The co-sharing of infant and toddler spaces would allow infants to grow in a familiar setting while ensuring that space and regulatory norms are adhered to. AOPs will actively identify, develop and manage the careers of their educators in a more structured manner, especially for more promising individuals. SCPTA: Trends, Issues and Opportunities in Early Childhood Education . 1. Striking an optimistic note, he added: “Because of the growing demand for early childhood services and the growing demand for skilled professionals, we do see that the salaries will continue to rise quite strongly in future as well.”, Asked about the 2020 target of 20,000 teachers, he said: “We’re closely monitoring the figures, quietly confident that we’re on the right track.”. The Skills Framework (SFw) for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is a guide for individuals, employers and training providers to promote skills mastery and lifelong learning in the ECCE sector. New episodes on Channel 5 every Thursday night. 5. Introduction . Early childhood education (ECE) is critical to a child’s development, setting the foundation for a journey of lifelong learning. “We’re preparing them for future learning when they go to Primary One and also preparing them for learning for life.”. 3. Currently, the AIE training is only opened to selected AOP centres as it is still in the pilot phase. In turn, this has benefitted parents and teachers in terms of managing children. While early childhood education is her passion, she only made the switch mid-career “because of family expectations” at first. More than 50,000 full-day preschool places have been added since 2012. Despite recruitment drives for the sector, and steps to make the profession more attractive, it is still hard to recruit and retain pre-school teachers. Our team works with the federal government, state agencies, communities, and foundations on research, evaluation, and policy … 2 Early Years Centres provide infant and child care services for children aged two months to four years. There are about 30 AIEs as at end-2017. AOPs will inform parents about the new MTL provision in the relevant centres. 4. How many more will do so by 2022? Through such efforts, we aim to attract more locals, including mid-career professionals, back-to-work mothers and seniors, to the early childhood sector. As with all centres licensed by ECDA, the pilot centres require sufficient trained teachers overseeing the children at all times of the day. Why is there no Malay Language (ML) specialisation currently? National Institute of Early Childhood Development 1 Nanyang Walk, NIE-5-B2-06 Singapore 637616. Key Trends/Challenges in Singapore’s Preschool and Early Childhood Education Sector. The ECDC provides tools and resources to encourage data-driven state policy changes and provide a national forum to support the development and use of coordinated state ECE data systems. 1 The Early Childhood Industry Transformation Map (ITM) covers one of the two sub-sectors under the Education ITM. 2       Among the new initiatives is the Early Childhood Industry Transformation Map (ITM)1 , a roadmap to steer the early childhood sector towards more innovation and productivity, so as to better cater to rising demand for quality early childhood services. As the preschool sector will continue to expand in the coming years, ECDA expects salary growth for early childhood educators to continue to outpace the general market. But can more be done, for example, by thinking outside the box to attract talent? A report by UNESCO (2010) which compares different integrated models of early childhood and care systems, refers explicitly to ‘schoolification’ as an ‘enhanced risk’ in today’s society for all How many centres currently deploy SMART solutions and centralised services? “A trend I’m observing—and cheering for—in the field of early childhood education is the focus upon explicit, systematic phonics in literacy instruction,” says Dr. Christina Williams, owner of Book Bums. If so, by when does ECDA intend to do so? When will we know which are these centres? To embark on a career in the Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) sector, you must first equip yourself with the relevant certification from the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC) or WSQ certification in order to qualify as a … Given that the AOPs employ a significant proportion of early childhood professionals, these efforts will spearhead better prospects for teachers in the entire sector. M… The pilot aims to enhance the utilisation of the infant care spaces, increase the enrolment of infants in the pilot centres, and enhance the transition of infants to child care. 6       ECDA is also piloting with several preschools the co-sharing of spaces for infants and toddlers, which are typically segregated. The stress from parents and their expectations got to Ms Syairah Zahira Azhari. There are a number of important early childhood education trends emerging worldwide. That is one of the early childhood education trends that is changing, and changing fast. NIEC (City) - City Campus. The programme Talking Point finds out why and what it might take to change that. NIEC will work with ECDA and industry partners to consider how best to support the training of MTL preschool educators and develop appropriate training programmes to support the sector. Singapore. 9       To complement the ITM and ensure that early childhood professionals keep pace with industry needs, ECDA has rolled out various initiatives to support their professional development. Also, more than 50 preschools have taken up the centralised meal catering service, and this number is still growing. To better prepare their teachers for these senior professional positions, AOPs will develop and manage the careers of their better-performing teachers in a more structured manner. We have observed the existence of many shared ideas across the two contexts that may influence educational experience. Nonetheless, that expansion has come with enhancements in professional development, as Mr Eugene Leong, the chief executive of the Early Childhood Development Agency, noted. SINGAPORE: She was working at a pre-school while studying for her diploma in early childhood education. This will ensure a strong core of good quality teachers within AOP centres. And now, the clock is ticking. In 2003, the Ministry of Education (MOE) launched the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework aimed at promoting consistent quality standards in the delivery of kindergarten programmes in Singapore. About 活动简介. Early Childhood Industry Transformation Map (ITM), Ensuring sustainable and quality early childhood services. Early childhood education and care (ECEC) can bring a wide range of benefits – for children, parents and society at large. How are they different from the existing initiatives, such as ECDA's Professional Development Programme (PDP)? That means spending time not only planning the lessons, but also setting up the classroom environment. It is advisable that families and the institution have a close relationship, in order to clarify all doubts, the strengthened partnership for the welfare and learning of the child. ECDA encourages preschools to adopt SMART solutions in their centres to help reduce administrative workload, so that teachers can have more quality time to focus on the child's learning and curriculum development, and communicate better with parents, to provide them greater assurance and peace of mind. But it may not be easy to attract more, as they might think “entering this industry is like a legal minefield” because of restrictions they may face, said MindChamps PreSchool reading and enrichment teacher Jonathan Kum. In recent years, significant progress has been made to enhance the accessibility, affordability and quality of early childhood services. My First Skool deputy centre lead Eunice Tay said: “People would just think that ‘oh, you’re just a nanny’ and you have to … take care of the children. “We’re professional teachers who know how to deal with children and … plan lessons based on the different needs of the children and their learning styles,” she said. Lead Teacher) to cater to different interests and aspirations. Who would have thought twenty years ago when I entered the sector there would be a general consensus of great minds that got together and decided that STEM is a necessary program– labelled and all – that will enhance the 0-5 age group in all learning areas now and into their future (with a big focus on children’s development in later years)! These include: __________________________________________________________________________________, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: EARLY CHILDHOOD INDUSTRY TRANSFORMATION MAP. Rising parent expectations around learning outcomes are creating opportunities for those who are ready. These trends in early childhood education show how the school is going through a great transition. 4. Leveraging innovation, deepening skills and enhancing careers to enable accessible, affordable and quality early childhood services. This series of country reports focuses on quality issues. around the world, with early childhood education and care as a key part of the agenda. While global trends in Early Childhood Education around the world are changing, progress has been slow. Today, Singapore recognizes the importance of early childhood development and education and has over the past years been working towards increasing access, improving quality and ensuring equity. “The most challenging part is knowing that I can always do more, but I only have these hours in a day, and then respecting that and being contented with it in a way, but knowing that I’m always trying to be the best I can be.”. of Education), it has been stated that preschool education is a special field. Salary is “always a factor” for anybody joining any sector, acknowledged Mr Leong. New Early childhood Jobs in Singapore available today on JobStreet - Quality Candidates, Quality Employers. MEC901 Child Development (0-8 years)* MEC902 Issues and Trends in Early Childhood Education* MEC903 Research Investigations in Early Childhood Education* WDA and ECDA provide no warranty whatsoever about the … Watch this episode of Talking Point here. It is a fact that current trends in education are also influencing society’s development in China. “We’ve improved the entry pathways for people to join the sector. Adopting SMART solutions in centres is voluntary, as some preschools have been using their own in-house solutions or other available IT solutions in the market prior to the launch of SMART solutions. It looks like the email address you entered is not valid. This is up from S$1,900 in 2012. Copyright© Mediacorp 2021. Search Jobs. READ: Selected pre-school teachers to graduate faster under new scheme, READ: PCF Sparkletots sets aside S$20 million to help develop teachers. Chief of all, to allow students the opportunity to contextualise global priorities in ECCE within the Singapore context. 1. “Most certainly,” said early childhood education specialist Peggy Zee, who has been a consultant in the industry for nearly four decades. 4. The space norms and other regulatory requirements for these age groups of children are also comparable, to ensure that the safety and well-being of children are not compromised. ... SDM Education Group. Across all rounds of MICS that have collected data on attendance in early childhood education, the standard indicator definition refers to the percentage of children aged 36 to 59 months who are attending an early childhood education programme. In an effort to improve preschool education, the Singapore government has embraced the need for change by identifying needed policies related to preschool education. Under this influence early childhood education and teacher education in Asia have increasingly become positioned as regulated markets governed by neoliberal policies, leading to peak activities in privatization, consumerism, standardization and high-stakes testing. In: Li, M, Fox, J, Grieshaber, S (eds) Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Early Childhood Education in the Asia–Pacific Region, Singapore: Springer, pp. meREWARDS lets you get coupon deals, and earn cashback when you complete surveys, dine, travel and shop with our partners. And that, to Ms Tay, is the hard part of the job because it may eat into family time. Today, all 550 AOP centres provide Chinese Language education, and about 200 AOP centres provide Malay and/or Tamil Language education. Will the AIE training be opened to non-AOP centres? Most countries are now experiencing a high demand for high quality programmes which has stemmed from parent focus on learning outcomes and public funding flowing into early education. Early childhood services and education industry have grown steadily with a wide range of local and international franchise brands. 2. These changes require teachers to rethink their approach to learning and teaching. Maybe allow for more foreigners to come in, at least to stamp out difficulties in the next four, five years as we’re building the industry,” she suggested. gambling/problem gambling/responsible gambling. There are currently more than 500 educators on the Programmes. Early Childhood Care and Education ASIA-PACIFIC END OF DECADE NOTES ON EDUCATION FOR ALL ASIA-PACIFIC END OF DECADE NOTES ON EDUCATION FOR ALL EFA Goal1 EFA GOAL 1: EARLY CHILDHOOD CARE AND EDUCATION UNESCO Bangkok United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education What else will ECDA/MOE/NIEC provide? Early Childhood Education And Care in South Korea: History, Current Trends and Future Challenges (Sojung Seo) 17. The stepped-up attention to the early years stems from stronger public awareness of the importance of quality early childhood education in children’s learning and development. The manpower crunch remains, however, given that the number of full-day places in pre-schools has risen by almost 60,000 over the past seven years. Some people may have had a “wrong perspective” before they joined the sector, said EtonHouse International Education Group senior teacher Shirlee Lim. What are some existing sector-wide initiatives to recognise and develop early childhood professionals? How many AOP centres provide Chinese, Malay and Tamil language education today? How do centres ensure the safety and well-being of the children? This was the key theme of a webinar organised by the Economic Society of Singapore … But they’d question (us) – What happened? SkillsFuture Study Award for Early Childhood Sector to support experienced EC educators to deepen their skills. Professional Development Programme (PDP), to help teachers, educarers and leaders progress in their careers and deepen competencies to eventually take on larger job roles. “So I decided to leave. Currently about 800 preschools (or almost half of all preschools) have indicated their interest to subscribe to the SMART solutions offered by 4 qualified vendors. Professionalization. My First Skool. Enhanced Curricula Reimagined to Focus on Future Competencies and the Whole Child WATCH: Diana Ser tries being a teacher's assistant (4:03). Facebook groups, review sites and other forums are commonplace touch points for parents when researching a new center. 12       In tandem with the deeper skills, larger responsibilities, and more complex job roles required of our early childhood educators today, salaries for the profession are projected to rise. Mediacorp Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. ECDA Fellows programme to develop pinnacle leaders. She believes the sector can provide a mid-career change for those who “may lose their jobs because of artificial intelligence in the next five years”. MDR902 Drama Education, Curriculum and Assessment* MDR903 The Teacher as Facili-Actor* MDR904 Arts-based Research* Early Childhood Education. The Early Childhood Data Collaborative (ECDC) supports state policymakers’ development and use of coordinated state early care and education (ECE) data systems. SINGAPORE: She was working at a pre-school while studying for her diploma in early childhood education. Since then, the early childhood sector has evolved quickly. Centre leaders will oversee the overall management of a preschool, while senior teachers will drive the preschool's teaching and learning approaches, and take on active roles in mentoring other teachers. This article explores early childhood curriculum reform in Australia and Singapore in order to identify international trends in early childhood education (ECE), similarities in curriculum reform initiatives and implementation strategies adopted. ECDA will review the scope of the pilot before deciding whether to extend it to other centres. For a big player like EtonHouse, the problem is not about finding teachers but retaining them, she told Ms Ser. This will help to enhance the quality of teaching and overall management of early childhood services. Many studies, researchers, and educators have found that learning through play is a particularly effective method for young children. In Singapore, society experiences similar issues in trends. How will AOPs strengthen leadership development efforts? (II) Productive processes - to improve and simplify operations. The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) is the only public university here to offer a full-time degree in early childhood education, which will start in July. Click here for COVID-19 FAQs (for families, support schemes, etc) We asked ECE experts to weigh in on some of the trends they are noticing in early childhood education today—as well as what might be on the horizon. Good teachers and effective school leaders form the cornerstone of that system. But it raises important issues of inequality of opportunity, and how interventionist government responses should be, such as through universal digital access and nationalising pre-schools. Compulsory. We have about 25 per cent of our teachers (and) staff who’ve been with us for more than five years.”. Parents may check with the AOP centre directly on the provision and indicate their preferred MTL. More attractive career prospects for early childhood professionals. 8       ECDA will expand opportunities for passionate individuals with the right aptitude to join the growing early childhood profession. The early childhood education (ECE) scene in Singapore has rapidly evolved over the last decade. Here is a look at the current trends that are contributing to the changing early childhood education landscape and what is affecting the profession. Over 40,000 new full-day preschool places by 2023, including those in the new AOP Early Years Centres and MOE Kindergartens; Uplifting the standing of the profession, with better career prospects and competitive salaries.