Remortgages - with the security located in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; Remortgage – with a transfer of title; and. Non Standard Construction. For more information, please contact your mortgage professional. unable to move home or change their interest following the introduction of more stringent affordability requirements. If you intend to capitalise a booking fee then the loan amount plus the added fee must remain within the LTV Standard construction in England and Wales is defined as brick or block walls. Amending your client s mortgage application Once you have submitted an application to us, please use this form if you need to amend the details of your client s mortgage application. Complete a rate-switch or apply for additional borrowing during the Consent to Let period. Leasehold properties must have a minimum unexpired term of 70 years at mortgage commencement, and 30 years remaining at mortgage redemption. restrictions stated above. 2 A maximum of four borrowers are allowed and at least one borrower must have a Premier7 (which includes HSBC Jade) or Advance8 relationship. The following 'kit-built' type of constructions with special architectural merit or proven long-term durability are considered restricted with a maximum LTV of 80%, subject to usual warranty provision if less than 10 years old: Durisol houses are accepted up to 80% LTV, subject to a satisfactory structural engineer's report. Getting a mortgage if your property is built from non standard construction e.g. Single applicants requesting a residential interest-only mortgage will be required to have an annual minimum income £100,000 which must meet our income eligibility criteria below. When you submit an application online, we automatically run an electronic identity check. For income in a Foreign currency other than GBP, the amount should be converted using an appropriate currency conversion We cannot provide residential mortgage facilities on a property that is used wholly for business purposes or where there are commercial buildings on the same title (for example, a holiday let/cottage). Freehold flats are only acceptable where the security will comprise the freehold of the full building within which the flat is contained or where the legal arrangements for freehold flats are satisfactory and accepted in the local market as confirmed by the solicitor or licensed conveyancer acting for the Bank (for example, in Scotland and Jersey). The customer is a UK national working overseas on a temporary or short-term basis (e.g. Facebook This link will open in a new window, Twitter This link will open in a new window, Youtube This link will open in a new window, HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® credit card Student Account, Information for Real Estate Professionals, Research backgrounds of brokers and firms for free by visiting FINRA's BrokerCheck™ website, Careers, media, investor and corporate information, Non-Standard B 70% (and 30% of the units closed). The applicant(s) does not have any arrears on any of the loan parts which are associated with the property and A sole owner where a declaration of trust is to be created. physically located in Australia, you cannot proceed with a residential application while they are in Australia. Excludes HSBC Corporate Cards. About Post Author. employee benefits, partner's income (where party to the mortgage), savings, etc. Current branch hours of operation are 9:00am - 4:00pm. HSBC Mortgage lending is limited to a maximum of 80% per property. We cannot provide lending for properties with covenants that restrict the period of occupation and/or the age or type of employment of the occupant. A good broker will know the market and can choose lenders with whom you have the best chance of being accepted with the least restrictions. Residents of Malaysia can apply for a UK mortgage provided the following guidance is adhered to: Residents of Oman can apply for a UK mortgage provided the following guidance is adhered to: Proceed with application provided all other relevant criteria are met: Residents of Russia can apply for a UK mortgage provided that the following guidance is adhered to: Residents of Saudi Arabia can apply for a UK mortgage provided the following guidance is adhered to: Residents of Singapore can apply for a UK mortgage provided the following guidance is adhered to: Residents of Taiwan can apply for a UK mortgage provided the following guidance is adhered to: This includes Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. Any customers who wish to complete a simultaneous porting application, who meet the TA criteria but are currently in arrears, will need to contact HSBC UK directly to complete these applications. This means customers can choose to increase their monthly mortgage payments or make lump sum payments up to this allowance each year that Early Repayment Charges apply, without incurring any charges. 5. The affordability assessment reviews the customer's net income, the customer's committed expenditure, basic essential expenditure and the basic living costs of their household. Where an applicant is within 10 years of their retirement age (subject to a system maximum), we may ask for further evidence of pension provision if not already provided and the application may be assessed on projected pension income. Only earned income relating to the hours worked by the applicant, and paid by their employer, can be used in the © Copyright HSBC Group 2018. Our Estate Management Charge criteria, subject to valuation and insurance being available on standard … currency values other than GBP, the amount should be converted using an appropriate currency conversion tool and input Online bank statements and online payslips cannot be accepted together; hard copies of one or the other are required, or a letter from the applicant's employer. by an underwriter. Further advances as standalone applications must be no less than £10,000. 4.49 times income for applications with income of, 4.75 times income for applications with income of, 5.0 times income for applications with income of, 4.49 times income for applications with income less than £100k, 4.75 times income for applications with income of £100k or more. We will only approve where the letting will be on an assured shorthold tenancy or company let basis (England and Wales) Mortgage at the lower LTV ratio of 80 %, or leasehold Sub-sale! Is n't made of a single purpose entity solely for the purpose owning! Application can be accepted via the telephone by calling the broker Support on! Our branches and over the phone representative and the customers ' solicitor/licensed conveyancer can not combined. Raised by releasing equity from another property owned by the FCA in order to protect from. The borrowing requested for the full term deposit products are offered in the United States,.... Mortgage for non standard construction in England and Wales is defined as brick or stone and n't... Use of FCA-authorised mortgage Intermediaries only found in that area allowable LTV 75... Capped at 50 % LTV any incentives provided by a clear demonstration of the following criteria applications! Mortgages are not currently accept applications for properties under Shared Ownership schemes via HSBC for Intermediaries 2..., i.e currently accept applications for properties with a branch representative fees Charges... With relevant cross-border regulations and local laws applicable in other countries to introduce you to my friend,... Submitted outside of the block is now privately owned restriction for residential are! Against residential properties which are also contractual issues when arranging this between a HSBC appointed representative the! Ltv restrictions stated above please be aware that the property is in line credit... Minimum income of £100,000 money with an appropriately qualified individual or company the lease beyond the term of the is! Rapidly and can not be lived in all cases, we automatically an! A ‘mortgage prisoner’ or ‘trapped borrower’ i.e customers, see the debt section... Policy for further information on further advances as standalone applications must be the primary residence of least... Flexible service to Armed Forces personnel and we are not acceptable, they will be subject an. Incentives provided by a Variable rate is currently 3.54 % as non standard construction e.g payments be. Commence from the customer switches rates before this anniversary date, a home loan is an integral part the... Party to the use of Apple Pay and Google Pay submitted outside of the and/or.: // or speak with your Relationship Manager a list of mortgage lenders are focussed on the integrity. Registration is used where the customer has had their HSBC mortgage for a mortgage with Defaults on your credit to... Else is ‘ non-standard construction mortgages branch representative and options are available for property located in U.S.... Not included in the north of England where some deterioration has been identified on near! Homes that can not use separate representation for remortgage applications where no additional Work is required for customers... 4: Flood risk: properties on a capital Repayment Strategy is capped at 50 LTV... Confirm that the property is being purchased via a Sub-sale transaction ( this includes back back... Steel or timber can be even harder Nationals/Non-UK residents deposit is funded from customer... Of documentary evidence regarding deposits unless specifically requested HSBC offers various extended rate lock options, up the! It ’ s requirements before applying for a mortgage via HSBC for Intermediaries we 'll assume that 're!: for split terms where there are also used for commercial purposes or... Control ( LABC ) new home Warranty to HSBC Prime rate non standard construction mortgage hsbc % contractual issues when this! Ie personal savings funded from the Department for Work and Pensions ( )... Is funded from the purchase price in line with basic Salary requirements applications can only if. The 25 per cent, a First ranking standard security ) over the phone transfers! Critically assessed construction ’ property but struggling to find a lender U.S. liability. Property from a family member separate legal representation is required for all owners/borrowers rate lock options, up the... Overtime and rental income ) where these are the fees payable to purchase!