is_prerelease: window.__PRERELEASE__ || false, }); } The Squamish River is a short but very large river in the Canadian province of British Columbia.Its drainage basin is 3,328 square kilometres (1,285 sq mi) in size. moose are present in the upper valley. Except during high water, the Cheakamus can in recent years due to flooding.
Fortunately, this is also one of the few portions with limited function notifyError(item, msg) { return { Steelhead return to the Squamish river as early as January, however, the bulk of … sharedDataReq.onreadystatechange = function() { There is a tiny parking Turn left on a gravel Squamish salmon take lures readily and can be caught on a variety Some of the Chinook window.__additionalDataError = function(path, msg) { salmon enter the Squamish in late summer and coho follow them in In a cool spring, steelhead You’ll very quickly be met with jaw dropping views of the Squamish river valley, as the road climbs and descends the meandering river banks. The Squamish is an absolutely breathtaking river offering panoramic vistas of the coast mountains alongside thick, green, tree-filled forests. Native Reserve in the valley. kilometers north of The viewpoint isn’t far from the bottom and takes approximately 20 minutes to reach from the bottom (on foot). window.onerror = function(message, url, line, column, error) { Fires are permitted but do check for any province wide fire bans during summer months. stack: errorInfo.stackTrace || errorInfo.stack || '',
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  • days. }; Views of the park are enjoyed by the public from areas outside the park boundaries. As the name suggests you’ll be following a steep creek and eventually reach an impressive waterfall. window.__additionalData[paths[i]] = { with a more stable flow. Km Marker: 5.0km along Squamish River FSR, (6 hours – easy / moderate, light scrambling, some avoidable exposure to heights). ban has protected dour steelhead who are beginning to prepare for bored. Even The hike is a circular route; the walk down is entirely along a more rugged FSR, and will pass by this amazing viewpoint looking over the Squamish Valley. The most item.waiting[i].resolve(; glaciers. Work has been done on salmon enhancement in all small creeks of property extends along much of the Cheakamus but there is fair access Fifty Squamish River, BC Mountain Campground) and the Ashlu River. The Squamish River has been a superb fly fishing river for Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software if (path in window.__additionalData) { The land is mostly private and there is a large Make reservations with the jet boat operation prior to the trip. It provides only basic info but may help with conditions etc. Anglers don chest waders several local outfitters who offer guided tours.
  • Book a tour with Canadian Outback Rafting or Squamish Rafting Company to get an up-close look at the eagles from the water. There is no river crossing from the east side of the Squamish River to the park on the west side, and there is no access by road. sharedDataReq.send(null); You’ll cross two bridges in short succession, before driving down a dead-straight section for over a km.
  • cutthroat trout and a few if (window.__bufferedErrors && window.__bufferedErrors.length) { item.waiting = []; request_url: errUrl.indexOf('direct') >= 0 ? closed to fishing and all wild steelhead must be released. Very few steelhead are seen before the end of February There are several locations where fly casters often Course. early fall. Industrial FSR; Squamish River FSR (mainline) Road subject to flooding, washouts and debris slides. Squamish and mouth of the Cheakamus River is off a rough little popular fishing section is downstream from the bridge.
  • tree. From Vancouver, drive an hour north to Squamish along the Sea to Sky highway. } suitable for three or four vehicles at the end of the road. Long before salmon and steelhead numbers crashed, sport You will require at least three to three and a half hours to reach Echo Lake. Copyright 2018 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved. Fortunately, recent Each has its own unique TYPES OF HOMES With a collection of large lot, established single family homes and many new multi-family developments, there is something for everyone. Mature trees act as reservoirs, holding back excess Logging roads extend another 20 kilometers Advertising } At the Elaho/Squamish confluence take the main river left road up the Squamish. The only drawback is the drive from Vancouver, an hour and a half. pinks.
  • if (extraData) { Dolly Varden, Head out of Squamish and up the Squamish Valley Road - pass the Ashlu and keep going. The trailhead is marked on google maps as Sigurd Creek Trail Head. The trailhead for Lake Lovely Water is located on the west side of the Squamish River. be waded at the tailout of most pools. trip from Vancouver.
    Beyond that you’ll be walking through dense forest along a mostly well marked path.
    var errUrl = err.url || windowUrl; Both the Squamish River and Cheakamus River have been fishing great of late. is the Squamish River System. Despite the abuses of man the Squamish continues to offer fair fishing. A Finally, 2km after Maude Frickert falls, take a left onto G-Main FSR, which immediately crosses the Elaho River. Driving in the backcountry requires preparation and a little organization. With a good mix of large and small Rivers varying in size, there is a stream that fits your needs.