stay visitor visa and got PACSed with her French boyfriend. Et voilà, that’s how you get PACSed in France! 4.4.1. (As we've recently advised another poster, there isn't a central registration of all PACS contracts in France.) La convention de Pacs à remettre en mairie peut prendre la forme d'un formulaire à remplir et à signer par les deux partenaires : le cerfa 15726, qui peut être téléchargé ici puis imprimé. Marriages and PACS between an American and a person legally domiciled in France are authorized and a French certificat de coutume et de célibat may be required. I guess so- honestly I’m no expert on this but I figured if it was good enough for a marriage it would be good enough for a PACS. Hi Abby! Hi there, your blog was so helpful to us getting PACS’d, thanks very much. I have an EU passport (Britain) and we think this will be simpler than him flying back to Sydney for a long stay visa. I had to renew my récépissé at least 3 times. I have a blog post that details the procedure of getting the VPF carte de sejour if you want to check that out! Certificate again bring to our appointment ohh I got the vie privée et familiale carte sejour. * I needed a certificate de non-pacs ( to prove both it could be ok without it as... Be confusing for the PACS problems as far as I read here: “ Attention foreigners people. ) and decided to get them to actually do their jobs les documents rédigés une... Wait! naissance et Convention de PACS permet à deux personnes majeures lien... L ’ italien doivent être traduits par un notaire so we have to bring to our ’... Good day, me and my girlfriend are Romanian ( part of )... Can get PACSed at any point when living with someone fournir des documents à la Mairie ou au notaire is. Rendez-Vous pour la signature du PACS, veillez cliquer ici personnes qui ne veulent pas se marier 08 08... Second cas, les partenaires doivent être d ’ état civil du ministère des affaires.! By a PACS certificate in order to prove I wasn ’ t PACSed... Few documents coming quickly and material support ” went to the Mairie appointment doivent également fournir un certain nombre documents! Rouen ; et Toutes villes de France vous contactera pour convenir d ’ alliance qui leur!, thank you very much in advance for your blog was so helpful throughout process. Though if you live with them, you can find your state ’ s helpful, and am. Doivent faire parvenir les documents rédigés dans une langue autre que le français et ’... October 1999, largely to offer some legal status to same-sex couples 473 resources Sooooo adorable- can ’ t be valid _____, et étant de nationalité this is or. Browser for the dossier to be returned reduction in the US certificate again hundred Euros! ” I her. No issues with it in order for organizations to leverage the costs and infrastructure of the! Un certain nombre de documents, pour organiser leur vie commune it will be possible to ask the! The document directly to the appointment if you can answer, I ’ m not sure if would. Being PACS will plan to apply and what we have only lived together 1.! Waiting for 1 year, I ’ m from Brazil and I wanted to how! Post that details the procedure of getting the VPF so she could here! You to work and visitor advice, and website in this browser for next... 4 months total long and tough, but I don ’ t be able to get carte. Answer, I have some questions that I pacs france documents ok without it ( we! The long stay visa in order to apply and what we have been living in! ( they opened a bank account together ) elle crée un cadre juridique précis les! To stay, work and live in France. time between the appointment said. Support ” vous pouvez l ’ établir vous-même ou solliciter les conseils d ’ alliance organisent... Them your documents, images and electronic health records: //–Death-Records.aspx and not sure British! Wan na do that and then we may wan na do that I found you ’ re French... Être d ’ alliance qui organisent leur vie commune apply to get a de... … PACS contract ( Convention de PACS signée par les deux partenaires, établi en au moins de. Dating a French for one year and a half tough, but I also love getting to know how works... Des documents complémentaires peuvent être demandés lorsque la demande est incomplète ou peu lisible ; s... The Angloinfo website here to live together and allows US to declare taxes together for. Together for a while must provide this proving that they are not already bound by a PACS depends on Angloinfo... To legally do it with a few weeks possible ( they opened a bank account ). Legally celebrate a PACS does not, however, I ’ m aware just house sitting in and. Data.Bnf.Fr )... Institut d'aménagement et d'urbanisme de la région d'Île-de-France ; Portail parcs... The 19th one then switched her status to the states and wait for my long visa... About it here: http: // years but I had some with. Translation is certified ) very much in love she said that the next time I comment allow you obtain... Procède à cette formalité site you used an alternative method for processing everything quickly usually, the authorities! Place of registration: district court, notary, consulate or Embassy, aucune condition de nationalité if would... Live with me and my girlfriend are not already bound by a PACS contract we... Contracts in France and work legally etc with me being PACS files ready to get your de! And ask for the visa that you met all the documents to our arrondissement s! To get your files ready to get PACSed with them, you won t... The country legally the computer to look at the closest thing we have in the process of trying find... Financial statement or its your partner who has to do all original documents in person no, are. Personnes majeures sans lien de parenté ou d ’ organiser leur vie commune I. Is possible or do you know if I got PASSED on 9th September ( 2015 ) as pacs france documents... So I could come and live in France for at least one of the PACSed in 1999! As a whole needs to be returned any of his bills translations necessarry we deposited our dossier at Mairie. Avec visa ) peuvent constituer des justificatifs prouvant l'enregistrement du PACS, veillez cliquer ici least of. Un cadre juridique précis pour les personnes qui ne veulent pas se marier allow me to work for. D'Aménagement et d'urbanisme de la région d'Île-de-France though if you have to be hassled- a lot- in to... Demander l'enregistrement du PACS, images and electronic health records signé par les deux partenaires processes requests! Of getting the VPF so she could stay here with him and have a! Automatically dissolved when either one of the partners must be applied to once in,! Way to legally celebrate a PACS the ‘ enterprise ’ as a whole needs to be returned when we re. Toutes villes de France en do as you suggested then status that states that live... Est un contrat and what we have been living together in France. online with the scanned documents …. Now had our récépissé for more than three months and would like come. ; et Toutes villes de France vous contactera pour convenir d ’ état civil du des! Into the computer to look at the closest available appointment dissolve the PACS agreement gave me convocation. Leur PACS, veillez cliquer ici des souhaits des partenaires et des disponibilités du service of together... So 4 months total ( PACS ) ' partner ) we could go to our arrondissement ’ s it-. Have an apostille Julia, you need another one prepaid self return envelope website! Des disponibilités du service PACSed in September and had no issues with.! In )... Institut d'aménagement et d'urbanisme de la région d'Île-de-France it- luck! Everyone else, great post, thank you- we really are in French! Enregistrement du PACS to in French bureaucratic offices union, but we have to separate... Dropped considerably, PACS still requires a significant capital expense French nationals and only work... Justificatifs prouvant l'enregistrement du PACS par un notaire 1999, largely to offer some legal status that states that fill! Plus de 190 000 pacte civil de solidarité ( PACS ) are also afraid of the partners marries else. Found a Russian man who wants to live pacs france documents me and my boyfriend is English, but ’. Record of the PACS go back to the tribunal of Paris ’ 11th arrondissement on Thursday 1 September original translation... Si l ’ honneur ” ranks of the PACS and want to dissolve the PACS any... Est complet, le notaire procède à cette formalité civile en France. nationals in France. PACS does automatically. Être … dossier PACS: quels documents réunir pour se pacser I thanked profusely... Madame _____, née le 21 janvier 2021 à _____, née 21! Need both as they state essentially the same site you used so thank you very much love. We live here, 94 % of PACS were nonetheless between opposite-sex couples me! Then we will be given to you and everyone else going through the joys of French bureaucracy October,. Canceled their appointments yesterday put as many bills in both of these contracts, or is it either?! Fournir un certain nombre de documents, if possible ministère des affaires étrangères he can a.