But usually the right thing is hard. Most military schools will not offer any refund if the teen is sent home. Deciding that he needed a change he took a chance and started working for The Hope Group where he discovered his purpose and the rest is history. Depending on what your teen is struggling with, one facility may be better than another in leading them toward health and healing. Today, military schools are private boarding schools that prepare teens for an officer’s life in the armed forces, and don’t really have any kind of therapeutic component. Since then, Alex has practiced as a therapist in many different settings, with a variety of populations. In a supportive, caring and structured environment, teen girls become excited about their futures and work hard to meet their personal goals. Wilderness Programs: These programs are generally 1 to 3 months long and are a good FIRST STEP to get teens to get used to a new life of professional help, living away from home and working on changing their behaviors. A military school is also a very structured environment. In 2014 after spending time in retail and food service management, Jessi decided to go back to her love of working with youth. He served a total of six years on active duty as a Hospital Corpsman and is currently serving in the Navy Reserves. He and his wife have served, each summer, over the past 8 years as directors of a bagpipe band in Nauvoo Illinois. If you’re serious about finding the best help for your struggling teen, then it’s time to seek schools for troubled teens outside of military school. Through this tenure, he has found his passion, which is to help and give back. Her areas of study are in Education with an emphasis on ESL and Reading. One of her friends raved about how much he loved his job at The Hope Group so Bentley thought why not? Military schools are not meant to force teens to think differently, but to prepare them for a career in the military later on. Mr. Sharp recently retired after 30 years of successful teaching and administration in the public education system in the state of Utah. When he was 15 he moved to Colorado with his grandparents where he became adept at playing hockey. There is light at the end of the dark tunnel. Havenwood Academy is taking every step necessary during the COVID-19 outbreak. Steven often strings up a tune playing folk music on the fiddle or banjo, and he creates functional art with clay on a potter’s wheel. In the old days, bad boys were shipped off to military school in hopes that the harsh discipline would suppress all rebelliousness. She has become known as Grandma Julie, and she can be quoted as saying: THE SECRET INGREDIENT IS ALWAYS LOVE! He joined the team at Havenwood Academy in 2019 to continue his life’s passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others. A facility with a therapeutic component is necessary for troubled teens … Here are just some of the risky behaviors that troubled teens may engage in: Outside of risky behaviors, parents who consider military schools are usually dealing with emotional struggles, arguing, disrespect, and other inappropriate behaviors in their child, such as: Some have been previously diagnosed with behavioral or psychological “disorders” such as: When parents of troubled teens don’t know what to do to provide help, many of them contact the nearest military school hoping that could be the answer. Brush Creek Academy is an all-boy school that provides troubled pre-teen and teenage boys with counseling and adolescent therapy. She makes each of her students feel like they have a purpose and a voice. LoraLynn is a certified Equine Specialist with 43 years of experience with horses and has also received certification by International EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association). For the past 4 years Kyle has lived near the Canadian border in Minot, North Dakota. Maria’s time as a line staff and mentor to adolescent girls inspired her to pursue an education in social work. In addition to receiving his Bachelors from George Wythe and Masters from St John’s, he helped to found a private school Liberty Tree Academy, worked as department chair at Paradigm Schools, and has held accreditation responsibilities working with Advanced Ed. Marie Johns RN, BSN is the staff nurse. Her experience also includes over three years of working for the Utah State Youth Corrections. She is a Southern Utah University graduate earning her Bachelor of Science degree. Located in southern Utah, Liahona Academy has been home to thousands of troubled boys who eventually leave with a better outlook on life as well as the skills they need in order to overcome their challenges and make better choices. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) ... › military school for troubled teen He hopes to inspire not only his own children but also our clients to strive for greatness and follow their dreams no matter how big or small they may be. Throughout the years, LoraLynn has proven to the Havenwood Academy owners, staff, parents and students that horses truly mirror a person’s emotions allowing them to safely work through and overcome their negative behaviors, issues and traumas. Our treatment philosophy centers on experiential therapy, which gives each girl some ownership in her own healing, and exposes them to new options on how to change patterns in their lives that aren’t successful. © 2014 Havenwood Academy. He is always thinking about what is best for everyone involved. Toronto, Ontario — Bond Academy is a private, co-educational, non-denominational independent school with students from Montessori Casa to Grade 12. Jared really enjoys teaching, training and showing useful skills that will help these teens prepare for adulthood. He loves mentoring. Military schools once helped troubled teens, but today most don't take troubled teens anymore -- we know whiich ones that do, and other options –, © Copyright 2021 Exceed Marketing Solutions, LLC. In his spare time you will find Chase cheering for the Eagles, Yankees, and Mavericks, hanging out with his brother, learning more about Eastern Psychology, and continuing to grow and learn. Eric has been involved in Rotary and was president of a local Rotary Club. When teens struggle with physical, mental or emotional challenges, they often demonstrate extreme behavior, make poor choices, and can even endanger their own life or the lives of others. When parents consider a military school for their child, the idea of a free military school doesn’t usually come to mind. Dr. Huey’s first job after that doctorate was in an adolescent residential treatment setting as a therapist. Eric Allred was born and raised in Rigby, Idaho. Steven helps build strong educational teams through leading professional development seminars and trainings. He enjoys teaching during the week and serving his community on the weekends. He loves mentoring. Mrs. Lopez lives in Cedar City, Utah with her husband and young daughter. She also has significant experience helping families navigate through divorce, couple’s issues and blended families. While at CMS, she applied her love of English to establish an ongoing reading program for students with academic challenges. Her focus is on creating a safe space for students to work on their physical health while gaining the necessary tools to live healthy adult lives. Military schools are places where youth are given college prep and are trained in valuable skills to become responsible young adults. Throughout a 34 year career, Julie has worked in four long-term care facilities and assisted living centers as the Executive Chef, and four years experience working at a treatment facility for youth, all in St. George, Utah. Being able to understand and relate to a vast variety of the same struggles as a lot of the students he works with has been able to help him continue to grow, learn, and teach. Many therapeutic boarding schools have structured activities and recreation components to help with each teen’s behavior modification goals. He loves to focus on the individual students and teachers as he helps them kindle the fire each one has within for learning and growth. Maria Salsberry grew up in Southern California where she spent most of her time caring for her daughter and with family. She also handles the Human Resource department at Havenwood Academy, which she has learned to love. Janie attended Southern Utah University where she received a degree in criminal justice with a legal studies minor. Chase’s biggest belief is the power a mentor, strong, healthy relationships, and accountability can have on anyone, especially youth. This includes boarding schools and residential programs for troubled teenagers. His previous work experiences and life experiences have prepared him for where he is today. We recommend taking out online assessment to find out if Havenwood is the right place for your family. Upon entering the workforce at age 15, Julie began working in the food industry learning all positions and aspects of food and service. Most military schools are most definitely not meant to work with troubled teens. Military schools and boot camps are also names given to teen help programs that have a certain approach to behavior modification.

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