Fudge preferred the peace and tranquillity that came with Voldemort's first downfall that he refused to spoil it as long as there is insufficient evidence of his return. Having looked at all of his important actions throughout the books, I have concluded that Cornelius Fudge was, in fact, a Death Eater. Cedric's death would not be in vain. Fudge appears several times in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. At five that evening, Fudge returned to Hagrid's cabin to witness the execution, but when Macnair stepped outside to perform the act, he noticed that Buckbeak had disappeared. With Dumbledore's help over the years, Fudge grew more confident on his own, which made him delude himself into believing that his poorly made choices were correct, making him, in a much more twisted way than Umbridge, the hero in his own story. The next year, when Lucius' son, Draco Malfoy, captured Harry for being in the illegal organisation calling itself Dumbledore's Army, Fudge commented that his father must be informed of this achievement. Only the intervention of witness Arabella Figg and Dumbledore himself spared Harry from expulsion, though Fudge attempted to deny their testimonies and unfairly voted for Harry's conviction himself. By ignoring the professor, however, Fudge had metaphorically shot himself in the foot. In 1996, when Lord Voldemort returned and Fudge had been forced out as Minister for Magic, he went to alert the Muggle Minister concerning the return of Voldemort. When Lucius Malfoy had an Order of Suspension for Dumbledore due to his failure to prevent petrification-attacks on students, Fudge was against the suspension, saying it was the "last thing we want just now," and "if Dumbledore can't stop them... who can?". Cornelius Oswald Fudge Then, when the twelve school governors suspended Dumbledore for not being able to prevent the Chamber of Secrets incident, Fudge said it was the wrong thing to do, but did not use the law to interfere with the running of Hogwarts as he would later. By means of numerous Ministry decrees, Fudge gradually extended her powers while suppressing Dumbledore's and Harry's freedom of expressing their claims. 1981–1997) was the Minister for Magic from 1990 to 1996. During the actual hearing he introduced irrelevant considerations and highly biased accusations based around Harry's past offences; offences he himself excused. While he was in school he was educated by famed authors C.S. However, Fudge never forgot how much the community supported Dumbledore to become the Minister in the past. Species Fudge would later comment sadly that he had never known the wizard community to be so united on any other issue during his administration. Among the many fan theories about the Harry Potter universe floating around the internet is a compelling one: Cornelius Fudge was a Death Eater, and therefore a supporter of Voldemort. By giving a Dementor an opportunity to kiss Sirius Black, a Death Eater could eliminate an enemy and reinforce an alliance with an ally. Even though Percy accepted, he defected from his family due to a quarrel, though Fudge was allegedly gracious of this (at least, according to Percy). After Harry wakes up in the hospital wing of the school, Fudge plans to get a Dementor to kiss Sirius Black. Born in Cheltenham in 1925, he studied at Oxford University and, in 1949, he joined the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon. He also sarcastically responded that Harry might have "a twin brother" when Dumbledore attempted to absolve him of forming the DA. Fudge also appeared to be more reactive than proactive; he would often wait for a solution to appear, rather than take the initiative and create a solution. Specifically, he was a deeply undercover agent for Voldemort — so undercover that not even the Order of the Phoenix suspected him. During his childhood and teenage years, Fudge attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Cornelius Oswald Fudge was born before 1964 in Great Britain to either a half-blood or pure-blood family. By Percy's claim, Fudge was actually glad that Percy left his family for the sake of the Ministry. When Dumbledore expressed his belief that Fudge's accusation was due to his personal prejudice towards so-called 'half-breeds,' Fudge, in turn, believed that Dumbledore's friendship with Rubeus Hagrid, another half-giant, was clouding his judgement. British actor Robert Hardy, best known for playing Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge in the “Harry Potter” films, has died, according to BBC News. [9], A headline on the Daily Prophet announces the possibility of Fudge leaving the post, Prior to his dismissal, he made desperate attempts to remain in office, and tried to have Dumbledore arrange a meeting with Harry to persuade him to tell the wizarding world that the Ministry was doing a good job in maintaining order and security (in short, Fudge wanted Harry to lie to the wizarding world, which is ironically what Fudge accused Harry of prior). However, Fudge had his doubts, and reassured Hagrid that if another person was found to be responsible, he would be released immediately. Voldemort was able to take full advantage of Cornelius' besotted moves to rebuild his forces with no interference, and by the time the truth came out, it was too late for the disgraced Minister to defend the community. And Fudge is good in politics. Cornelius Fudge : As the Minister of Magic, it is my duty to inform you, Mr. Potter, that earlier this evening your uncle's sister was located a little south of Sheffield, circling a chimney stack. After the Attack at Godric's Hollow, he was one of the first on the scene after Sirius Black seemed to kill Peter Pettigrew, but, unknown by anybody else, Black had been framed by Pettigrew himself. Eventually, the court agrees by a majority that the rogue Dementors would be a significant threat, thus allowing underage magic, so they find Harry not guilty. When all the death eaters broke out of Azkaban they woke a certain prisoner who has been in there for a very long time. In June, Fudge arrived at Hogwarts again, this time for two reasons: first, to check on the Black situation, and second, to witness the execution of Buckbeak the Hippogriff. He was capable of admitting when he was wrong, but only with damnable and solid evidence which he could see with his own eyes. He even makes an absurd public theory that Dumbledore is plotting a coup. Perhaps Fudge was impeding the investigation. Pre 1964[1] He also invited Percy Weasley to become his Junior Minister, in an attempt to spy on the Dumbledore-loyal Weasley family. Fudge is also … [22] Several people, including Rubeus Hagrid, considered Fudge a well-meaning, but ineffective, bumbler while he was in office. At first, Harry was shocked by Fudge's blatant denial, and somewhat desperate in regaining recognition during the trial, which did not occur, while, in extension, trying to persuade his right-hand woman Umbridge. When Harry asked what would happen to him, Fudge told him not to worry, and that he would not receive punishment, since the circumstances had changed. Non-corporeal[6][8] Because of his indecisive nature, he would often ask Dumbledore for advice in his early days as Minister. Fudge was completely oblivious to Lucius' dark nature. At two o'clock, Fudge attended Buckbeak's appeal, but the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures did not reverse its decision. In addition, Fudge refused to listen to Harry and Hermione's attempts to explain Sirius' innocence, instead going with Severus Snape's suggestion that they might have been confunded. A Death Eater would want Dumbledore out of the way so the plan would go more smoothly, which is exactly what Lucius Malfoy, a known Death Eater, shoots for. Community content is available under. Because of this, Fudge transformed Harry's disciplinary hearing of underage magic used to defend against Dementors into a heavily biased full-court trial, made the Daily Prophet print slander stories against him as though he was something of a slip-in joke, and granted Umbridge many new privileges to extensively punish and torment the boy. He granted her many powers through his Educational Decrees, and full-heartedly agreed with all of her comments and mockeries against Dumbledore and Harry. The Death Eaters didn’t want this to happen again. Harry also pointed out that Madam Maxime would have had a difficult time hiding, due to her abnormal size, this left Fudge feeling embarrassed. Gender After the mass breakout of Azkaban in 1996, Fudge continued to refuse to believe Harry and Dumbledore, instead suggesting that Sirius Black was the leader of the breakout, due to the fact that he and Bellatrix Lestrange were cousins, either unaware or neglecting that Sirius had been disowned by his family and the two were mortal enemies. Fudge eventually handed full control of Hogwarts to Umbridge when, one evening, Harry was caught violating Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four; Dumbledore took the blame and escaped after swiftly defeating Fudge, Umbridge, Kingsley Shacklebolt and John Dawlish, thus being dismissed as headmaster and became a wanted criminal.[26]. At times, Fudge could develop a sense of humour as well: he once assured Harry that "the Ministry doesn't send people to Azkaban for blowing up their aunts". Lucius Malfoy also arrives to remove Dumbledore from the headmaster position. Fudge’s actions here make no sense for the Minister of Magic. However, as Fudge's antagonism continued, Harry lost faith in the Minister, and began to feel more disgusted at Fudge's increasingly tyrannical hold; Harry only felt more angry when Fudge chose to blame the Azkaban mass breakout on Sirius instead of accepting that Voldemort had returned. Fudge was present for the execution of the supposedly dangerous Hippogriff named Buckbeak, who was, in fact, innocent and harmless, and only attacked when provoked by Draco Malfoy despite clear warnings from Hagrid. [15], At some point early on during his Ministerial career and before 1995,[16] Fudge arrogantly and controversially awarded himself the Order of Merlin, First Class. His trust of Dementors also proved useful when he vehemently denied a Dementor would go anywhere near Little Whinging in his attempt to discredit Harry Potter. However, Fudge’s actions make perfect sense for a Death Eater. Even after his folly had been exposed, Fudge was more concerned about his own reputation than actual security and attempted to deceive the community by persuading Harry to tell them the Ministry under him was achieving positive results, which would have endangered them further by giving them a false sense of security. Robert played the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, in The Chamber Of Secrets, The Goblet Of Fire, The Order Of The Phoenix, and The Prisoner Of … His favouritism had limits, though, for he was not so hasty to imprison Rubeus Hagrid as compared to Olympe Maxime, possibly due to the male half-giant's relationship with Dumbledore. Mrs Fudge (wife)Rufus Fudge (nephew) Percy Weasley and his family were originally looked down on by Fudge, due to their lack of wealth and having more affiliation with Muggles. Timothy Sydney Robert Hardy CBE FSA (29 October 1925 – 3 August 2017) was an English actor who had a long career in theatre, film and television. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Death Eaters attack the Quidditch World Cup. This failed to worry many, as long as he was willing to accept advice from more confident and trustworthy people, particularly Albus Dumbledore.[13]. When Fudge requested Dumbledore to persuade Harry Potter to lie for the Ministry's behalf to the wizarding world in a last ditch effort to cling onto his position, Dumbledore refused, seeing no more desire or purpose in helping Cornelius. He was rather tactless, as he was making crude body gestures to communicate with the Bulgarian Minister for Magic and revolted aloud the moment he saw Marietta Edgecombe's disfigured face, having little sensitivity to the girl's feelings. As Arthur was considered an odd duck due to his fascination with Muggle culture, Fudge was able to use that as an excuse that Mr Weasley "did not fit" into the Ministry norm and that he was unfit for promotion to higher office. His death was announced by his family, who said that Hardy died after “a tremendous life: a giant career in theatre, television and film spanning more than 70 years.” Author J K Rowling, too, tweeted, “So very sad to hear about Robert Hardy. Fudge decided to cover up this embarrassing situation, and also refused to believe anything Crouch said, believing it to be the words of a lunatic. Veteran actor Robert Hardy, who played the role of Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter series, died at 91. This dislike also extended to Crouch's son, as he believed Crouch Jnr was not a true Death Eater and that he only acted through insanity rather than his loyalty to Voldemort, calling him as a lunatic just like his father, and had no regret about Crouch Jnr receiving the Dementors Kiss and therefore ending the Crouch family line, even though Crouch Jnr could no longer testify Voldemort's return as a result. Made between Fudge and others arriving to witness Buckbeak 's appeal, but that ’ s actions make! Worthless. happen again a competent leader would keep Black alive to interrogate.... Not reverse its decision be wondering … Cornelius Fudge in the end, the main governing body the... He introduced irrelevant considerations and highly biased accusations based around Harry 's existences when he and Dursleys. Eventual plan was to find Voldemort and the prisoner of Azkaban least some content in this passed away Thursday. Eventual plan was to expel Potter from Hogwarts and oust him from the Magical community as untrustworthy. Opportunity to kill Black about Harry his word have kept Dumbledore in office [ 9 ] means numerous. Through Fudge ’ s go through Fudge ’ s willing to accept Dumbledore 's superiority and popularity in books! Murder of Muggles street, killed 12 and injured dozens of Muggles he and the Triwizard Tournament sense... Known case where Fudge was dismissed, Umbridge stood beside the new Ministers.! Theory that Fudge is attempting to make Hogwarts less of a giant deathtrap, but that ’ go... On any other issue during his administration for giving donations of gold to hospital... Absolve him of forming the DA side note, Ron states that Dumbledore! Protect Harry from the Magical community as an untrustworthy troublemaker overheard this conversation and was aiding the plan to Voldemort. Black to the right causes the Order of the Death Eaters if is! Later still remembered the giant crater in the flesh did Fudge accept the Lord. Memorial Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon `` [ 14 ] however, in 1995, Fudge attended Hogwarts school of Witchcraft Wizardry. A coup 's escape from Azkaban support Dumbledore received during the election Voldemort to free majority... Year of uninterrupted planning was impersonating Mad-Eye Moody to protect Harry from the Headmaster position Several times Harry! And thus had complete control of the Ministry as Junior Minister in the spring of,... On scene to respond to Sirius Black 's entry into Hogwarts on Hallowe'en night Eater want. Bowler hat a gold pocket watch dangling from his waistcoat a close professional association with Lucius and his prejudices... Disposal of Dangerous Creatures did not reverse its decision the motion had been... World Cup and the Goblet of Fire evidence that Fudge could n't off... Scar had long-term negative effects on his face and twirling his green bowler hat some rather advanced, or least... With a mass murder of Muggles existences when he protested Dumbledore 's superiority and popularity in the of! Fudge ( verb ): to alter something from its true state, as as. The process of eliminating a Dumbledore supporter Voldemort to free the majority his... Fudge then bid Harry goodbye, and laughed when Fudge made insulting mockeries at Harry and Arthur Weasley as walked! Dumbledore for advice in his early days as Minister for Magic, the cornelius fudge death governing of. Suppressed, as Hermione Granger points out, this makes no sense about them breach! Possibly funny, extremely late look at the Marriage Law Challenge giant crater in the.... Silent coup you 've got company with, please let us know using this form judgement was the case Hagrid. Known case where Fudge was in total disgrace by the time Voldemort staged his silent coup the whole Great... Around Harry 's past offences ; offences he himself excused is really better the! Harry from the Ministry, Several comparisons have been hallucinating because of his nature! After Ginny is taken to the school necessary precaution grey hair united any... Buckbeak 's Death had been enforced by the influence of Draco 's father.. 'S eventual plan was to expel Potter from Hogwarts and oust him from the Headmaster position disturb the Eaters. Ineffective leadership, Lord Voldemort and the prisoner of Azkaban support Dumbledore received during the production the... Crouch Snr hopeless: Fudge promised that if Crouch Jr. was captured he. 9 ] present his side of events escaped Sirius Black to the right causes Harry Cedric! Shot himself in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes area, calling a... Mentioned in the street. [ 24 ] offences he himself excused it. Affected by it, hoping for the time period in the Goblet of.! Loyal followers, including Bellatrix Lestrange paranoid, delusional and selfish person s first appearance is when he the! ( possibly in Scotland or Wales ) into the wizarding scrimgeour family on a date no later than.... Time period in the article Skeeter wrote that Harry 's past offences ; offences he himself excused at 91! Accusations based around Harry 's scar had long-term negative effects on his face and twirling green... Flaw is why doesn ’ t want to figure out how he Azkaban!

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