Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print. How to say yes and no in Dutch! Learn online grammar, vocabulary and phrases, practice in optimal intervals: At Babbel, you’ll get the basic and advanced vocabulary for Dutch. I highly recommend Jason as great teacher which gives his best for the students ! English teacher with ten years teaching experience in Italy. Learn with your German course book! I'm Elena, an English teacher with 3 years of experience and a certificate to teach online. "1000 most common words in Dutch" LESSON 1 ik I ik heet my name is ik ben I am een a de the het the de man the man de vrouw the woman de jongen the boy het meisje the girl het huis the house hallo hello hoi hi goed good slecht bad morgen morning morgen tomorrow goedemorgen good morning avond evening goedenavond good evening dag day goedendag good day ! Do you have a brother? Lesson 04 - food, typical dutch food. Cliquez ici pour obtenir des instructions ! It is an official language in Aruba, Brussels, Curaçao, Flanders, Sint Maarten and Suriname. This Ballet Barre class is created for our dancers, but also for you to join. Looking forward to my next lesson! Write the correct form of the possessives into the gaps. You arrive at your hotel in Berlin at 6 pm. Noch kein Verimi-Nutzer? Enthousiast and engaged teacher. I am also an NLP Practitioner, My hobbies are: Yoga, traveling, fitness, walking, meeting people, I would love to teach the Dutch language in an informal way with the accent on learning to speak the language. Voice translation, offline features, synonyms, conjugation, learning games. Comments are closed. As non-native parents it is certainly not easy to teach your children Dutch or to help with the fluency of the new language. I can help you with that. Version précédente Nouveau site web Signaler un problème. After the class I'll send you audios of the notes we made, vocabulary etc. This exercise is meant to help you practice and memorize their correct use. First 30 min. The receptionist greets you. - Preparation for the integration course (inburgeringscursus) �nl�(+`#lW���F��L�]ww���9iv6'�� Brenda is a very friendly and easy-going teacher. I also have two methodology degrees: the CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults of the University of Cambridge) and the FCTBE (Foundation Certificate for Teachers of Business English of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry). I can also prepare you for french certifications ( DELF, DALF, TCF , TEF etc. endstream Get to your Dutch Language goals improving regularly. 8. And we have just started. She suggests conversations and then listens carefully to me. I also love walking in nature or enjoying the beach and the sea! My speciality is communication, from beginner level to advanced. << /ColorSpace 19 0 R /ShadingType 2 /Coords [ 2400300 0 2400300 2628900 ] Exercise 2-3 - Bestimmter und Unbestimmter Artikel - For Beginners and Advanced: 34 German lessons, German Grammar, Idioms, Quotes and 2 Online Tests. Instructions Contact Dons. stream Do you not find a teacher in your region? Translation for 'exercise' in the free English-Dutch dictionary and many other Dutch translations. Hello, my name is Michel and I'm a Dutch primary school teacher. The following online exercises focus on German vocabulary. Linda is a nice, flexible and professional teacher. The course is separated in topics that are interesting for learners of Dutch. and Goodbye in Dutch! Learn Dutch with an exercise book! Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für exercises im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). - ENGLISH TEST - BEGINNER 100 QUESTIONS Exercise 1: Tick (P) the suitable answer. Benutzername vergessen? I have taught at a Business School and ten companies. What our students say. Hi! Gesamter Test - alle Kompetenzbereiche . These English grammar exercises are part of a series of free quizzes. I arrived in France in 2013 and since then I worked for an international school that is well known all over France. exercise in Dutch translation and definition "exercise", English-Dutch Dictionary online. Find an online teacher, Private lessons, group classes, tutoring and language courses (A1, A2, B2, B2, C1, C2). I also gathered experience in many language tandems with Polish and Czech learners. ���4�5�o��_������ךL�Do3�Sf+yt�٥���!$�����-��t�8��C9�(�ӉI���ԔN��Q]��t��813��-���� o�L�S��t�&�ZJǔ%y3U� �^'-PR8������h]B� �#$�je��"%ѹ[*f���'[:$'�FȖMYYT- I teach German to refugees since the beginning of 2017 and I have been teaching Dutch at several language schools, at peoples homes and in-house at several companies. Answers. Michel is a lovely teacher. I've been teaching individual Polish and Czech courses for language schools and have 20 years of experience as a translator. English Online Exercise on Possessives in English with Explanation. Online practice platform that offers 1300+ free Dutch vocabulary and grammar exercises. Created with Sketch. My schedule is flexible and I adapt myself to the needs and interests of my students so that they reach their objectives in the shortest possible time. Elena is a lovely and very nice teacher who is constantly looking for self-improvement so she can be the best teacher possible. Marlijn is a great teacher. I use a variety of text books and free online resources including exercises, articles and videos. The hotel receptionist checks your reservation. Adress Capistrangasse 10 1060 WIEN  Quick Links. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you on your path to speaking better English. Lesson 02 - personal pronouns + to thank. 4. Perhaps you need to practice English for a specific purpose, like understanding lectures, making phone calls at work, or travelling? Passwort vergessen? Free E-book for beginners Select. She is a brilliant listener. Dutch Grammar e-book The grammar reference on this website is now also available as an e-book (PDF, 385 pages). 2,185 Dutch lessons and exercises [Build a new test] = beginners | = intermediate | =advanced Latest tests With audio files With video files The easiest The hardest Reading comprehension Sentences Verbs Waiting for approval Nouns Pronunciation Idioms General tests Vocabulary All our exercises Beginners Intermediate Advanced The Review Manager makes sure that you’ll exercise the vocabulary and grammar rules that were hard for you. Before you learn about the nine types of Dutch pronouns, we must discuss a phenomenon, which is very common in Dutch: The pronominal adverb. Our two weekly shows contain interviews with people from different cities and present daily life in Germany, covering a wide range of topics and fluency levels. Whatever you need, I’m here to help. ʌD�l,��ޙlrr`f#h+��Yj��Lg?$�`��Y�N]hY�L��O�0�W� Learn the rules of German grammar and practise them with our exercises for beginners and advanced German learners. Learn all the conjugations of the verb moeten. My name is Brenda and I am born in the Netherlands. Together we will look at where the problem lies and what you would like to learn, together we determine what is the best way for you to learn certain skills. I have started with English courses because I needed to improve my English language for work. The grammar exercises include the following: Conjugations of verbs in various tenses, past, present, and future, << /Length 16 0 R /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Width 717 /Height 140 /Interpolate During each lesson time just flies cause it's really enjoyable. /Domain [ 0 1 ] /Extend [ true true ] /Function 20 0 R >> Free printable worksheets for learning the Dutch language. Train your skills by doing the exercises below! Maybe you have trouble with a certain part of the course Dutch, for example grammar, then I can help you with that. I passed the C1-level Test for German at the Goethe Institut. From this, we can decide what sort of lessons will suit you the best. My name is Anco Peeters,. My name is Karin and I'm from Holland, but I live on the Canary Islands. ��%�w�e Anywhere. Lesson 03 - to be (zijn) + professions . We can talk about any topic. Teaching children and adults is my passion. Finally, Corinne makes recommendations for books, movies, and series which are a good fit for my current level. Audio course German for beginners. Opening hours Monday - Friday / 9 am - 3 pm. I must say that not only is she professional, punctual and conscientious. Fun and free exercise to learn to count the numbers in Dutch from one to twelve. A No, I not have B No, they don't C No, I … << /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 4 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 595 842] Schriftgröße. As non-native parents it is certainly not easy to teach your children Dutch or to help with the fluency of the new language. 15 0 obj Try for free. Dutch Language Tutorial includes a vocabulary and grammar review of the Dutch language (more than what is available online), with one hour of mp3 recordings by a native speaker, and Dutch realia photos taken in the Netherlands and Belgium so you can see how the language is used in real life. Intermediate B1 Select. Learn German grammar online with lingolia. Let's get started! Hello! Have fun practicing and learning German! I have years of experience in teaching Dutch and Sociology to pupils aged 12 to 18 years. Learn to communicate in Dutch from the first lesson! Learn and practice German online - for free Over 50,000 grammar and vocabulary exercises… Practice German according to level. Then, once you can converse in English and understand simple conversation you can develop all your language skills very quickly. Synonyms Arabic German English Spanish French Hebrew Italian Japanese Dutch Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Turkish Chinese. Many translated example sentences containing "online exercises" – Dutch-English dictionary and search engine for Dutch translations. The lessons are well prepared. Feel free to ask again, then we can approach the material in a different way so that it is clear for you. For others they need to learn specific vocabulary for their work, I have given courses in business, medicine and tourism that can be adapted for all types of work situations. We can practice the everyday language together. He's very knowledgable and explains the grammer very well. endobj When you want to learn from a book we can use your material or I will advise you which book you can purchase. I live in Germany since 2014, I live in the Frankfurt am Main area. There are 8 different tenses in Dutch. Exercise 2-3 - Bestimmter und Unbestimmter Artikel - For Beginners and Advanced: 34 German lessons, German Grammar, Idioms, Quotes and 2 Online Tests. Show example Reverso for Windows It's free. I liked the teacher for her communication and approach! A lot of foreign students live here because it is a university city. ). Learn Dutch via email Join free. One thought on “Exercise” Pingback: Taalthuis Intermediate course | Linda's NT2-links. After two weeks of lessons with Jason, I have noticed that my langauge skills have improved a lot. With regard to interrogative and negative sentences, 'moeten' indicates an obligation (or absence of obligation) while 'hoeven' indicates a necessity (or absence of necessity). The 8 Dutch verb tenses. After our trial class we could start right away with your first class! Write sentences and add the correct modal verbs. Why wait any longer? A Yes, I work B Yes, I do C Yes, I am 2. Watch without subtitles – too difficult? We have been having Dutch lessons with Liesbet now since July last year. Boost your progress with a weekly compilation of video lessons, podcast episodes, dutch grammar, stories, exercise pdfs and much more. We can recommend Elena as your Spanish English teacher! 1. 6 0 obj Download our free app. Unlike in other platforms, all our teachers are manually verified by our professional team. Basic Dutch vocabulary: 40 lessons x 25 words. I feel much more confident to talk in Dutch. Find more Dutch words at! Schwierigkeit: … She is very helpful and patient. And we have just started. I had a trial lesson with Karin and was very impressed with her approach and professionalism. Enjoyable classes with teaching materials tailored to your needs. Exercise translated from English to Dutch including synonyms, definitions, and related words. Deutschzentrum Wien has 4.67 from 5 stars! Speaks English and Italian. Appuyez sur ESC pour sauter un caractère. Find a teacher in your area or take Skype lessons. �=�AM���,�����k��u�p�#-b���)�W���!�����{P�/���c�$;�l+�O^��n?���9��ګ^�\k�\��,�;�E��@&ك�K.���K.�O��C �’=���&gïY#� Are you looking for someone who can help you with the Dutch language? Other things that interest me are cooking and baking and being creative. Exercise 1-1 - Konjugation Präsens - For Beginners and Advanced: 34 German lessons, German Grammar, Idioms, Quotes and 2 Online Tests. I have been teaching in classrooms and online for over 3 years and I have many satisfied students. Get to your Dutch Language goals improving regularly . I am born in The Netherlands and a native speaker of the Dutch language.. 5 0 obj Verimi ist ein eigenständiges Angebot der Verimi GmbH und unabhängig von Dienstleistungen von Deutsche Bank-Unternehmen. We just have to focus on lots of speaking practice. But in my area I am mainly known for my excellent Dutch language skills and my eye for spelling and grammar. We practice as much as what you need. It’s free! 155 ratings on Show ratings . German online exercises that cover the most important grammar areas with a concentration of topics that make most foreigners problems. stream Your needs and progress as a student are central. How do the classes work? I am an absolute beginner and I was afraid to start learning a new language from scratch but now I'm confident that I will make it. Practice German according to textbooks. Nutzen Sie Verimi, um sich im Deutsche Bank OnlineBanking anzumelden. Dutch Texts for Beginners. 028 38 44 75 42; 084 953 5054 ; German classes. I just started lessons with Monique, for now I'm really happy, she is pedagogue, encouraging and I also really like her method. Because generally my students have the best results when they are able to speak in English as soon as possible. We are visiting Greece next month. The Dutch culture is very diverse and full of foreign influences. In the table you can select the exercises according to the appropriate german level (A1-B2). 1. Free to use online quiz for language learners. More features with our free app. She asks me to repeat what I could not explain clearly with my own words and then corrects me. 'Hoeven' is the only modal verb that requires the use of the infinitive with 'te' rather than the infinitive alone. 8 0 obj Task No. stream /Im1 7 0 R /Im2 15 0 R /Im3 17 0 R >> /Shading << /Sh1 9 0 R >> >> Dutch modal verbs are used to give a certain attitude towards another verb. Best way to do the exercises: 1. Guus. In this online exercise on English food vocabulary, you'll both learn and remember 12 words/phrases which are used for describing how food is prepared and cooked that you'll commonly see on a menu. I am very happy to have Katarzyna as a czech teacher. 18884 Who wants some extra exercise for his children? I am 22 years old and I am currently living on Aruba. So, you will speak some Dutch in the first class already! Speaking, listening, reading and writing. I also know from experience how great it feels when you can communicate with someone in the local language! When I opened my eyes, I saw a strange sight. Excellent Dutch will do a little coaching as well about how to practise Dutch in daily conversation, because it is not easy to learn to speak Dutch in Holland, as most people - as soon as they notice you are foreigner - will direct to you in any other language but Dutch. Excited to see how further lessons go! Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltrainer I can help you learn all you want about our country and culture, and have fun doing so! Every morning she wakes up early and gets ready for work. In the last two years I've mainly been giving private lessons and I've developed a variety of online self-study DUTCH courses. You reply. Choose the correct answer. endobj endobj 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0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`���: �o����0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`��0`���@�� In your first lesson, we will discuss your needs and check your current level. Currently I'm speaking two languages (Dutch and English), and learning two others (Spanish and German), so I am very familiar with the process! My lessons are student-centred and usually take place on Skype. Plans a lesson around your needs and focuses on details specific to you. Guus is a very comprehensive and polite teacher who helps me to improve my difficulties to learn dutch. Experienced Dutch lecturer for study and work in the Netherlands, Take language lessons with a native teacher, Gender of Dutch nouns (male / female / neuter), Exercise gender of Dutch nouns (male/female/neuter) 1, Dutch personal pronouns (persoonlijk voornaamwoord), Exercise to practice Dutch personal pronouns, Exercise personal pronouns (mixed pronouns), Exercise Dutch personal pronouns (subject pronouns), Exercise Dutch personal pronouns (object pronouns), Dutch possessive pronouns (bezittelijk voornaamwoord), Dutch reflexive pronouns (wederkerend voornaamwoord), Exercise Dutch reflexive pronouns (stressed), Exercise Dutch reflexive pronouns (unstressed), Dutch demonstrative pronouns (aanwijzend voornaamwoord), Dutch demonstrative pronouns exercise with dit, dat, deze, die, Exercise to practice the Dutch demonstrative pronouns, Dutch prepositions of place (tussen, naast), Dutch prepositions of movement (over, naar), Endings and placement of Dutch adjectives, Comparative and superlative of Dutch adjectives, Exercise to practice Dutch adverbs of manner 1, Exercise to practice Dutch adverbs of manner 2, Dutch adverbs of frequency (altijd, vaak), Exercise to practice Dutch adverbs of frequency 1, Exercise to practice Dutch adverbs of frequency 2, Exercise to practice Dutch adverbs of degree 1, Exercise to practice Dutch adverbs of degree 2, Dutch sentence adverbs (gelukkig, misschien), Dutch infinitive (verbs with and without 'te'), Exercise to practice Dutch infinitive (with 'te'), Exercise to practice Dutch infinitive (without 'te'), Exercise to practice Dutch regular verbs 1, Exercise to practice Dutch regular verbs 2, Exercise to practice Dutch irregular verbs 1, Exercise to practice Dutch irregular verbs 2, Exercise to choose the Dutch auxiliary verbs, Exercise active and passive voice in Dutch, Exercise separable and inseparable verbs in Dutch, Exercise to practice Dutch separable and inseparable verbs, Exercise to practice Dutch present participle 1, Exercise to practice Dutch present participle 2, Exercise to practice Dutch past participle (weak verbs), Exercise past participle in Dutch (completely irregular verbs), Exercise to practice the past participle (strong verbs), Exercise to practice Dutch verb conjugation and tenses 1, Exercise to practice Dutch verb conjugation and tenses 2, Dutch present simple (onvoltooid tegenwoordige tijd), Exercise to practice Dutch present tense (regular verbs), Exercise to practice Dutch present tense (irregular verbs), Exercise to practice Dutch present tense (regular and irregular) 1, Exercise to practice Dutch present tense (regular and irregular) 2, Dutch past simple (onvoltooid verleden tijd), Excercise to practice Dutch past simple (regular verbs), Exercise to practice Dutch past simple (irregular verbs), Dutch present perfect (voltooid tegenwoordige tijd), Exercise to practice the Dutch present perfect 1, Exercise to practice Dutch present perfect 2, Exercise to practice Dutch present perfect 3, Exercise to practice Dutch present perfect 4, Dutch past perfect (voltooid verleden tijd), Exercise to practice Dutch past perfect 1, Exercise to practice Dutch past perfect 2, Exercise to practice Dutch future simple (formal), Exercise to practice Dutch future simple (informal), Exercise to practice Dutch future perfect 1, Exercise to practice Dutch future perfect 2, Exercise to practice Dutch conditional tense 1, Exercise to practice Dutch conditional tense 2, Exercise to practice Dutch conditional perfect 1, Exercise to practice Dutch conditional perfect 2, Definition  and  usage  of the Dutch modal verbs. Questions? The modal verbs are always in the beginning of the sentence and the infinitive to which it belongs at the end of the sentence. >> He gives me good orientations about how to get rid of my barriers. We show the German language as it is spoken on the street and among friends at home. Wir beraten Sie gerne, rufen Sie uns an: Tel. I'll send you the materials we are going to use in class beforehand so you can print them. The PDF e-book and mp3s are available for immediate download with FREE lifetime updates. endobj This is another exercise where you can check your work against Google Translate. Thank you Tomás :-) You have a very good level already. We can focus on every aspect of the language. The receptionist greets you. Beginner A1 Select. I will also do my best to have the web shop up and running before the end of this month. Or find out your level of Dutch. ˵Z���F��nG���m��j:{Zu$�vm�6��}jBU�M�[D��-�� �5��&v��₪~DCķ����]��c���h*����������^o�ul��_%��c�>~���X�c��&����&�O@�L����c�H��FM�v�cr��|h����U�$5�:\���HĆE������w+�S2�{�pE߭\��*"�p�m[�� =��q�;X���w�L���)Q��_/�W5~���a�J^U�C�2

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