Series. [10], Within Shade's campus, there is a small courtyard with a large fountain at the center. She also tells Velvet about her past experiences in Vacuo, of how part of her clan died to Blind Worm Grimm. We have many experience on this field. D&D Beyond Teams BRNZ and NDGO … Archives Archive 1<--, Archive 2, Archive 3, Archive 4, Archive 5, Archive 6, Archive 7, Archive 8, Archive 9, Archive 10 [4], In Shade, student desks were arranged in a circle around each teacher's desk, placing students and professors on the same level, and theoretically facilitating discussion. Velvet is saved from a rough landing in the desert's chasm by Octavia Ember, who uses her Semblance to traverse the terrain. The office has various portraits of members of Ozpin's Group and people dear to Theodore, including: Since Theodore met Team CFVY, the portraits of Lionheart and Ironwood had been taken down, and Ozpin's portrait had a crack on it after Theodore punched a wall in the room, leaving a crater in its wake. As the initiation starts, students are told to board armed Air Buses, which take them over the Vacuan desert. Students from Shade participate in the biennial Vytal Festival combat tournament. x Règlement x Contexte x Annexes x FAQ x Défis x Annonces x Partenariats. We have own ourselves factory. Archived. our factory founded in 2004 in China. After the Fall of Beacon, Team CFVY transferred to Shade. City of Vacuo The cadets then receive individual coordinates which they have to reach, and they are informed their Scroll connections will be blocked. Theodore's Office is a large space, led by two large doors in the center of the room. Beware the heat." It is unable to defend against Dust, but can defends against normal gunfire. There is no celebration after teams are assigned, unlike in Haven Academy. The grounds have an artificial oasis evoking Vacuo's original, tropical nature with dense trees and plant life. The same process is used for the first Shade re-initiation after Headmaster Theodore with the goal of the formation of new teams. Jaune Arc: Student of Shade Academy Arc 3, Chapter 10, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction The attention of everyone in the room was immediately on the headmistress. [9], Shade has a large sandpit arena used to train students. Shade Academy was founded in the Kingdom of Vacuo following the end of the Great War in order to train Huntsmen and Huntresses to slay the Creatures of Grimm. City Shade Academy is shown to have much less camaraderie than at Beacon, students do not have much help from others. Thus, we can assume that the Relic of Destruction is a Sword of some kind. In the chasm, the two find the golden palm tree trinket, and recover it. Relic Author. [HAVEN ACADEMY, RWBY RP GROUP] [FOUNDED DECEMBER 25TH, 9:23PM EST.] Even the guys sparring dropped what they were doing and focused on the huntress. They sent more students on supervised missions than Atlas, Haven, and even Shade, and they gave them more one-on-one time with their teams and trained Huntsmen." She had fought several Grimm while at the base who had come at the scent of a huntsman. [1] Likewise, following the attack on Haven, Team SSSN transferred there as well. Shade Academy (RWBY) Vacuo (RWBY) Summary. They are also told they have exactly three objectives: After reaching several thousand feet of height, the floor of the aircraft suddenly flings open, dropping all students into the desert below. Eighty years after the Great War, students from Shade Academy participated in the 40th Vytal Festival, including teams BRNZ and N… Her body was tired and she still hadn't eaten. [2]. Follow/Fav Jaune Arc: Student of Shade Academy. They are trained to be able to fight until all their Aura is depleted, showing no mercy or weakness. "The best thing about Beacon Academy, what made it stand out above the other major Huntsman training academies, was its emphasis on practical education. It is specifically located in the kingdom of Vacuo which is on the western side of Sanus. However, while he is discussed by the characters, he doesn't personally appear and therefore remains a mysterious figure in the background of the setting. Swords are only used for one thing, and that is to kill. RWBY Shade Academy Octavia Ember Cosplay Sword Kris mp003283 The Shade Academy Initiation is a process that all first-year students go through upon arrival at Shade Academy. You don't want to … Shade Academy (RWBY) Vacuo (RWBY) Summary. The Academy is attacked by The Crown, but the students and staff are able to defend it from being toppled, and incarcerate the criminal organization. Summer However, another academy has taken an interest in the blonde. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. At some point, Theodore became the Headmaster of the Huntsman academy in Vacuo, Shade Academy. These were all that was left of the underground mines called the Drylands, the site of the old Paradise Oasis long since dried up following the Dust mining and the Great War. Entrance Guide} ⚔ Check out the INITIATION section of our Website. The arena has collapsible pedestals in the ground that are hidden by the sand, which can rise up to deliver primal weapons to students. Hunts… We know he provides more professor-supervision for missions than Haven or even Atlas Academy, but less than Beacon. The two begrudgingly partner up, in which Octavia explains how the Dust quarries drained Vacuo of its resources, leaving the citizens to fend for themselves. Like the city of Vacuo itself, Shade Academy is packed in a lot—vertically—with classrooms and academic spaces in three tiers, and Headmaster Theodore's office at the apex, which also housed the CCT transmitter. The academy's Headmaster is Professor Theodore. Uniquely among the main four Huntsman academies, Shade appears to lack a uniform. As the 40th Vytal Festival neared, exchange students from Haven began arriving at Vale and Beacon Academy. Before the events of the novels, Ozpin invited Theodore into his group, involving him in his shadow war against Salem and her faction. Vacuo The initiation lasts several hours at the minimum. Almost 80 years before the events of Volume 2, the Great War came to its conclusion, and the peace secured at Vytalsaw to the creation of the Academies, one to each of the four Kingdoms. Sun Wukong being the first, and later the rest of Team SSSN and Team ABRN. The Ghost: In RWBY: After the Fall, he is revealed to be the headmaster of Shade Academy. Beacon Academy was the Huntsman Academy of the Kingdom of Vale. Teams CFVY (Coco, Fox, Velvet, and Yatsuhashi) and SSSN (Sun, Sage, Scarlet, and Neptune) have formed the Beacon Brigade, a group of students that survived the destruction of Beacon Academy during Volume 3. Join Jaune as he gets welcomed into a Shade Academy, and has to Prove himself, and prove that he belongs there.

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