You’ll have plenty of beautiful scenery to look at. document.getElementById("af-body-1750518880").className = "af-body inline af-quirksMode"; You can book a trip to the Li River anywhere in town. if (document.getElementById("af-footer-1750518880")) { The history of the Li River starts with nature and what happened to the area over time. The section in 83 kilometers long and the cruise takes about 4.5 hours. ‘Li River’ is also known as ‘Lijiang’, ‘Lí Jiāng’ and ‘Lijiang River’ and it is not linked to the city of Lijiang that is located in a different area in China. In Pingle the Li River merges with the Lipu River and the Gongcheng River and continues south as the Gui River, which falls into the Xi Jiang, the western tributary of the Pearl River, in Wuzhou. The Five Beautiful Sceneries along Li River are as below. Buffalos Bathing in the Li River Cormorant Fisherman Interested in finding out how to experience the Li River without joining a large group tour on sub-standard boats & … The Li River flows for 437 km through southern China. Water buffalo patrol the fields, peasants reap rice paddies, school kids and fisherman float by on bamboo rafts. We have hosted over 200 million passengers on our cruises since we opened in 1973. The Li River flows for 437 km through southern China. document.getElementById("af-header-1750518880").className = "af-header af-quirksMode"; It’s a majestic place that sometimes doesn’t seem real. Full River … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. } } The canal would link the Lijiang River to the Xiangjiang River to form Guilin Prefecture. Legend says that anyone who can see 9 horses in the rock is intelligent. -The Lingqu River Canal runs along the Li River. Plus, you’ll get a perspective that not many tourists get to see. Interested in experiencing the Li River for yourself? And, if you take a ride on this famous waterway, you may have trouble deciding whether to take pictures or just enjoy the view. Most tours will stop off on the banks of the river for a traditional lunch. -The upper region of the Li River is connected to Xiang River which eventually drains into China’s largest river, the Yangtze. It was in 314 B.C. Its source is in the Mao’er Mountains and it flows into the Gui River which then becomes the Pearl River. -Avoid visiting between October 1-7. The spectacular and familiar scenery of steep hills along the river has become a symbol of China. Rivers normally contain freshwater. -Visiting from late March through late April will yield a foggy, more poetic scene. It’s about 437 kilometers in length, passing through Guilin City. Essential Section from Guilin to Yangshuo The 52-mile (83-kilometer) section from Guilin to Yangshuo is the most beautiful part. The Li River originates in the Mao'er Mountains in Xing'an County and flows in the general southern direction through Guilin, Yangshuo and Pingle. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The highly trained and obedient birds dive deep underwater to get fish and then deposit them in the fishing boat. if (document.getElementById("af-header-1750518880")) { From the rice paddies and the local villagers to the natural attractions, there is a lot to see. It was during this time that the Qin Dynasty administration was set up in this area. In a list of the World's Top 15 Rivers quoted CNN, the Li River is the only one from China. The boat ride is slow enough so that you can take plenty of pictures and enjoy the scene. // Special handling for facebook iOS since it cannot open new windows | The countryside of Yangshuo and the region through which the Li River (漓江, Lí Jiāng) and its tributary waterways flow offer weeks of exploration by bike, boat, foot or any combination thereof. The Li River meanders through Guilin from north to south. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. -Seven Star Park: This is the largest park in Guilin. In fact, the essential section of the … And, in 1981, Guilin became a protected historic and cultural area. if (document.compatMode && document.compatMode == 'BackCompat') { Your email address will not be published. var IE = /*@cc_on! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. -It flows from Guilin to Yangshuo. Required fields are marked *. -The Li River scene is used as the photo on the 20 Yuan bank note. Reed Flute Cave, on the banks of the River Li, is 240 metres long, with several grottoes one of which can hold 1,000 people. Prices range from 50 to 200 Yuan; We paid 150 Yuan for transfer and boat trip; Make sure to book a trip between Xingping and Yangdi. The Pearl River, with a total length of 2400 km, is the third longest rivers in Chinese … Li River Facts Li River is the most beautiful part of Guilin, features in typical karst landform, thousands of limestone mountains stick out of the ground along the river bank. Guilin features green mountains, beautiful rivers and unique caves. The Li River is a must-see for first-time visitors and outdoor enthusiasts. If your contribution is significant, you may also register for an account to make the changes yourself to this page. Cormorant fishing is popular along the Li River. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. document.getElementById("af-footer-1750518880").className = "af-footer af-quirksMode"; * The facts given above are based on traveler data on TripHobo and might vary from the actual figures. The city prospered during the Song and Tang dynasties, and canals were constructed in order to pass along food supplies. if (!IE) { return; } } Visitors will get to see a whole lot of history by visiting this part of the Li River. Here’s everything you need to know. Mural Hill is a 100 metre high cliff face that the wind and rain have turned into different colors. Source: Mao’er Shan (Cat Mountain), Northern Guilin, Guangxi Province. The Li River Cruise stars from Guilin Mopan Wharf or Zujiang Wharf and ends in Yangshuo Wharf. -Go Hiking Along The Li River: Active travelers love to take this iconic hike along the river. At the southern end of this street is Guilin Railway Station. It is full of stones shaped like different animals, stalactites and stalagmites. During the Song Dynasty, the Li River became known for its beauty and started to become a cultural icon around China. Li River: Report errors or wrong information Regular contributors may earn money from their contributions. These cookies do not store any personal information. Nile Soft-shelled Turtle. There are a lot of scenic spots in Guilin and a Cruise on the Li River definitely is one of the top attractions. In 1982, the State Council deemed the Lijiang River Scenic Zone a place of scenic and historic importance. In fact, it was about eight thousand years ago that primitive communities were residing in this area. The distinctive landscape has been depicted on Chinese paintings for centuries. It enjoys the reputation of being a “River Art Gallery”. Full River Length: 437 kilometers. And Li River is a must-see highlight. Learn how your comment data is processed. It gets its name from the seven peaks that can be seen here. })(); Learn How To Book The Cheapest Flights to China, Coronavirus Information & Update Center for Tourists, Top 5 Fascinating Attractions To Visit When On Your Magnificent Private Guagzhou Tour, Top 10 China Cruise Tours To Discover the Spectacular Rivers Of China. This took us along the river to west street and the town. The spectacular and familiar scenery of steep hills along the river has become a symbol of China. Background. })();(function() { 13 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations – Ideas and Inspiration, 10 Creative DIY Star Wars Christmas Holiday Crafts, Christmas in Germany: Facts About German Christmas Traditions, TT Rockstars Tips: How to Get Better at Times Tables Rock Stars. It has plenty of stalagmites and stalactites that all have their own stories and interpretations. Type: Sights & Landmarks, River Cruise Sights & Landmarks, River Cruise

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