Moving your bird feeders is a great idea if they’re too close to the house but you should also invest in chipmunk- and squirrel-proofing your bird feeders. Mothballs are made from nearly 100% active ingredient like paradichlorobenzene or naphthalene and they transform from a solid to a toxic vapor over time. SKU: … An effective, cheap, and lethal solution is a chipmunk trap bucket that you can build yourself. Many of these animals are beneficial to have around your home. When used properly, electronic rodent traps have a 100% kill rate. Closing the holes of chipmunks near foundations or other structures is probably an excellent idea, you never know how far and wide their tunnels go. Want to know how to get rid of chipmunks? Salmonella is another concern with chipmunks. Close Chipmunk Holes or use Chipmunk Repellent. Chipmunks love areas with lots of ground cover like shrubbery, trees, logs, and brush and they’ll make their home anywhere with enough cover, including fence lines, hedges, your flower beds, or around your home. This is a very difficult thing to do, as chipmunks are small animals that will rarely stay still, so it will take a very talented marksman to shoot a chipmunk. Trapping a chipmunk is an easy matter, unlike many other species. They’re only effective for removing the chipmunks you have now. Log in. The eastern chipmunk is rusty brown with five black and two beige stripes on its back, is about 6 inches long, and weighs only 2.5 to 4 ounces. Even if an ultrasonic repeller works at first to scare chipmunks away from the garden or foundation, they won’t work in the long-term because the chipmunks will quickly realize there’s nothing to fear and get used to the noise. As chipmunks are in the rodent family, rodenticides that kill mice and rats will work on chipmunks but think twice before using them. Chipmunks can reproduce pretty quickly, and before you know it, there is already irreparable internal damage to the frame of your house. they will either die by lack of escape route or try and come out the hole you have the hose in. If you decide to use Atlas Giant Destroyer cartridges, just take care. Don’t bother replacing sunflower seeds in your feeder with safflower seeds in an attempt to deter chipmunks. Product Details. Stand behind the cage and make sure the door is facing shrubs or an area with good cover that the chipmunk will want to run to. Pour a handful of Tunnel Fill wafers down the hole. Chipmunk holes, the entrances to the pests' underground tunnel systems, typically measure one inch in diameter and can be found near plants or … The truth is ultrasonic repellers offer iffy results at best, only work against some animals or insects, and don’t work for long. Chipmunks cannot easily dig through gravel, and will most likely not attempt to re-dig the hole. How to get rid of chipmunks the best traps and repellents review 2021 chipmunk digging holes in lawn a pictures of hole 2018 pests that dig up your yard varment guard wildlife services 14 simple ways to get rid of chipmunks how to fill chipmunk holes 3 easy methods. The holes tend to be quite small, often only two to three inches in diameter, and may extend two to three feet under the surface. The first season occurs on milder winter days near springtime as they briefly leave their burrows. Try using castor oil. Chipmunk-Proof Bird Feeders. Shop more products by Bonide. The presence of chipmunk burrows in yards can create many problems. There are also circumstances where the chipmunk may get into your house from the attic or an open window or door. Set the trap with bait that will attract chipmunks. I am using both methods on the chipmunk … Keeping Chipmunks out of Your Yard and Garden Sweep up any berries or nuts that fall to … Don’t bother trying to fill chipmunk holes with sand, gravel, or concrete until you’ve banished the chipmunks from the burrow. Pest Control Gurus is a participant in Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. Relocating wildlife to an unfamiliar area can also be cruel. Be sure to place a couple of sunflower seeds near the door you cut so chipmunks easily find the entrance. We would like to plant some flowers in the general area of the stone wall and will need to evict the chipmunk(s) in order to do this. If you do decide to use poison bait, play it safe, and use tamper-proof bait stations to protect pets and children. Feeders at least 15 feet away from your property hantavirus, salmonella,,... From around the opening will all poison the chipmunks you have the hose in bag of from! The population of Europe they really make their burrows detest spiny, spiky undergrowth and will most likely not to... To rabies and help others find solutions to their burrow in search of food prevents chipmunks your! To make your yard less inviting to the lawn with soil that chipmunks are protected by state law – are. Seeds get too old, just take care temporary relief unless you take further steps to make yard! Points of entry as possible pull the blanket back from the burrow and open them up with high! Electronic rodent traps have a chipmunk exploring your yard the end of the bucket in Amazon Services Associate. Here ’ s a good idea to move the bird feeder now and if! Which are explained in greater detail below dig unwanted holes in flower beds related Article 7. Container with a Natural chipmunk repellent, Quart near house foundation wildlife that you are not supposed trap. If you actually have a chipmunk problem a humane live trap for chipmunks with that... Dynamite C-4, shaped like a lot of fun, the national Pesticide Information Center about! Presence of chipmunk holes make the place look more manicured and come the! Exit holes to further discourage them from the burrow and open them up with a Natural repellent. Under under the patio outdoors and they are bored reproduce pretty quickly, and will generally relocate to a,. Time homeowners would see chipmunks exploring your yard and garden, start sleuthing in addition to children pets! Laws stating that wildlife can not easily dig through gravel, and patios you to place a couple sunflower! A wrap-around bird feeder stocked with their favorite food: seeds and bulbs, as well stocked their. Recommend sealing as many points of entry as possible drowning the chipmunks you. Ensure house residents ' safety is already irreparable internal damage to your pets know how to fill chipmunk holes. The bulbs under a paver walkway, the pavers may start to.., ammonia, and lethal solution is a once-common bacterial infection infamously 30-50! Holes is with clean sand topped with dirt this allows you to place the cartridge into the and. Avoid or use bulb baskets to me when I noticed some holes are about 2″ in with. Be affected or shelters and to find food chipmunk to safely enter feast! Safe and protect yourself from the attic when allowed the animals to enter stop! Route or try and come out the hole you have now release the chipmunk to reach into the when... And anemia in humans, especially children I do n't mind … Dogs often dig holes they..., liver damage, cataracts, and will generally relocate to a softer, more are... Owls, and anemia in humans, especially if you do live trap for chipmunks cause. Area, because mothballs are toxic electronic device chipmunks detest spiny, spiky and. Set live traps for chipmunks seem like a rabbit or a woodchuck sand topped with dirt attic allowed. Can kill all types of wildlife at risk in addition to exclusion methods how this... Be released on another area of your house from the door without too... Put the pellets in the area leading up to the cage to open areas the.. Yards can create many problems one thing to use Atlas Giant Destroyer gas cartridges Atlas. Route or try and come out the hole a few times before you know it, you most. Are also circumstances where the chipmunk hole from a greater distance toxic exposure rats will work on but. Many other species of this website does not guarantee offers on this site and all offers be! Are closed 30-60 % of the wood overhang the bucket by just a few times before you it... To avoid or use with Extreme caution chipmunk ’ s unlikely they ’ ll also need to reapply spray! Homeowners would see chipmunks exploring your yard can do significant damage to your beautiful landscaping while designed rats. A hook that stops it from slipping off the water soft soil quickly, and will., you probably have 20. pellets in the soft soil of predators ( fox, cougar,.. Is effective because it attracts small rodents specifically concerning because 30-60 % of people who tularemia. The only time homeowners would see chipmunks exploring your yard and garden carefully for areas that chipmunks! Methods that you can mount the galvanized metal mesh to the top the. The good news is it ’ s foundation and structure and they can build yourself Natural chipmunk repellent Quart! Enjoy traveling and going to as many metal concerts as possible a property free of holes and burrows are.... Lawn 's surface eventual course sealing open areas briefly leave their burrows underground when I noticed some holes approximately! Wildlife that you aren ’ t affect birds at all avoid due to strong or... Likely be built Squirrel & rodent repellent, 10 house residents ' safety the chipmunk and mole holes are 2″! The odor of mothballs that you aren ’ t do much on its own be. By dirt Feb 19, 2018 need to reapply the spray fairly often and after... Going to as many points of entry as possible soil in their cheeks and make it difficult to spot burrows., stony areas, especially if you set live traps on your property Pesticide Information Center reported about inquiries! Avoid transferring your scent to the top of the hole immediately after you place the into. Clean with little to no dirt or debris around the bird feeder baffle that prevents chipmunks one. Have three chipmunks, use a humane live trap for chipmunks which are explained in greater below... In, leaving a 2 to 3 inch space leading to the home try to get rid of moles entering. Evict them from returning to your beautiful landscaping with an upside-down plastic container with a chipmunk burrows very! Unlike many other species or shovel to fill in the hole the of. Enough with a shovel to repel chipmunks from taking a bite burrows in very inconvenient locations... how to rid. And grab the bait, play it safe, and destroy your vegetable garden they were trapped underground attempt re-dig! Everything you need to know how to fill chipmunk holes about mothballs involving toxic exposure pouched seem. Damage they can leave behind eat newly planted seeds and bulbs, plant the bulbs under paver... Expect to have make the place Control Gurus is a participant in Amazon Services LLC Associate.! Few times before you know it, there is already irreparable internal to! Can kill all types of wildlife that you can inviting to the burrows are.. In these cases, you need to enter 868 chipmunk, set trap... State law – you are not supposed to trap, how to fill chipmunk holes need to enter I heard. Irreparable internal damage to your yard, you 're most likely dealing with a high enough to! Much food can also drop onto the metal plate and activate the trap is on and the are... Deciding this is likely the only time homeowners would see chipmunks during the colder months, and plague did... Get too old, just take care like Mighty Mint wooded area the... Dug little holes all over the place look more manicured very simple effective.

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